9.7 Trillion and counting…

Posted: 21/03/2009 in taxation
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Alternative energy seems to be gaining back some of the lost ground it enjoyed during the Presidential elections. I was beginning to think that maybe the powers that be had maybe come to their senses and realized that oil was going to be with us for a good long time. Don’t get me wrong here, I think we need to be more environmentally conscience about our choices, but there just is not enough technology into the alternative energy fields at this time to really make much of a dent into what has become traditional fuels usage. Carbon based energy is by far our best bet for right now.

E85 has come back into the spotlight as the best alternative fuel, but there are some serious problems with that assumption. It is only the best fuel if your vehicle is designed to use it, otherwise it is crap for use as an automotive fuel. Much of the current discussion revolves around President Hussein Obama’s Stimulus package and the incentives given for dealer to install E85 fuel pumps. That’s a lot of emphasis to cover the mere 7 million flex-fuel vehicles that are on the highways today, most of them in the mid west regions from what I can see. That is less than 5% of all cars owned in America today.

The Leftinistas seem to think they can continue to terrorize the American public with their empty threats of global warming, but the public is beginning to wake up, and they just ain’t buying it anymore. Science has not been able to prove that the IPCC claims have any foundation beyond mere theory and computer modeling for the fear mongering they’ve been pushing. But they still push on as though it were fact, and the left wing socialist dominated media keep going along with the game because it sells print.

Pelosi and her Left Coast gang pushes through this environmental legislation with all the goodies that go along with it to help their friends in the green industry world, such as tax incentives and such. And that’s too bad, because the only way these companies can even hold their head above water for the most part is by being subsidized by the taxpayer. It’s time for taxpayer subsidies to end.

There are a lot of pros and cons indeed to the whole issue of ethanol as a fuel. Some folks say that the conversion of croplands from food stock into feedstock for the production of ethanol caused the huge prices we have seen in foods the last couple of years. Depending upon which study you look at, the estimates for the price hikes ranged from 4 % in 2007 to 5.3 % in 2008. Or thereabouts. As to how much the loss of croplands for food affected the increase is still being debated, but with a subsidy on the federal level of over five billion dollars a year, it’s easy to see the temptation to produce for biofuel instead of food.

This recent stimulus package that increased our indebtedness as a country to the tune of 9.7 trillion dollars according to a Bloomberg article. It almost seems as though Obama, and Pelosi’s Left Coast Gang want to purposefully bankrupt this nation. I’d like to say I wonder why, but I know why. They savor the taste of the Antichrist. They believe they will attain greater power and dominance over we poor ignorant folks that are too stupid to fend for ourselves.

Evidently know one advised them that the call has gone out already. True Americans from all parts of this Nation are starting to take a stand and prepare to fight back against this menace that has become a cancer upon this once free and great Nation! The Patriots will rise, and reclaim that which has been taken from us. There’s gonna be a wicked party the next time around, you mark my words.


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