Battering Rams and bicycles. What next?

Posted: 10/04/2009 in taxation
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There’s a lot of crap going on in the world today, most of it stupid, and most of it being done for no real need. Maine is no exception. I read in several headline stories about some dirt-bag stealing an 83 year old woman’s bicycle up in Lewiston. It was 66 years old as the stories go. She had gotten the bike, a blue Huffy, back in 1943. I generally don’t care to have much to do with the cops, but if anyone has any  information at all about the missing bike is urged to call Lt. Mark S. Cornelio at 513-3001, ext. 3323 or Cpl. Matthew Cashman at 513-3001, ext. 6359. With any luck the bike will have been returned by the time you read this post.

Thief swipes 83-year-old woman’s 66-year-old bike

The Associated Press – ‎

LEWISTON, Maine (AP) — A thief in Maine stole a 66-year-old bicycle that belonged to an 83-year-old woman. Ruth Slovenski got the blue Huffy bicycle as a 

ü  83-year-old woman’s 66-year-old bike stolen – ‎

LEWISTON — An 83-year-old woman rode her bicycle last weekend to a local independent care complex as she had done regularly for 66 years. 

ü  Thief steals 83-year-old woman’s 66-year-old bike

Bangor Daily News – ‎

By AP LEWISTON, Maine — Ruth Slovenski of Lewiston acquired her blue Huffy bicycle as a gift in 1943 when she was a teenager and had been riding it ever 

ü  Thief Steals Elderly Woman’s Bicycle – ‎

LEWISTON, Maine — Lewiston police are looking for the person who stole an elderly woman’s bicycle. Ruth Slovenski, 83, told police she arrived at Maison 


Of course, the really big news here in New England the last few days has been Vermont’s unfortunate mistake of legislating immoral relationships. The same line of garbage is passing through the intestines of our own cowardly elected representatives here in Maine,

 and I’m guessing that as bad a move this is for society, Maine will probably do all it can to get on board the gay marriage parade float and push it upon us again.

People like myself will be fighting to make certain this does not happen here. Unfortunately, since the state seems to like sleeping with the UN, I have little hope of preventing this monstrous legislation from being passed.


ü  Vt. vote no influence on Maine governor

By GLENN ADAMS | Associated Press Writer

2:11 PM CDT, April 8, 2009

AUGUSTA, Maine – A day after the Vermont Legislature passed a gay marriage bill over the governor’s veto, Maine Gov. John Baldacci said Wednesday he was “keeping an open mind” on the issue he has opposed in the past and the State House will consider this month. 

“We certainly watch and listen to what’s happening around us, but I think we have a process here in Maine where Mainers have an opportunity at the public hearing to comment on this and give their opinions,” Baldacci told The  Associated Press a day after the Vermont House followed the Senate in voting to override Gov. Jim Douglas’ veto.


“So yes, we do listen to what’s taking place in our neighboring states, learn as part of that process but at the same time we have our own Maine independent process in evaluating this,” Baldacci said. 

But the really insipid bit of news is the report that the Portland Police Department got themselves a neat little APC form Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security(DHS). Apparently, Portland’s old beater from the 80’s seems to be a little long in the tooth and needed replacing. However, those fine Nazi’s couldn’t convince the taxpayers to cough up the nearly quarter of a million dollars needed to by a brand spank me new armored police vehicle.


What in hell do these people need with an armored personnel carrier? Are they afraid somebody might ram them with a bicycle? Hey, maybe that idiot dirt-bag from Lewiston that stole the old ladies Huffy? Those bikes were made out of real steel you know.


Various reports say that the PPD intends to install a retractable battering ram on the track driven M113APC. Tracks even. Just like a tank? Ain’t that gonna be hell on wheels to the pavement.


ü  Maine city getting armored vehicles

By Associated Press
Thursday, April 9, 2009 – Added 12h ago

PORTLAND, Maine — The Portland Police Department is getting a pair of armored personnel carriers to bolster local law enforcement.

The Portland Press Herald says the track-driven M113s were offered for free as surplus property by the Department of Defense last fall. The Portland police got two of them, one of them to be used for parts. The vehicles are sometimes referred to as a “tanks.”

Police Capt. Ted Ross acknowledged that some people say they are too much. But Ross says the vehicle will reduce the exposure to danger for officers who approach a hostile or armed confrontations.


As an aside here to the bogus global warming terror the Un wants us to be very, very afraid of Maine seems to be getting a wad of cash for clean diesel.


ü  $1.73 Million for “Clean Diesel” Projects in Maine

By Exception Staff | April 09, 2009

Maine will receive $1.73 million for “clean diesel” projects from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Senator Olympia Snowe’s office announced today.

The federal stimulus package’s state “clean diesel” funding program totals $88.2 million. Each state’s share is equally allocated through a noncompetitive allocation process.

Thing I want to know is what they consider clean diesel to be? As far as I know, there is no such critter. It’s all dirty, even this so called earth friendly bio-diesel. And how far do they think this 1.73 million dollars is going to go?


But fortunately, there will be no tax imposed on the plastic bags we bring our overpriced groceries home in. that tax was supposed to have been levied at ten cents per bag. Is that ignorant or what? Those who have some bucks and brains will switch to reusable totes and once again the poor people will be stuck paying for taxes they shouldn’t be paying. Typical of the left. They make big noises about taxing the rich so they can give to the poor, but the poor people get stuck paying for the taxes they can least afford.


Seems to me that if these eco-terrorists really wanted to get people to recycle more, they’d start trying to do it in a positive, productive manner. Like trying to get stores to set up easy access recycling bins, and maybe give a credit per reusable bag like Hannaford and some other chains do.


Recycling doesn’t work well not because people don’t want to participate, it’s because it is a pain in the ass, and it costs too much. That’s the real reason behind the lack of recycling. Not to mention the fact that it’s being promoted by a bunch of snot nosed liberal elitists.


Lastly, yet another person with Maine ties is jumping into the good ship Obama-pop headed for never-never land where all will be coated with sugar. Glenn Cummings, former Maine House Speaker of the house gets nabbed for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education in the Obama regime. Purty title. I bet he’s going to need to get another nameplate on his desk if he wants to use his name, too.


Cummings was also treasurer of the Maine Obama election committee or some such post as I understand. I did some quick digging and Cummings definitely leans to the far left when he’s sitting on a barstool. Probably not as far as I lean to the right though.


The very fact that our own good comrade Baldacci says that he is a good pick tells me right off that the taxpayers are in for another raping in the dark. Not surprisingly, the RINO Olympia Snowe recommended him for the position, which entails improving access and making higher educational opportunities to older American populations. Translate that to more tax dollars needed if you wish. Sigh.


At any rate, that’s Dan’s Maine View for today. Catch my podcasts on the player to the left, and also on Blogtalk Radio at I dig under some very different rocks in the back yard on that show.


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