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I remember a title of a monograph I read while much younger, and while I cannot recall the author, I do remember the subject. The title was “Fanning The Embers Of War.” I didn’t quite realize it at the time, but the piece was actually written by a pacifist, and decried the nature of politics, especially as they applied to the Viet Nam war. And even though I disagree now with many of the tenets the writer espoused, the principles of activism and political ideology did in fact ring true.

So today, as we bicker back and forth at the horrendous cost involved in Obama’s mega bill popularly known as the Stimulus Bill, these thoughts return to mind. Especially in light of Obama’s claims of comparison to Abraham Lincoln. Barak Hussein Obama is nothing like Abraham Lincoln. Obama is pretty close to being at the opposite poles of what Lincoln’s principles stood for. And because we fail to realize that, we find that we are in fact fanning the embers of war, once again.

How do I mean that? I mean that in many ways, actually. Let’s take the war on terror, and a couple of events that have recently occurred. We have been relatively safe within our borders since the 9-11 incident. The threat of attack has been nearly non-existent compared to other countries. And most countries in the mid-east region have cooperated with what we required of them to fight this war. Including Pakistan, although grudgingly.

Now that bush is out of office, having been replaced with an avowed Socialist, our standing in the world is declining. The value of our currency, as well as our political influence is not what it was. Because of this, Pakistan has entered into a truce with the Taliban in that country, and have effectively created a safe haven for their operations.

In a NY Times article, Jane Perlez says that “…the truce offered by the Taliban, and accepted by the authorities, rebuffed American demands for the Pakistani civilian and military authorities to stick with the fight against the militants, not make deals with them.” This territory offers an excellent base of operations in relatively close proximity to areas we are now sending fresh troops to in Afghanistan. Additionally, this seems to have been a boost to the Taliban’s efforts to sway Islamic followers to their cause through the means of force and coercion.

Further on in that article, a statement corroborates that we are indeed fighting a war of two worlds. The article says “In legislative elections a year ago, the people of Swat… voted overwhelmingly for the secular Awami National Party. Since then, the Taliban have singled out elected politicians with suicide bomb attacks and chased virtually all of them from the valley. Several hundred thousand residents have also fled the fighting.” The Taliban must be stopped, but I fear this administration will only serve to further empower their efforts.

In an accompanying article, mention is made by Kirk Semple “Pakistani immigrants from the Swat Valley… say some of their families are being singled out for threats, kidnapping and even murder by Taliban forces, who view them as potential American collaborators and lucrative sources of ransom. Some immigrants also say they, too, have been threatened in the United States by the Taliban or its sympathizers….” This is hardly the desired outcome of this war against terrorist extremism.

But these issues have become secondary to the media’s coverage of the stimulus bill. Said by some to eventually cost more than 1.4 trillion dollars, the bill effectively raises every taxpaying adults portion of the payback by $30,000 or more. This money the Great B.O. is handing out is not a gift. In effect, what he has done is to borrow from me, you, your children, and their children, just so he can look like a hero today. His claim is that this money will jump start the economy. Fat chance of that happening.

The economy is in much worse shape than many lead us to believe. And it got that way from an over burgeoning government and excessive regulation. California is on the brink of insolvency because of their desire to have a bigger and bigger government. The LA Times reports today that 10,000 California employees are set to receive pink slips, and that 275 public works projects will be halted because the Cal State Legislature has failed to approve a budget. There just isn’t any more money that can be sucked from the people of that Left Coast State. Perhaps they may have learned their lessons, but I do not believe so.

Madame Pelosi comes from that state, and she takes the need for a bigger government with her to Washington, where she tries to force feed her ideals onto you and me. More government needs more money. It is a simple equation with only one possible answer. The big question will be, “How long will it be before Maine is in the same situation?”

The Houston Chronicle claims the number of California’s layoff’s is more like 20,000 people. It also says that “The budget plan includes $15.1 billion in program cuts, $14.4 billion in temporary tax increases and $11.4 billion in borrowing.” How come only 15.1 billion in cuts? They have to increase taxes by 14.4 billion and borrow 11.4 billion just to make ends meet? I’d say it is time to cut the cable and put an end to long distance calls for California. We do the same thing in our own homes when things get that bad, why doesn’t the government?

Maine has the luxury,(sort of) of requiring a balanced budget. The drawback to requiring this balanced budget is that there is no law limiting tax or fee increases. The overview released Jan. 9th by the Gov’s office is about 128 pages long. Seems as though paper is the governments’ best friend. I guess they figure if they can’t shut us up, they’ll bury us instead. I’m afraid it won’t work in this case though. I, for one, don’t intend to back down anymore.

I started to look over the documents regarding that budget. These people just don’t seem to be able to figure it out up there in Augusta. They need to cut spending!!!! Balancing a budget simply isn’t good enough. In the long term it will not work. The government needs to reduce actual spending. Instead, they project it will cost X number of dollars to do this plan or another, and then they reduce that estimate and claim they are cutting the budget. Which technically they are, but they are still increasing their spending.

Here’s one of the problems we face in trying to live here in Maine; the MECEP, which is the Maine Center for Economic Policy, has a kind of mission statement on their main page that says “MECEP believes that critical, cost-effective public goods and services should be available to all Mainers and funded through progressive taxation.” Progressive taxation? What in heaven’s name is that, pray tell?

I’ll tell you what it means by their vision statement, which reads “A prosperous, fair, and sustainable economy; vital communities; rich civic engagement; and a healthy environment.” Straight from the Gaiaist bible. It doesn’t really address economics at all. But this is an organization that works somewhat behind the scenes manipulating our elected officials into transforming Maine into what other people have envisioned for us.

There are a lot of groups like that in Maine. None of them mean us any benefit in the longer term. What they do intend to develop is a state that will willingly give up our freedoms and independence for a larger, more centralized government. I’d like to say Big Brother is coming, but I can’t. he’s already here. I’ve decided to bend my writing into a new direction, and start to take a pointed look at exactly what is wrong with Maine. Why have we come so far away from what, and where we have been?

Our federal level officials, meaning Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, have let us down as a state. They have thrown in with the socialist leaning members of the Federal government. They can no longer be trusted to follow our best interests, and instead they will seek to steer our interests into a destructive direction. It’s time to take a stand against this direction. And like the song says, I won’t back down. Not anymore. Take a stand with me and join up with some conservative organizations that are like minded to your beliefs. And don’t back down. Take Maine back! Take America back!!!!!

Don’t let Maine become another California!!


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