G20 and Growing

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As the G20 summit takes place in London this week I feel myself pulled towards the exit door even more than usual. Globalization is finally taking place, and it seems as though this time around it will obtain a solid footing. We are indeed standing on the threshold of the end of times. The Second Coming is surely on its way.

I see a lot of Bible thumpers praying that God will deliver us from the evil of the Obama administration, but I fail to see many of them praying that Gods will be done. Perhaps it is in Gods will for the United States to perish as a nation, in order for the prophecies to be fulfilled? Only God knows the time of His return, so maybe it is not quite time yet.

But it will come. It has to if the Bible is to believed as the word of God. How do I know these things? Pretty simple, really. I’m no scholar or seer of the future, but I do read. And I understand what I read. The New World Order, or One World Government as some like to call it must occur for the prophecies spoken of in Revelations to be fulfilled. It is that simple.

The world must become united in its devotion to what many have come to call the Antichrist. The Bible says it will. It says so in Rev 17:17; For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled. (KJV) And that is exactly what is happening in London this week at the G20 Summit. The world leaders are coming together to be of one mind.

But the end is not yet. I believe we have a little time left still. Even so, we must be wary of what our government does. Machinations are taking place that will leave us bereft of our freedoms that we have come to hold so dear to our hearts. Borders are becoming non-existent. Calls are made to create one world currency. Relationships are being developed with nations who would see us destroyed.

Obama directs the largest increase in government spending in history, guaranteeing our obeisance to those who hold our debt. We are becoming enslaved to those who would create this currency.

Our churches are led by those who would urge us to apostasy.

Our leaders lack maturity and spiritual ability.

Our educators would have us believe a lie is the truth.

Our greed as human beings has exceeded our level of need.

Babylon shall fall.

We are lost, and yet we are found.

The Prophecy of the Eagle

Ere the time turns ten, the Eagle shall be torn asunder
And unto five it shall be divided
And three shall be as one, but separate
And the two shall divide and be as one

When the time turns ten and five, the serpent shall strike
And shall strike at the heel of the one of three
And the one shall die, and be reformed
And shall feed the serpent of its young

Then the dragon shall stretch forth its talons to strike the two of three
And shall spitteth its fire upon them
And shall devour the two as the snake of one
And both shall reign over the three

Ten and ten shall be the age for the two as one to rise
And the dragon and the serpent shall conspire
And they shall become as one to squash the two
And the One shall divide the two

Ere the time becomes five more, one of the two shall fall
And shall be devoured by the serpent
And shall be fed upon by the dragon
And the one shall be alone

When the time becomes five more, the One shall then prevail
And shall strike against the one of two
And shall prevail against the serpent
And cause the dragon to waver

Then shall come the time of strife, of which has not been seen
And the One shall pursue the world
And smite the dragon and serpent unto their hearts
And shall pour the fires of destruction upon the world

Ten more shall be the time of despair
And the One shall prevail
And shall grow unto a mighty power
And shall in time destroy the serpent

Ere the time of destruction of the serpent, the dragon shall come to flee
And shall leave its young to die
And shall come to be smitten by the One
And the One shall begin to return

When the light begins to grow, the True one shall return
And the righteous shall prevail
And yet the blind shall still not see
And the deaf shall still not hear

Then the time of peace shall be upon the five
And the blind shall still not see
And the deaf shall still not hear
And shall tremble upon the earth

Ten times ten shall be the time
And the fires shall fall and devour the third
And the righteous shall prevail
And the One shall come

Ere the time I’ve told is past
When the time is true
Then the mystery shall be told
Ten times ten times ten shall be the clue

D.L.Soucy 2007


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