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What have they done?

In perusing the web for fallout, backlash and criticism over the passage of HR1, known as the stimulus package as well as some other choice names, I also sought some positive output. There was plenty of positive output to be found all right. Most of it was gratitude to Collins and Snowe for embracing The New World Order and further bolstering a welfare based economy.

An interesting article was found at the Economist.com, a British publisher, on Saturday. Here’s a good quote; “Queried by a reporter about his “dire language”, he could have admitted that he exaggerated a bit. Instead, he launched a waffly attack—three times longer than the Gettysburg address—on all those who doubted his warnings” Typical of the Leftist rhetoric, instead of basing an argument on empirical evidence or facts, the Great B.O. uses emotional outbursts and fear to gain control over the situation. Obama must’ve attended the Al Gore School of Public Speaking.

The article also says of Obama; “He hammers a few simple points relentlessly. America is in a terrible crisis. Only government can break the vicious cycle. If we don’t hurry, things will get much worse. But if we act now, we can “save or create” up to 4m jobs.” I don’t know if anyone has told Obama this, but this isn’t the worst recession that this country has ever endured, and yet we still survived as a nation. But we may not survive this time around, I’m afraid.

The bottom line here is that through passage of this bill, which could have been stopped were it not for Sens. Collins and Snowe’s turncoat action in voting for its passage, our grandchildren will now be able to invent some new four letter names for their dead or dying grandparents. And their children in will have no concept of free markets and freedom as we do today.

Regarding the opponents of the bill, the article says; “They cite an analysis of the first draft of the Senate bill by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. It predicts that it would boost the economy in the short term but make America slightly poorer than it would otherwise have been by 2019, because the immense debts incurred would have to be honoured.” Ayuh, we’re in debt. Let’s go by a widescreen and put it on the kids credit card. Makes a lot of sense, don’t it gals?

Probably the most pointed line in the article is; “Mr Obama says he will make sure that the bill conforms to World Trade Organisation rules.” Bingo! Gotcha Mr. Barak Hussein Obama! The New World Order is becoming the new order of law in this country. The Great B.O. is truly the mouthpiece of Satan.

Here’s the last piece I want to share from the article;
“Republicans also worry that the bill marks the start of a big expansion of government. Some recall that, when Franklin Roosevelt unleashed the New Deal to tackle the Depression, government grew beyond recognition and stayed big. They fear that Mr Obama plans to hire an army of bureaucrats, who will never be sacked and will mostly vote Democratic. And they fear a “tax tipping-point”, when a majority of Americans pay little or no taxes and discover that they can vote themselves goodies paid for by others. Currently, the top 20% of earners pay 69% of federal taxes, and that share is rising.”
Pretty much sums it up, the top 20% of taxpayers foot the bill. We are screwed, big time.

So here’s another couple of bites from the puzzle that bites. My contention is that Susan Collins decided to sell her soul, and the price of her soul was a seat on the appropriations committee. Some might say that’s a good thing for Maine because the Senate appropriations committee may well be the most powerful group of people on the face of this planet. But was it worth selling out to The New World Order? Think I’m shooting at shadows in the tree’s? Maybe I’m a lunatic conspiracy theorist?

Well, follow along for a moment. If you have followed my blog posts over the last couple of years you should have seen that I am very aware of what The New World Order is, and how it will come to enslave us all. Maine has been very much under the spell of One World Government by its alliance with The Nature Conservancy and other Gaiaist groups such as Audubon and the Sierra Club. It was proven when the LURC gave approval for the Plum Creek plan to develop our last best place.

That was last fall when that happened. Actually, I firmly believe it was a done deal from day one, but they needed to make it look like a battle was being waged to look good in the press. The election took place and the media presented the Presidency to Barak Hussein Obama, who by the way is not fully black, and his birth on American soil is questioned. So in late January, Obama appoints Susan Rice as ambassador to the UN. Susan’s Parent live up the coast a bit, just so you know.

That makes two links tying Maine to the UN. Here’s another;

Remember the big party everyone talked about in January hosted by New Zealand? New Zealand is firmly encamped within the UN stronghold. Well, that party was actually hosted by the law firm Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau and Pachios. They’re a law firm based out of Portland. Why did they have to host a party at the New Zealand Embassy? I’ll let you guess at that one.

The law firm does quite a lot of globetrotting, and has performed service for Plum Creek. Nestle, TNC and ,any other organizations. Many of them, such as TNC, are NGO members of the United Nations. And the firm has also done work for and at the UN.

Pachios, just so you are aware of how powerful this group is, has a little INSCT biography at a Syracuse University website. No, that’s not insect, it’s INSCT as in Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism. These guys ain’t no small change law firm working out of their basement.

Here’s the bio;

Harold C. Pachios;

Founding and managing partner of the Portland law firm of Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau, Pachios & Haley and a member of the U.S. Department of State Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy.

Harold C. Pachios is a founding and managing partner of the Portland law firm of Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau, Pachios & Haley and a member of the U.S. Department of State Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, which provides bipartisan oversight of U.S. government public diplomacy programs. President Clinton first appointed him to the Commission in 1993, and he served as the Commission’s chairman from 1999 until 2003, when he was nominated by President Bush to serve a fourth term. In 2003 Mr. Pachios was appointed by Secretary of State Colin Powell to serve on a panel to investigate the causes of anti-Americanism in the Arab and Muslim world and the panel’s report, Changing Minds, Winning Peace, was released in October 2003. Mr. Pachios’ distinguished career has carried him from the White House, where he served as Associate White House Press Secretary and principal aide to Press Secretary Bill Moyers, to the U.S. Department of Transportation, and through several national political campaigns. In addition to a decade of work for the federal government and more than 30 years of legal practice, Mr. Pachios also serves on a number of boards and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

Mark Shields, in an Ocala.Com editorial says of Mr. Pachios thusly; “To Harold Pachios of Maine, an assistant press secretary in Lyndon Johnson’s White House and more recently chairman of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, the mixed-race Obama is the antidote to the United States’ current isolation in the world. “His election,” argues Pachios, “would be an unmistakable statement to the world about who we, Americans, really are – a broad-minded and large-hearted people. And, I’m confident, we would soon see profound, positive changes in attitudes toward the United States.”

So we all know that this law firm, who hosted a party in January that Sens. Collins and Snowe attended is in favor of Obama, and supportive of The New World Order. But I digress slightly here. Also at the party was Emmett Beliveau, Severin Beliveau’s son. He, buy the way, was executive director of the Barack Obama inauguration planning committee. Interesting, no?

So, a short while later, Susan Collins receives an appointment to the appropriations committee. Then she and Snowe vote in favor of a bill that only one other Republican supported. There were no other Republican votes besides these three turncoats.

So now, Maine has to live with the embarrassment of being referred to as a traitors land when it come to political advertising. Some of the ads are not something you’ll feel comfortable with when you step into the voting booth next time around, by the way.

Some people regard some of this as mere nut-job conspiracy hype, but guess what? F you’re looking at a black cow standing in a field, you see a black cow. It could be that the cow is really a mix of brown and white, and the farmer just died it black, but what you see as you’re driving by is a black cow.

And just so you know, as this bill was being passed, intending to jump start the economy, the US stock markets dropped, and so didn’t most of the other world markets. This stimulus bill will truly serve to stimulate nothing more than a larger, more powerful government here in the US. And other countries know that. they’ve already been there and done that.


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