Surprise, Tax day has come and gone…

Posted: 16/04/2009 in taxation
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Today is tax day,
Hooray, Hooray!
A day to remember
As we think of the number
Of bucks we must pay,
To keep the donkey in hay!

To keep the donkey in hay?
You ask and you say.
Were you asleep in your slumber,
or acting a bit dumber,
When the masters did say,
Today is the day, by which you must pay?

That’s right, the dreaded April 15th has come, and is almost gone. In fact, by the time you read this it’ll already be too late if you live on the East coast. Personally, I feel as though they should advance the tax due day by a couple of weeks. Make it due on April 1st. that would be more appropriate wouldn’t it?

Maine isn’t any different. We pay and we pay and it seems as though it still isn’t enough to make the beast we call government happy. They just seem to want more and more and more. Reminds me of the plant in the movie Little Shop of Horrors. Feeeeed Meee Seymour! An insatiable appetite is a trademark of a government with far too much power.

Picture Comrade Baldacci sitting in a bucket of dirt here. Or maybe your favorite lawmaker. Either way, it amounts to the same thing. Feeeeed Meeee!

But I’m not sure which is worse, the need for feed or the incessant drive to create new laws with which to control our every move and decision. But being the lawmakers, they can do both at the same time. Sort of like a drug addict working at a drug factory.

So, did you pay your taxes? Shame on you if you didn’t. Unfortunately, the government needs taxes with which to operate. So if we fail or refuse to pay our taxes, we will be responsible for the penalties. And it is pointless to protest. Many people claim that taxes are illegal, or unconstitutional, so they refuse. If you feel that way, you are wrong, by the way.

So, buckle up and pay for the ride. Otherwise don’t complain. And if you do have a complaint about how our tax dollars are being spent there are a few things you can do to protest. First off, get your butt down to your local city hall and get involved with the process. If you don’t vote, start. Start asking questions of your local government and find out why they do the things they do.

If you feel the leading to do so, run for a local political position. It’ll take some work, but the rewards will be more than sufficient to reimburse you for your efforts. But don’t stop at the local level. Work your way up through the ranks. Get to know the county and state level politicians and the process relating to each. Make a name for yourself in the political world.

Conservatives are too prone to standing on the sidelines and letting the GOP leaders lead the elephant along the parade route. Too many of us are content to be spectators, and that needs to change. We need to start taking the reins and steering that old pachyderm where we want t to go, not some left leaning RINO that really doesn’t care what you want, or what you believe. There are far too many politicians in the Republican party that are actually Liberal in philosophical standing.

That needs to come to an end.

Get involved in local politics. Attend the city council meetings, or whatever they are called in your community. Ask questions and demand your elected officials justify their voting records. And let them know if you do not approve of their voting records. And likewise, let them know if you do approve.

The liberals have won the last election rounds hands down. They won because they conducted a concerted effort to win. We conservatives need to organize under a common goal and do the same thing. We need to have a goal that we all share, and that we can all work to achieve. We need to take control of the social media, and the main stream media outlets, and bring the truth back to the people of this world.

Democracy as we know it may well evaporate from the surface of this planet, and if it does, there will be no returning to it. One of the reasons for this decline in our moral capacity that requires democracy is that we have become far too lax in protesting that which we deem immoral. Same sex marriages, illegal immigration, drug abuse, pornography, abortion and more are all issues that demand our support and attention if we are to retain our freedoms that democracy allows us.

It’s time we start taking responsibility for the actions of our country. And it is time we start making our communities responsible for the actions of our country. It is April 15th, and if you are old enough to pay taxes, than you are old enough to demand your taxes be expended in a responsible manner.


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