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Ever since the elections were pretty clear that the main stream media had chosen Barak Hussein Obama to be their chosen leader the talk of going global seems to have multiplied by an exponential factor. Before then the only people who would be quoted spouting the words globalization, new world order, global community and the like were pretty much ignored and glossed over. With the exception of the global warming alarmists, that is.

Generally speaking, when one hears these terms the picture of some camouflage clad survivalist hiding way back in the mountains comes to mind. We have been convinced as a world at large that there is no one world government on the way. It is merely the psychotic dream of conspiracy theorists. Doesn’t exist. Never has and never will. Globalization actually means that we have learned to act, and react as a worldwide community whereby the poorest African refugee is our neighbor, just like the wealthiest man in the world is. If that were only true.

But it isn’t. not in any way shape or form is that true. African refugees are not your neighbor, unless you live there. And neither is that rich expletive that treats you like dung, or as you don’t even exist. There is in fact a move afoot to create a new, one world government, complete with its own armies, courts, police agency, currency and laws that will supersede any government in the world. And thanks to the main stream medias need to lie to the public in order to garner ratings and popularity, they’ve only presented the crap they think we want to hear.

Or more importantly, the “NEWS” as some morons call it, that they want you to hear. Let’s take this bow and kissing of the Saudi Kings ring that occurred over the G20 summit in London these past few days. The MSM never really reported on the act. To do so would have shown to the entire country that maybe Barak Hussein Obama is really a Muslim loyalist after all. What, you mean I shouldn’t use his middle name Hussein? Why not? Is he ashamed of his name? Or is it that he wants to keep that part of his heritage quiet?

Things are definitely looking up for the Muslim world. In spite of the fact that a 17 year old girl can be legally flogged for refusing to marry a man much older than she is, not to mention that she doesn’t like him, The US seems to making overtures that most patriotic Presidents would never dream of doing. An article from Iran’s Press TV says;

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggests that Iran seeks stability and an end to the drug trade that bankrolls the Afghan insurgency.
Iran has accepted an invitation to take part in a UN-sponsored conference on Afghanistan in the Hague, marking a turning point in three decades of its deadlocked relations with the US.
Clinton, speaking to reporters en route to The Hague, said she is “looking forward” to Iran’s participation and contribution to achieve security in the war-hit Afghanistan.
“The fact that they accepted the invitation to come suggests that they believe there is a role for them to play and we are looking forward to hear about that,” said the former first lady.

I would have thought we would have been done with them after President Carter screwed up with the Iranian hostage situation. Remember the fatal military mission where we lost a bunch of good men in the copter crash? The only way the new world order will be complete and accepted is if all countries climb on board the bandwagon and toot their horns in a globalized, unified tune. Everyone needs to be beating the same drum, and blowing the same note. And thanks to Obama’s efforts in the world scene, that is finally happening.

Let’s look at a few headlines;

Global Fiscal Crisis Brings Renewed Role for IMF
The Fund, which has 2,370 employees, most based in Washington, has repositioned itself periodically since its creation after World War II. Its initial focus was to oversee the exchange rate system established under the Bretton Woods agreements….

Obama Connects With Young Europeans
In Strasbourg, he urged a shift in attitudes. In America, he said, there had been “a failure to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world,” and there had been “times when America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.”
But in Europe, he added, there had also been anti-American attitudes. “On both sides of the Atlantic, these attitudes have become all too common,” he said. “They are not wise.”…(
I’d like to know what he meant by that one, how about you?)

Prominence Of Dollar Must Be Protected
During a Financial Services hearing last Tuesday, I asked Secretary Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke if they would denounce any efforts to move toward a global currency. Both officials answered unequivocally that they would, and President Obama gave the nation the same assurance.
Less than 24 hours later at a Council on Foreign Relations event, Geithner stated that he was open to China’s proposal to replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s dominant currency.
Within hours, the value of the dollar plummeted…..

A Lifeline for Nations Both Rich and Poor
“In an age where our economies are linked more closely than ever before, the whole world has been touched by this devastating downturn,” President Obama said Thursday at the close of the Group of 20 economic summit. “And today, the world’s leaders have responded with an unprecedented set of comprehensive and coordinated actions.”

These are a few tidbits. There are many, many more. Too many to share here. But believe me when I say that the New World Order is here. We just haven’t accepted it yet. But when we do, what a battle to be fought.

I’ll leave you with this passage, Rev. 17:17,18

17 For God has put it into their hearts to carry out His plan for one purpose, and to give their kingdom to the beast until Gods words are accomplished.
18 and the woman that you saw is the great city that has an empire* over the kings of the earth.

*Empire is translated in some versions as has sovereignty or has rulership.


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