What’s Right Is Right

Posted: 10/04/2009 in Uncategorized
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I see in the headlines that our Moslem President’s friends in Iran are strutting around touting their recent advances in the nuclear arena. The LA Times. with their own piece, Iran Touts Nuclear Technology Gains says that State television broadcast a patriotic three-minute music video called “Fruits of Science” heralding technological achievements. While there is no specific claim being made that they are working on a nuclear weapon, the possibility certainly exists.

In another apparently tactile maneuver to prove his Excellency’s reign as king of America, the Obama administration is also second guessing a trade pact agreed to, but not yet ratified from the leftover business of the Bush years. Clearly led by the nose, Obama seems to think that the trade agreement would give the South Koreans a trade benefit to the detriment of US carmakers. You can translate that into a move by the unions fear of losing even more of their membership rolls and control over business as usual.

While I am not necessarily a fond advocate of international trade agreements, they are necessary for the sole reason that international trade builds wealth of any nation.  Looking at the numbers from 2008, Korea sold 636,960 cars in the US, and the U.S. sold 109,940 cars in South Korea. That means that the sales ratio between the two nations is less than seven to one. Considering the size of the U.S. auto market, as compared to the South Korean market, I don’t see any problems there.


The picture I see is that Obama’s union contributors are pulling his strings to close the markets to foreign automakers. Look at it this way. The Obamanator  wants to push the free trade pact that the UN wants to see placed upon the American continents and nations, so why is a free trade pact with a tiny Asian country such a big deal?


Meanwhile, here in the Independent Socialist Nation of Maine, news reports are touting the 14% decline in the usage of industrial levels of electricity. Not a good sign, but it should make the Greenies who seem to be intent upon reducing the non-happening global warming catastrophe. They are getting what they believe they want, but the morons still are not happy. The only way to reduce fuel consumption is to lower the level activity of the industrial complex. The facts from Norway can back that up.


The state legislature is stupidly entertaining a move to allow early voting statewide by as much as ten days before an election date. As far as I am concerned a person should vote on one day. The date of the election. This garbage about allowing convenience voting just doesn’t cut it. It tends to water down the idea of civic responsibility. The Leftinistas like it because they can vote at their convenience and not have to take responsibility to make certain they can get to the ballots on time.


Of course, both of the bills have been introduced by our own Socialist Queen, Elizabeth Mitchell. No surprise there. Tampering with what has been a tradition seems to be a favorite ploy of the left. Destroy tradition and you make it easier t indoctrinate the young folks into believing that what is wrong is really OK. These people will find out in the end what the difference between wrong and right really is though. Too bad it will be too late to reverse course. We will already be solidly enslaved into realm of the new world order. In fact, I believe it is already too late.


www.maineopengov.org has been operating for a while as a database of salaries paid out to employees of various government agencies. A good idea in my opinion. If a person works for the government, they work for me. and if a person works for me, I want to know what I am paying them. Not only that, it lets people know how much of their tax dollar is really going to something useful. Some of these public employees are getting paid way more than they deserve, while others are not getting paid what they clearly should be getting paid.


However, yet another Leftinista, Sen. Lisa Marrache, hailing from Waterville, submitted an action to have the names of the employees removed from the listing and leaving just the position and salary available. Makes no sense to me. not only that, when you hide just one piece of the government form the people, you leave the door open to hide much more. Where is the transparency in hiding names. If an individual employee objects to having everyone know what they make a s a public servant, then they should stop being a public servant, plain and simple.


I think the real impetus behind the action is merely a jab towards shutting down the rights movement to open government up to the taxpayer and let people really know how much waste there really is in government.


Perhaps the more serious issue of the day is the gay rights movement. As we all are aware, the state of Vermin, sorry, Vermont legislated the right for gays to marry, and it is expected the queer nation will up the battle here in Maine to promote their sinful lifestyle. That is a battle we must not lose.


The Washington Post has a couple of articles relating o this issue today and one of them, Faith Groups Increasingly Lose Gay Rights Fights talks about the fact that our legal system is more and more often siding with these people and refusing to recognize our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion. The article says “Faith organizations and individuals who view homosexuality as sinful and refuse to provide services to gay people are losing a growing number of legal battles that they say are costing them their religious freedom.


The lawsuits have resulted from states and communities that have banned discrimination based on sexual orientation. Those laws have created a clash between the right to be free from discrimination and the right to freedom of religion, religious groups said, with faith losing.”


Instead of trying to prove that their lifestyles are ok by leading a life that provides that proof, they pile on more and more frivolous lawsuits to push their society destroying agenda upon those of us who lead a life that we should be leading. The Word of God claims this kind of life is sinful, and will lead to ruin. These people will have a choice between learning the truth or dying in their sin. That choice is available now, but there will come a time when it will be too late.


Same sex relationships are wrong. It is not an arguable point. the freedom of religion supersedes and gives power to all other freedoms. It is not acceptable to be forced to do business or provide services to a gay person in any way shape or form. Christians answer to a higher power than the courts, and the courts are wrong in not recognizing this.


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