It’s interesting to note the kinds of legislation that are gaining ground here in the US. On one front we have the issue of pharmacists handing out the so called morning after pill to 17 year old girls without prescription. If that’s such a good idea then how came we can’t get codeine directly from the pharmacist?  Or any other of the so called common scripts that have minimal side effects. That hasn’t hit a home run here in Maine yet, but I bet it’s on its way.


In a revisit to a story from last December, the PPH has an article;

Kidnap charges dropped, pair freed. After four months in jail, a man and woman accused of holding a Portland man captive pass lie detector tests and are released.

Just another example of poor people getting dumped on by the dark side of the force, AKA Police, I fear, but maybe not. If the article’s statements by the accused are true then it shows just how incompetent our state’s largest municipal PD really is. Belinda Libby, a homeless woman, and Peter Sullivan, also apparently fresh from a previous stint in jail, spent the last four months locked up based upon the accusation of a 67 year old man, whose identity wasn’t revealed in this article.

According to the article the pair were released after passing a lie detector test validating their claims of innocence, and since there was insufficient evidence to go to trial, the charges were dismissed. It took four months to arrange a lie detector test? Who’s kidding who here? Libby was charged with $2,000 dollars bail and Sullivan had to front a cool $7,500. Since neither one of them had a job or any assets to speak of, what moron would think these were reasonable amounts?

Appearances are that these two people spent four months behind bars for something they didn’t do. Amendment VI of the US constitution says In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial… I wouldn’t call sitting behind bars for four months on a case with no evidence part of the process for a speedy trial. I think it’s time we start reigning in the state’s law enforcement community. They have attained too much power, and yet have no cause to be responsible in the use, or abuse of that same power.


But the bigger battle taking place in Maine is the same sex marriage law being debated this week. Bad law no matter how you look at it. If gays want to get married let them live in Commyfornia. They seem to like that sort of sin and debauchery there in the ‘Golden State.’

Did you know that in Pacific Grove there is a law on the books establishing a $500 fine for molesting butterflies? Just goes to show what can happen in a state like that. Yes Siree Bob, Our left coast state can have all of them folks as far as I’m concerned.


In another developing bill the effort to abolish, or at least substantially change the LURC and their one sided eco-terrorist approach to taking away our lands while simultaneously embracing the new world order by invited UN control over our back yards. I’d like to see these socialists get kicked out of the state as well. We don’t need them, and we don’t need their ways of thinking.

People think that the Plum Creek deal was a lengthy public process, but I do not believe that. I think the deal was inked from day one. All of that political wrangling and media coverage had one singular purpose. That purpose was to make the theft of our future legitimate. Plum Creek should have been forced to follow the same permitting process that every other resident of the territory needs to follow to build or change the use of their land. The Lake Concept Proposal was a farce, plain and simple. We Mainers will learn far too late what a con job that was. Although those of us in the know have already spoken out and called the spade a spade.

Not that it does any good here in the independent socialist nation of Maine.


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