EPA joins in the destruction of the U.S.

Posted: 18/04/2009 in taxation
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The inevitable finally happened on Friday, April 19, 2009. The EPA finally got enough balls to declare that GHGs were a risk to our health and they could regulate them. Of course, at the same time they’ll be regulating us into poverty, but who cares? The Great B.O. has finally arrived and the possibly unlawful Prez can do as his masters want. Just like Bush, both of them, Billy Boy Clinton, and every other Prez has done before. Except this time, the puppet master is full of the spirit of the Antichrist. Not just a little, but more so than even FDR was.

You can tell the true worth of a man by what he actually does in his life, not by what he says. Many men stand on a soap box and say they believe such and so, but the things they do when they aren’t preaching their message really tell us what they believe. On the one hand, Obama claims he is a practicing Christian, and he goes to these churches. You’ve heard elsewhere about the “God Damn America” sermon so I won’t bother with that train of thought. But the Great B.O.’s action indicate he’s been thoroughly indoctrinated into the philosophy.

But back to the EPA and the fact that they have finally decided to admit to the public that science plays little role in their political machinations. Three headlines in particular popped out at me this morning, if you’d like to read the articles I refer to here.

1. EPA paves way for broad emission limits

The agency’s proposed ‘endangerment finding’ may result in regulation of automobiles and other greenhouse gas producers.

2. EPA Clears Way for Greenhouse Gas Rules
The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday formally declared carbon dioxide and five other heat-trapping gases to be pollutants that endanger public health and welfare

3. EPA move to regulate greenhouse gases applauded
The action, hailed as ‘historic’ in Maine, would require power plants and automakers to cut pollution, and could spur Congress to act.

A lot of people do not realize the implications of this action, but the biggest will be the huge costs associated with these controls. The greenies seem to think that these huge industrial firms are going to pay for all of this unnecessary GHG reduction and everything will be all hunky dory and the world will return to a much simpler place. Not so my friend. Not in any way shape or form will we ever return to a simpler world.

Article #1, from the LA Times states;

The finding could lead to far-reaching rules that are likely to heavily affect cars and trucks, which account for nearly a quarter of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions, and utilities, which are responsible for more than a third. Virtually all major areas of the economy could be affected, including oil, chemicals, cement, steel, forestry and large-scale farming.

Bottom line here is that nothing we do from here on out, if the EPA gets their way will ever be the same again. The government has become such a wild animal that we will never again be able to keep it in the cage it so rightly belongs in. The auto manufacturers will be forced to make accommodation for these new layers of control the Obama administration wants to impose, and utilities will have to change the way they produce power. These changes will cost more, and we, the consumers, will ultimately pay the full price.

Article #2, from the NY Times, say;

Although the finding had been expected, supporters and critics said its issuance was a significant moment in the debate on global warming. Many Republicans in Congress and industry spokesmen warned that regulation of carbon dioxide emissions would raise energy costs and kill jobs; Democrats and environmental advocates said the decision was long overdue and would bring long-term social and economic benefits.

And the Republicans are right. This action will result in a more expensive way of life for us here in the US. The Democrats and socialist minded greenies seem to believe that the social aspects and the supposed new green jobs this regulation will create far outweigh the higher costs of living that increasing regulation brings.

Evidently, most of these people still live at home with mommy, and daddy still pays the bills. These people seem to have no idea of the reality behind the EPAs desire to impose new, and excessive regulations to a theory that is based purely upon computer models, and not upon factual, empirical evidence.

Here in the independent socialist nation of Maine, the PPH quotes Anthony Buxton, a Portland-based attorney who represents the Industrial Energy Consumer Group as saying “the decision means the pressure is on Congress to come up with a way to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. And if not done carefully, he said, it could be costly to industry and energy users.”

We now have to decide how we will regulate that which we cannot regulate in any way that will not substantially change our way of life. We have become a nation that needs our cars. We need our electricity. We need all of the things these regulations are going to impose higher costs upon. there is no getting around the truth, or the lies of the matter. The antichrist is winning, and he is winning because we have caused Gaia to become our new god.

We no longer worship the God of our fathers, we worship the god of the environment. A false god. And we shall pay dearly for that worship. A lie is always a lie, but we humans are often gullible enough to believe some lies are the truth. But the truth is always the truth, it can never be passed off as a lie.

What began as an attempt to impose a global tax to support the United Nations, the Beast on the East River, as Nathan Tabor puts it, has become a prop to hold the door open for destruction of this nation.


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