Rich Staets, Poor States

Posted: 20/03/2009 in taxation
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Rich states and poor states. Turns out we is poor. In more ways than one.
Well, I have been busy reformatting the concepts behind Dan’s Maine View and the world surrounding that view. I have started an internet radio show called Maine Talk Radio. I also have another blog associated with that show called Maine Talk Blog where you can see the show notes as well as catch the links to some of the things we will be covering in that show. You’ll also see that commentary is going to be cut back a bit and we’ll be sharing more headlines and news items.

One of the reasons I am making these changes is that it becomes very time consuming to be tracking all of the little minutiae happening in and around Maine. Not to mention the expenses involved, which I can no longer afford. Book sales have dropped off to nothing, and as a result, I have to cut back on the number of issues that I wish to investigate. Perhaps someday I’ll get to do what I’d like to do, but not today.

On the other hand, I have learned that Maine is rapidly becoming a state that sucks in many ways. There have been lots of reports that have come out, and I will be discussing them on MaineTalk. Our economy is declining at a rate that will soon make us one of the most expensive states to live in, with the exception of maybe Commyfornia and New York. The regulatory climate of this state is becoming oppressive, and the only industry with any hope of real growth is welfare. It is time Maine wakes up to what is happening to us.

One of the reports to have come out recently was the Rich States-Poor States report, or the ALEC Laffer State Competitiveness Index. In the chart on page iix, we(Maine) were ranked at #47. Rhode Island, Vermont, and New York trailed us, in that order. Not a pretty picture to look at.

Per Capita spending was listed at $5,943.43 for Maine, but the rest of the country averages $5,221.06 according to that report. The authors, Arthur B. Laffer, Stephen Moore and Jonathon Williams lose no sleep over explaining that the Northeast has become Americas Black Hole economically, and that New England is a bastion of Socialism. I totally agree with them on that front.

As far as the state income tax goes, only Rhode Island and Vermont had higher rates than Maine. In fact, there are only six states with income tax rates higher than ours. I’m surprised anyone would want to live here. To be fair we did rank OK in a couple of areas, and surprisingly we ranked #2 in personal freedom. I couldn’t quite figure that grade out given the totalitarian environment Comrade Baldacci wants to cloak us with.

A lot of different areas were researched and examined to come to their conclusion, and based upon what these men share in this report, Maine does deserve the failing grade. But at least we didn’t come in dead last. Bottom line is, if we don’t toss the bonehead politicians in Augusta out the window soon, we are going to be a broke state. And an imprisoned state, as well. Imprisoned to the ever expanding welfare society the leftist leaders we stupidly keep re-electing to office want us to live under.


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