Plum Creek, What? Again?

Posted: 15/02/2009 in Uncategorized
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Plum Creek Timber still seems to be able to hold onto the floodlight of controversy. Even after having bought the right to avoid normal zoning and development processes by their relationship with the UN’s champion puppet, The Nature Conservancy, they still seem intent upon making the front page. A couple of issues to make the news here in Maine involve their destruction of more Deer wintering habitat and a problem with their causation of unnecessary erosion here in Maine.

In a Seattle Post Intelligencer AP article, Plum Creek is said to have issued an apology for failing to prevent a mudslide in Libby Township while logging on land it owns. The article reports “Plum Creek spokesman Mark Doty said the company stopped the cutting as soon it got word last fall of erosion problems in Kibby Township in Franklin County.” And also that “The Natural Resources Council of Maine released photos of the erosion, which it described as a 900-foot-long mudslide. The group is calling on the state’s Land Use Regulation Commission to fine Plum Creek and the contractor.”

MPBN further describes the incident by reporting “Doty says the problems were the result of a combination of bad weather and insufficient erosion prevention measures. Doty says there were mitigation measures in place, but he says they “weren’t sufficent to handle the conditions that presented themselves: cold weather and snow, turning into warmer weather and rain.” They also point out that “Kibby Mountain is the site of a wind power project under construction by TransCanada, which received a letter of warning from the Land Use Regulation Commission over the mudslide.”

Interesting chain of events. According to a Kennebec Journal article, “The Natural Resources Council of Maine released photos of the erosion, which it said was effectively a 900-foot-long mudslide, along with internal communications that it says show Plum Creek’s logging contractor was warned to stop working in the area until after the ground froze.” Apparently, it took some time for the alert, if you want to call it that, to travel through Plum Creek communications channels to alert the forester on site of the danger. So the forester on site wasn’t smart enough to realize the potential of mudslides and erosion given the situation?

The blame seems to have been shifted from Plum Creek onto their sub-contractor, Theriault Tree Harvesting, who was cutting in the area last October when the problem precipitated itself. As usual in these cases, it turns out to be the sub-contractors fault, not Plum Creek’s. Read back through my Plum Creek posts and you’ll see what I mean.

The Native Forest Network also forced Plum Creek to accede that once again they had disturbed sensitive deer wintering habitat as well. MPBN posts a set of rather damning photos of the damage caused by this activity performed by this company which supposedly practices sustainable forestry practices. If this is what is called sustainable, I’d hate to see pictures of non-sustainable forestry practices.

Brownie Carson was critical of Plum Creek and was quoted as saying “These are people who clearcut deeryards, who built a powerline without getting a permit through a forested area. NRCM’s position is that Plum Creek needs to be slapped and slapped hard and thus far they really haven’t been.” Sounds like he really dislikes Plum Creek, but who he should really be criticizing is his buddies at The Nature Conservancy. Plum Creek gets away with what they do because of the alliance between the these two entities.

As long as NRCM supports TNC, they will never gain my support. Plum Creek would never have been granted the approval to allow their development plans to go forward if it were not for TNC’s involvement, and the NRCM supports TNC. There is indeed a conspiracy afoot in the Northwood’s of Maine, but it’s not what you think it is. It is much worse.

In an ‘op-ed’ piece from the 11Feb issue of the Kennebec Journal SAM’s George Smith said that environmentalists and sportsmen could be a powerful lobby if they work together, and then whined about how they fail to do so. All the while bragging about how Their partnership with the Audobon Society has brought about some significant advancements, but nobody seems to be able to agree on a vision for the Northwood’s.

Face facts George. You’re sleeping with the enemy. In the first place, Audubon does what TNC tells it to do, and so doesn’t NRCM. They have no long term interest in helping sportsmen, who for the most part are conservative, moral, God fearing taxpayers. These groups do not want hunting to be allowed. They don’t even want private ownership of guns to be legal.

But like most hookers, they’ll do what they need to do to satisfy their pimp, which in this case is the UN. The UN wants the Maine woods, George. With your help, they’ve nearly reached their goal. Do your homework. Research the story between the lines. Otherwise we’ll lose it all. Mark my words.

This ‘vision’ as you like to put it for the Northwood’s will not happen as long as the environmentalists have a hand it it formulation and implementation. And I guarantee that your great grandkids will only know the Northwood’s from an old postcard in an antique shop.


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