Gay Marriagein Maine?

Posted: 23/04/2009 in Uncategorized
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Well, another lovely spring day along coastal Maine. Foggy and damp, but the temps are rising. Went walking along the riverside and took my first bud pics of the year. Came out pretty well if you ask me. but then I’m biased in that respect.

I read that the Coast Guard plans on using a tidal generator up in Eastport to power their station, supposedly the first anywhere for a federal building. The Sun Journal says it hopes to have the plant installed by the end of the summer. I have to wonder why this hasn’t been done before, what with all of the green propaganda surround the need for alternative energy sources. After all, the original tidal power project from the depression era had merit, and they only stopped it because the government went belly up and couldn’t pay for the completion of the project.

Speaking of the green movement, (which is actually kind of brown, if you catch my drift) an ABC report says that Robert Kennedy jr. called the Great B.O. and indentured servant of the coal industry. Wonder if that was a racist comment? ABCs Brian Ross interviewed Kennedy who said “As I said, I think that it’s a sad testament to the impact of campaign contributions in our system and the political clout of this industry that you have very sensible politicians, including great men like Barack Obama, who feel the need to parrot the talking points of this industry that is so destructive to our country, to the communities of Appalachia, to the millions of Americans who’d like to take their kids fishing.”

Meanwhile, the legislature here in Maine is debating the bill that gives gays the same rights to marry as a man and a woman have. Not a smart move, even on the best of days. That just shows how depraved and corrupt Maine has become. Same sex marriage isn’t even close to having any sort of valid moral standing. If it passes this time around, in spite of the fact that a referendum shot it down before then that is a sure signal to vacate the premises.

The Leftinistas crowded the auditorium with thousands of supporters, mostly because responsible people that are against this atrocity of legislation have to work and earn a paycheck so the socialists can sit around and degrade society. But there were still some people who attended that had some level of moral fiber in their bodies. Wish I could have gone up and put my two cents in. chances are the liberal majority will pass the bill, but it is still uncertain whether Comrade Baldacci will sign it. I’m guessing he will. Of course, that will put an end to his political career in the future, but does he care enough to do the right thing and refuse to sign it?

The Bangor Daily News says;

Bishop Richard Malone, head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, on behalf of the state’s 200,000 Catholics urged the legislature “to support traditional marriage and vote against LD 1020.”

“Let me be clear,” he said, “our objection to same-sex marriage is not based on a belief that gay and lesbian Mainers are somehow undeserving of civil rights because of their sexual orientation. We speak in opposition to same-sex marriage because we are deeply concerned about the institution of marriage itself – in this state and in this nation.

“Marriage as practiced in America today falls short of its ideals,” he said. “But redefining it will make our problems worse, not better.”

And he’s right. There are too many problems in today’s society, and changing laws to make things that are clearly wrong acceptable simply erodes what little moral value we have left as a society. If people want to be gay, that’s their prerogative to live in sin. But where does the Constitution say that their lack of moral standing should make me reduce mine? 


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