Stimulus Equals Future New Revenue Stream Requirement……..

Posted: 13/02/2009 in taxation
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Barak Hussein Obama said he wanted to see change. We all misunderstood him. The change he was talking about was what little spare change we had left after excessive taxation and over regulation drained our bank accounts and paychecks. And now he wants more of our change.

You don’t realize it because the main stream media is hiding the truth from you, but there really is nothing in this massive stimulus package being passed into law that actually stimulates the economy. There are lots of little goodies to satisfy the greed of lots of special interest lobbies, but no real stimulus. Except for the fact that higher tax bills have been stimulated.

It’s an interesting set of legislation and I’ve much more to read on it, but it stinks. Period. I, as a taxpaying and voting resident of Maine, am ashamed that Collins and Snowe are supporting this monstrous tax grab.

Barak Hussein Obama, the Great B.O., says that the Bill will create 3.5 million jobs. I don’t see that happening in any way shape or form.

What I do see happening is the requirement of the Federal Legislative assemblies to create new legislation over the next few years to create new revenue streams, as well as increasing current ones, such as our income tax. Wait and see. Your grandchildren will thank you for your support of this Bill. Actually, they may even come up with some new words to describe us to their friends.


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