Warning! Contents may be offensive to the Left…

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Articles the “progressive” side of the aisle doesn’t want you to read;

Obama’s Plans Will ‘Work’ — To Breed Servile Dependence (Cap Mag)
by Richard M. Salsman (March 13, 2009)
The political left-wing in America and most Democrats are hopeful, even gleeful, that “Obamanomics” might “vanquish” Reaganomics, that tax-hiking, pork-dispensing schemes aimed at boosting consumption and government (a la John Maynard Keynes) will displace tax-cutting, supply-side policies devoted to boosting production and profitable entrepreneurship (a la Jean-Baptiste Say). In the process, Obama’s allies are unfazed about plunging stock prices, or, absurdly, blame the plunges on past tax-cutting. Conditions only worsen with each new intervention, but interventionists don’t really care about improving the economy…..

Good Ideas vs The Constitution of the United States of America (Cap Mag)
by Walter Williams (March 11, 2009)
Good Ideas
During winter months, I work out 10 minutes on the treadmill and lift weights at seven stations four mornings a week. Over the years, during the spring through fall months, I racked up about 2,000 miles on my road bike. This level of exercise helps account for why, at 73 years, I’m in such good health and physical fitness. So my question to you is whether you think regular exercise is a good idea. I think the answer is definitely yes, if nothing other than its beneficial effects on health care costs. Since exercise is a good idea, would you support a congressional mandate that all Americans engage in regular exercise?…….

Chinese premier ‘worried’ over U.S. debt holdings (Houston Chron.)
March 13, 2009, 11:25PM
BEIJING — The Chinese prime minister, Wen Jiabao, expressed unusually blunt concern on Friday about the safety of China’s $1 trillion investment in American government debt, the world’s largest such holding, and urged the Obama administration to provide assurances that its investment would keep its value in the face of a global financial crisis……………..

U.S. disagrees with British decision to engage Lebanon’s Hezbollah (LA Times)
By Paul Richter
March 13, 2009
Reporting from Washington — A senior U.S. official Thursday expressed strong disagreement with the British decision to begin contacts with the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, revealing a rare split between the two closely allied nations. The official said the Obama administration doesn’t believe, as the British do, that there are separate military, political and social wings of the Shiite Muslim militia group, and that it is acceptable to deal with the political wing……………

Banks scramble to return bailout funds (LA Times)
By Ralph Vartabedian
March 14, 2009
Those that didn’t first refuse TARP funds now feel tainted by having accepted them. They seek to give money back to Treasury to distance themselves from bad publicity and unwieldy rules.
A growing number of healthy bank chains across the country are bailing out of the $700-billion federal banking bailout program, saying it has tarnished the reputation of banks that took the money and tangled them in unwieldy regulations.

After Change in Federal Policy, Some States Take Steps to Limit Stem Cell Research (NY Times)
Published: March 13, 2009
ATLANTA — Three days after President Obama announced that he would lift restrictions on federal financing for embryonic stem cell research, the Georgia legislature began a push to limit such research within the state. The bill, passed by the Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday, bans therapeutic cloning and the creation of embryos for any purpose other than procreation. Anti-abortion groups that oppose the use of human embryos for stem cell research said similar efforts would be made in other states…………

In commenting that it is HIS responsibility to solve the US’s problems, Barak Obama asks if we should address these problems in an extraordinary fashion or incrementally. The Great B.O. assumes it is his responsibility, and says it is his responsibility now, and in the future. Can we look forward to the Great B.O. and a suspension of our Constitution? Tools are in place that allows for the suspension of the Constitution, and our rights as well. Will he act in an extraordinary fashion as he has suggested? Pay close attention to this one…..

For a lighter look………


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