Take a stand against Globalism….

Posted: 01/03/2009 in taxation
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The headline says “Backing Raises Hopes for Climate Pact” suggesting that maybe the world will come together after all on the global warming issue. It probably will, after all, it is based upon scriptural references. One world government and the New World Order may in fact be coming, and may be necessary, but that doesn’t mean we should embrace the concept.

As Obama prances around feigning a Christian belief, the obeisance he declares to Satan by holding fast to the false claims of global warming shows what the man is truly all about. He has yet to indicate in any way shape or form that he is indeed a true believer to any other faith except for Gaiaism.

The NY Times article says that “But within weeks of taking office, President Obama has radically shifted the global equation, placing the United States at the forefront of the international climate effort and raising hopes that an effective international accord might be possible. Mr. Obama’s chief climate negotiator, Todd Stern, said last week that the United States would be involved in the negotiation of a new treaty — to be signed in Copenhagen in December — “in a robust way.” Thereby selling us all into a new kind of slavery. This Freshman Senator from Illinois is not doing us any favors.

The next paragraph of the article goes on to say “reaching beyond reducing greenhouse gas emissions and including financial mechanisms and making good on longstanding promises to provide money and technical assistance to help developing countries cope…” These financial mechanisms mean higher taxes and fees. Higher costs. More money taken from hard working American taxpayers and given to others. Redistribution of wealth, my friend. If Karl Marx were alive today, he’d be ecstatic. His dream come true. World domination by one all inclusive, and all controlling government.

Barak Hussein Obama will be considered in the future in many ways, by many people. My feeling is that he will be a one term President. But the damage he is wreaking upon our economy will ultimately cause irreparable harm to this nation, possibly to the extent of permanently dividing us into several new nations. At last count, 11 states are discussing invocation of the sovereignty clause of the US constitution, and several movements for secession have sprung up around the country.

We have at hand a moment of decision. A moment we all must pause for, and decide where we will go. Many of the leftist media outlets preach the message of Gaiaism, and portray the alarmist’s coming global warming catastrophe as an undeniable fact. If you really believe in God, then you must know that this will not happen. It is not in His plan for us. He has a greater plan, and He will not be cheated out of this plan by our own inept self destruction. Nature works in ways that we cannot comprehend, and it has worked in the same way for millennia.

And as we face this issue of global warming, around us spread the flames of a global recession. It matters not how we got to where we are today. The reasons are long gone in the greater scheme of things, and not worth the struggle to face them now. We’ve been there before, and we will be there again. And we always have survived, by the grace of God.

But what we must do today, is prepare for the coming war. A war that we will be committed to by this current administrations agenda, and their beliefs in this false god of environmentalism. A war of global proportions. We must prepare ourselves, and we must take a stand. Where will you stand?

You can begin to take a stand by getting involved in your local, state and federal governments. Seek out and support candidates and issues that you agree with. And you must not waiver in your support of these candidates and issues. If you are a true conservative, go to http://www.resistnet.com/ and join the movement to take America back from those who would see her perish in the flames of socialism. Go to http://www.huckpac.com/ and find a local group and candidates to join with and support.. Take that stand.

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