A Stimulus, Not exactly…….

Posted: 11/02/2009 in Uncategorized
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After the events of the last few days, I believe it is time for Maine’s conservative population to step back and take a good hard look at where Maine is going as a state. I know I intend to do so. After the traitorous actions of Sens. Snowe and Collins regarding the so called stimulus package in the Senate, I believe it is time to cut the connections and start with a new slate of elected representatives.

The media be damned! If that is the true reason for their abdication of responsibility to the state of Maine, as Fox News suggested in an opinion piece, then they are not worth the votes we gave them. I don’t know about you, but I voted for them because I felt they would represent not only my views, but the best interests of the state of Maine. This bill is not in the best interest of anyone but big government and the welfare state.

In the first place, I find that the stimulus package that the Great B.O. wants to see come to life has more to do with increasing government control than it does with actually stimulating the economy. H.R. 1, as it is called leads off with this description;

“Making supplemental appropriations for job preservation and creation, infrastructure investment, energy efficiency and science, assistance to the unemployed, and state and local fiscal stabilization, for the fiscal year ending September 30th, 2009, and for other purposes.”

Sounds like a pretty piece of legislation, all 778 pages of it. I have a job to go to, unlike the slum dogs that are going to benefit from this bill, so I haven’t time to read it all today, but I will read it. But to start with, the premise of this legislation is supposed to benefit the banking industry, right? At least that is my understanding. The cry was that people walked away from their debt and the banks suffered losses that they could not withstand, and the economy faltered because of that. at least that has been the battle cry of the banking industry. Help us! We’ve fallen and can’t reach our three martini lunches!

Of course, this isn’t the true reason for our economic failure, and the ones who really know what is going on know that. But it’s a good ploy to redirect our attention away from the truth. I did a word search on the pdf of the Bill at hand for the word ‘banking’ and got three results. None of them have to do with the financial recovery of this Nation.

Of course, we get into the real cause related to banking in Title VIII under the heading of ‘Foreclosure Mitigation’ and the pretty little sub-title of “Help Families Keep Their Homes Act Of 2009.” It appears as though it may well be one of the smaller sections of the bill, even though this is what the entire bill is claimed to have been for this one purpose.

Of course, we also have Title VII, Foreclosure Prevention to look at as well. So, at this time I am looking at two sections that have to deal with the advertised calamity, Title VII which starts on the bottom of page 766, and Title VIII, Foreclosure Mitigation which starts on page 769 of the pdf, which I found at the Huffington Post here. The original Senate bill was only 736 pages long. What is the difference? What was changed? I intend to find out.

778 pages of legislation that is supposed to address the problem of bad mortgages, and only 12 pages actually address the issue directly. What is going on behind the scenes, Senators? What are you hiding from the people who voted for you?

Collins and Snowe had to have a reason to side with those who are against progress and freedom in this country. I want to know what that reason was. And so don’t millions of other taxpaying, voting Americans. This bill does not solve our economic problems, it makes them worse.


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