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Posted: 20/02/2009 in Uncategorized
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Will we be able to recover from the recovery?

It seems kind of funny, as in odd, that most Presidents go through a sort of grace period, or honeymoon of 100 days before people are able to tell what kind of leadership the remaining four years we will be seeing. It took the Great B.O. less than a third of that time before his true colors shone through and the world seemed to peg him as ineffective, as well as other qualities, or lack thereof being attributed to him.

Let’s take his promise to end the war in Iraq. Not really much of an issue there. He’d like to take credit for ending the conflict, but the agreement was pretty much a done deal even before the election. We were going to have to leave sooner or later. And given the increasing animosity from the true leaders of the Moslem world towards the US, it is no surprise things are going to begin regressing back towards a country of tribal infighting, squabbles and a disappearance of the newly found democratic conditions.

But the leftists who praised him for ending the war which someone else actually ended, Bush actually, are now starting to rake their hero over the coals because of Afghanistan. The peaceniks wanted all military action to stop. Period. They do not want war of any kind. So an article in the Washington Post says that Obama will need to keep at least 60,000 on the ground in that new warfront. He’s already announced that 17,000 troops will be going to Afghanistan very soon, and will be making another decision on 10,000 more very soon as well. So the war protesters who voted for him because he was going to cease military action are severely disappointed. Big failure number one.

Another big issue, and perhaps the biggest is the forced socialization we are now undergoing with the passage of the stimulus package. It would take a huge blog post to describe my feelings on that issue, but Michael Ramiriz over at Investor’s Business Daily sums it up with one well written political cartoon here. I hope he doesn’t mind my borrowing this cartoon, but it sums up the stimulus package better than any article I’ve read thus far;

You get the drift. Unfortunately. I never noticed it before, but have you ever noticed how Washington D.C. is upwind of everyone else?

Here’s another item that will contribute to our demise in the world, politically as well as in the markets. A CNSNews article says that “Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday told an audience at the Justice Department that despite the nation’s progress on racial relations, “we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.” Obama’s Chief Attorney General say’s American are cowards? I don’t care if this moron is the first black attorney general of the US.

We can expect a lot of coercion from this source of Obama’s power as this nation quietly morphs into a new kind of One World Government bent socialization. The article goes on to say “In his speech, Holder said the Justice Department bears a “special responsibility” to set an example for the nation: “Through its work and through its example, this Department of Justice, as long as I am here, must — and will — lead the nation to the ‘new birth of freedom’ so long ago promised by our greatest President” (Abraham Lincoln).”

Everybody seems to want to equate Obama with Lincoln, but they refuse to look at the facts. Obama will never rise t the heights of greatness Lincoln has risen to. To accomplish that feat, one needs a strong set of upright principles as a guide. The Great B.O. has none. I think it is imperative that we take Holder to tasjk for his statement “this Department of Justice, as long as I am here, must — and will — lead the nation to the ‘new birth of freedom…” Exactly what does he mean by that statement?

So, at this point Barak Hussein Obama, the Great B.O. has failed in his promise to the peaceniks, who voted for him and supported his campaign financially, as well as emotionally. His first month in office puts the US not closer to a stronger economy, but much further away. Obama criticized Bush for the one trillion dollar deficit that he developed over eight long years. Obama must be really good. He doubled that deficit in only a month’s time! Now this nation is three trillion dollars in debt.

And he, through and with his cabinet picks, have signaled to the world that we are ready and willing to morph into a new socialist nation, with very few, if any freedoms left to the individual. Remember, Holder has vowed to ‘lead us to a new birth of freedom,’ whatever that means. Here’s another one, another failed promise!

Obama promised the union activists and enviro nut-jobs that he would take care of the NAFTA problems and make them happy. Not gonna happen folks. An article in the Washington Post says “President Obama warned on Thursday against a “strong impulse” toward protectionism while the world suffers a global economic recession and said his election-year promise to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement on behalf of unions and environmentalists will have to wait.” That’s right, he intends to continue with the regionalization plan for the world that the UN developed and suggested as a way to change the global governing patterns.

The article goes on to say that “The president’s message served as a reminder of last year’s private assessment by Canadian officials that then-candidate Obama’s frequent criticism of NAFTA was nothing more than campaign speeches aimed at chasing support among Rust Belt union workers.” We were warned by those who know these things. We didn’t listen at all. It won’t be long before we will, though. Like a still, small voice in the night, the truth will eventually be known.

Obama is breaking pledges and promises left and right. The recession we are in is the product of years of financial maneuvering and corruption in the marketplace. The bastard child of credit, if you will. Things are going to get much worse before we begin to turn around. But the Great B.O. seems to thing throwing money after the problems will be the cure. It isn’t though. It’s more like giving your little brother movie money, while you are babysitting him, just so you can be alone with your girlfriend. A little kid extorting money from the big brother. Hmmm. Promises, promises.

So, I wonder. I wonder if we will soon turn from being one nation under God into one nation under Obama?


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