The flames of Maine are rising….the flames of freedom…

Posted: 09/03/2009 in taxation
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Have you ever been camping on one of those cool nights where you just want to hug the campfire? The embers are a pulsing reddish sort of glow. And as you stir the embers, little licks of flame dart up here and there as the yet to be consumed bits of wood burst into a short life. It’s cold, and you decide to throw some more fuel on the fire. Maybe a piece of Birch. The wood just sits there a while, drying out and heating up. And then, just when you think it may not catch, a burst of bright yellow flame erupts from the bark, and soon the log is on fire, returning you to a warm, comfortable time around the campfire.

The fire of freedom acts much the same way. When this nation declared independence in 1776, the flames of freedom were big enough to touch the sky and engulf much of the then known world with its warmth. The flames died down after the conflict burned itself out, and settled into a pulsing glow, warm embers giving a warmth and light in the dark night of the world.

Through the years, as the embers of freedom were stirred, little licks of flame cropped up here and there, once again turning freedom into a light shining in the night. And occasionally, a log has been thrown upon the embers of freedom, providing more fuel, and causing the fire of freedom to shine brightly in the night.

Smaller bits of wood like the war of 1812, the border conflict in the 1830’s, the Spanish-American war. And larger logs too, like the Civil War, WWI and WWII. Warfare has always been with us, and it always will be, until the second coming. Warfare acting as the cold damp darkness of the night against the embers and fires of freedom. It has come only once upon this nation as an inferno, though many small conflicts have spurred the minor flames of this fire.

But I believe once again, a log is needed to be thrown upon the embers of freedom. Freedom has lain unstirred for far too long. We have become complacent, and have forgotten the warmth of that fire. We have become accustomed to the cool, dark dampness of the night. And we have begun to learn to accept that darkness.

And that log may well have already been placed upon the embers of freedom. The flames are just a light breeze away from becoming an inferno.

Here in Maine we have a disadvantage in that the leftist mentality is so deeply entrenched in everything we do. Even our two former Republican Senators, Snowe and Collins, embraced the sealing of our fate as the pains of birth are being felt by a nation becoming enslaved to the new socialist form of governance. Our taxes will become more and more burdensome, while these same taxes will discourage growth and enterprise, while at the same time the increasing levels of regulation finally strangles the businessman’s ability to profit at what he does.

Baldacci is hurriedly preparing business plans and accompanying regulations to make way for the greening of our business climate, all under the pretense of battling global warming that doesn’t exist. Maine already is one of the most expensive places to live in the US. It will only get worse. Much worse. The stimulus that was enacted will never be big enough to solve problems that the government has no intention of solving.

Many in this state believe that our problems will be solved by this stimulus. It will never happen as the stimulus will only serve to create new taxation and regulation, furthering the already existing problems we have to deal with.

The call has gone out. Where will you stand?

Visit the Patriot Resistance at and join the effort to take back America from those who would destroy the freedoms she holds so dear. Not sure who to support in the coming election rounds? Pay a visit to as well and lend them your support. We have a limited amount of time left before it will be too late. Make your stand today!

Ann Coulter on Obama;


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