Death of a Nation, 13 February, 2009….

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The day America died……..

February 13th, 2009 will truly go down in the annals of history as the day America died. Maine’s two Republican turned Democrat Senators voted to approve the so called stimulus package that has been claimed to be an economic recovery Bill intended to jump start our ailing economy. What is really does is embrace the UN’s Agenda 21 Programme, and ushers in our unfailing servitude to the New World Order.

Harry Reid says he’s so very happy this bill got passed and congratulated Sens. Specter, Snowe and Collins for breaking from the pack. Well, thank you very much. Shall we now call them the Three Stooges?

Meanwhile, the Great B.O. says he thanks the members of Congress for coming together in common purpose to make it happen. I don’t think he is aware of it, but there wasn’t very much in the way of common purpose to be seen. There were ZERO Yay votes in the house from the Republican side, and only three Turncoat votes from the Republican side in the Senate. Let’s make a list of these three who will be fondly remembered by the Patriots Resistance Movement in a combined effort to reclaim our freedom;

1. Susan Collins R. ME
2. Olympia Snowe R. ME
3. Arlen Specter R PA

Wow! Only three people can make for a common cause. Ain’t the New World Order grand?

In keeping with the real cause of the economic meltdown, and the supposed cure being forced upon us, back in January, Henry Kissinger stated in a piece in the Independent, which you can read here at the Global Policy Forum, that a new world economic order must be forged. Kissinger says this of the financial state of man;

“In the end, the political and economic systems can be harmonised in only one of two ways: by creating an international political regulatory system with the same reach as that of the economic world; or by shrinking the economic units to a size manageable by existing political structures, which is likely to lead to a new mercantilism, perhaps of regional units. A new Bretton Woods kind of global agreement is by far the preferable outcome.”

“The extraordinary impact of the President-elect on the imagination of humanity is an important element in shaping a new world order.”

“The role of China in a new world order is crucial.”

“What kind of global economic order arises will depend importantly on how China and America deal with each other over the next few years.”

“An international order can be permanent only if its participants have a share not only in building but also in securing it.”

These are just a few quotes, but the picture is quite clear. The New World Order is here, and it intends to stay. By approving this economic stimulus bill, which very closely mimics the contents of the UN’s Agenda 21 programme, which can be found here, regarding the environmental and minority issues they espouse.

Hanky Panky Paulson seems to have been one of the engineers behind the growing market crashes and has in fact pushed for global solutions as well. Notice how he suggests ‘collective solutions’ are necessary to find solutions of this ‘global event.’

The end is near. The question now is not what do we do, but why have we waited so long to start? True Conservatives, those with a strong moral basis for their ideology need to band together and start fighting back! One thing you can do is join the Resistance at This is a site where likeminded people can come together and discuss the reunification of what has become a fragmented collection of conservative individuals and groups. Let’s band together and bring America back to where She once stood!

Another thing you can do is to start supporting conservative politicians and contribute to their efforts, both financially and by volunteering time and effort to their election and re-election. You can do that by going to Join the team, contribute, host a house party, whatever you can do to help the cause will be welcomed.

Whatever you do, don’t lose faith! If all that is right is right, then all that’s left is wrong, and the right will always win in the end.


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