Maine, the way life should be…………

Posted: 18/02/2009 in Uncategorized
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There are few places in the world that rival the true spirit of Maine. Just look at the size of our state. Bigger than many countries in the world, but smaller than some states here in the USA. We’re the largest state in New England. A drive of several hours takes you from one end to the other. You can be walking along the rocky shore, relishing the salt spray, the sound of the waves gently breaking against the shore. The cry of the gull floating overhead and the golden glow of the sun reflecting from clouds, a color only God alone could create.

And that evening you can walk a mountain trail, the evening breeze gently moaning through the trees, each one swaying to the beat of unseen musicians. The fresh scent of the pines and the trilling of the jays and warblers in the dying light of day. And yes, you can sit by a campfire and watch a new glow as the sun sets and the world of the nighttime arises from the depths of the forest.

What a glorious picture we can paint of the state of Maine. All the beauty she holds. All of the potential. All of the wealth contained within her borders. We have spent 400 years now, reaching and grasping for that potential, that treasure we call Maine. We have not reached that potential not because we are unable to, or not because someone keeps whisking it from our grasp.

We have not attained that potential because we do not wish to spoil what that potential represents. A potential of independence and freedom that exists in very few other places on this planet. Special places where a spirit of independence pervades every hour of the day. Every action we take. Every word that is spoken.

And today, after being “The Maine” for four hundred years, we have a growing cancer that will finally spoil that potential. Sully it into a goal to create a feeling of shame. That cancer grows in a spot between the mountains and the sea, like a spot on the lung, between your heart and your head. That spot is Augusta. And the cancer feeds from all of the special interest, welfare state needs and greed’s that congregate in the midst of our lawmakers.

Our elected representatives have failed us in their duty. They have not served to the betterment of our interests and future. It is time we force our elected representatives to account for their actions. The Great B.O. has pushed an enormous tax burden upon us, and instead of saying, no we want no part of it, our legislatures in Augusta are eagerly anticipating the arrival of these funds, strings and all.

Already they are spending money we may never see. And in doing so have sealed the requirements attached to this stimulus bill. Requirements that pull us deeper and deeper into the stronghold of socialist dominance so sought of by the likes of Pelosi, Frank, Reid and many other leftist politicians.

When our two traitorous, once Republican Senators voted in obeisance to the will of The New World Order, trading whatever remaining shreds of responsibility they held for some unseen gratification, the deal was sealed. This nation has firmly embraced a socialist way of governance, and coupled it with worship to the spirit of the Antichrist through Gaiaism.

Are we lost? Could be, but sometimes we have to wander around just so we may find ourselves again. Perhaps there may still be some small hope left here in Maine. Let us pray that that same glow continues to reflect from the clouds as the sun sets and rises, reminding us that there is indeed a higher order, a greater being, than ourselves, and that only by fixing our eyes upon that greater being may we find solace from our problems.


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