Greenies going for the gold

Posted: 30/03/2009 in taxation
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The other day I made mention of the subsidization of the green movement through the ethanol subsidization programs, but that’s just the start of it all. On a worldwide factor, the desire of the greenies to monetize their drive to twist the environmentalist adoration of the false goddess Gaia into a paying proposition is a global effort.

The G20 summit in a couple of days has become the prime target of their protest efforts, and the backers of the movement will hold nothing back to present their narrow opinions to the public. My guess is the British law enforcement assigned to the summit are going to be quite busy. They’re even having training sessions on how to protest and avoid, excuse me, stay within the law.

One day these idiots may come to realize that we cannot change climate by pouring money into their pockets so they can share pizza at the community center. They’re costing people jobs. People with families to feed and bills to pay. But their obsession to what has become the new world religion blinds them to reality, and the power God has over the environment.

The G20 meets again to discuss the world economy, and just like in 1933 the major countries of this world are facing yet another global economic crisis. How many times does this make? Back during the recession of the late twenties and into the depression of the thirties a few things were going on that actually could have prevented the depression. But FDR’s desire to create a socialist nation destroyed any hope of success.

Robert Skidelsky writes in his biography of John Maynard Keynes that;

“By the spring of 1937 Britain’s national government had presided over four years of strong private sector led recovery from depression. Balanced budgets and huge Conservative majorities had restored business confidence; cheap money had fuelled a building boom; lower taxes and rising wages had led to a consumption boom.”

So what happened? FDR decided to put the thumbs of big government into the pie and control his own view of how the world should turn. Instead of allowing things to take their natural turn of events, he increased taxes and regulation, which led to a quick fall of the US economy, and since the rest of the world depends upon the largesse of the US, the world economy collapsed yet again. Just like today.

So the G20 meets again to ponder and wring their collective hands over the continuing failure of big government to allow business to operate in a free market economy.

The Greenies drive to make us all servants of the One World Government lies behind much of the economic failure of today. The carbon tax schemes being developed all over the world to combat the non-existent scare called global warming are already beginning to eat away at what little profit exists for businesses after paying for an ever increasing government and dealing with the burdensome regulations and laws we labor under every day the sun rises.
The world economy will continue to decline until it reaches that point where the only place to go is up. At that point currency values will begin to stabilize and, provided lenders stop lending to those who are bad credit risks, begin the slow climb back towards increasing values. The main factor is going to be the effect the global taxation imposed upon us by the UN through Cap and Trade schemes and other ways of duping the public of their dwindling paycheck, such as New England’s RGGI scam, will have upon the costs of production and distribution.


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