Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe to become Democrats?

Posted: 29/04/2009 in Uncategorized
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Will Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe become Democrats as well?


Press Release 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 28, 2009 CONTACT: J.P. Duffy or Maria Donovan, (866) FRC-NEWS

Senator Specter: Switching Parties or Coming Home?

Washington, D.C. – Today Senator Arlen Specter (?-Penn) switched political parties from Republican to Democrat.

Tom McClusky, Senior Vice President of FRC Action, the legislative arm of Family Research Council, had this to say:

Senator Specter‘s actions today come as no surprise. To paraphrase an old saying, ‘if it looks like a donkey, quacks like a donkey and votes like a donkey – then it is probably a donkey.’ This holds true for Senator Specter and the Democrats in the Senate.

“As a Republican, Senator Specter voted for taxpayer funding of destructive embryonic stem cell experimentation, for taxpayer funding of organizations that promote and perform abortions (including coercive abortions), for partial-birth abortion, for federalizing ‘hate crimes’ and for cloning.

“During this same time Senator Specter voted against covering unborn children in government insurance programs, against parental involvement when children seek an abortion, against school choice, against protecting marriage and even against the Boy Scouts of America!

“All these anti-family votes earned Senator Specter a lifetime average of 37 percent in FRC Action’s annual scorecard. The only Republican senators scoring less were Maine‘s Susan Collins (28 percent) and Olympia Snowe (25 percent.)

“I look forward to working with Senator Pat Toomey in the 112th Congress.”


This is a press release from the Family Research Council in my email box today. I’ve made mention of what can happen when one crosses that yellow line dividing the highway too many times, of too far, and this is just one of those results.

Sen. Specter became a fully fledged traitor to those who voted for him today, and the question remains to be asked; Will Maine’s Collins and Snowe follow suit as well?

Both of Maine’s Senators have records that decry their claims to being members of the Republican party. They have consistently leaned to the left of that yellow line, going further and further as the years have passed. The claim of trying to be voting in a bipartisan manner is no longer a valid claim.

Our Maine Senators have been the butt of many a joke, bordering upon embarrassment to the conservative voters in this state. It is time that they be replaced.

We conservatives must work together to install true conservative candidates in the upcoming election cycles. Candidates who value the US Constitution above and beyond the partisan favors that soil our government process today. We need to return to electing people who have a strong moral standing, and will not apologize for being right.

Our Senators do not vote to my best interest, nor in the best interest of those who have supported them in the past. They have consistently scored with low marks in every conservative rating I have read over the last few months. It is time that they be replaced. Who will take that place?


Read this article;

Senator Collins says she’s surprised, disappointed by Specter’s switch

I believe Collins is neither surprised, nor disappointed.


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