Dark Skies For Maine

Posted: 30/04/2009 in Uncategorized
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Dark Skies for Maine…..

Unfortunately, the Bill known as the ‘Dark Skies Bill’ has passed both houses in Maine and was sent on to the good comrade for signing. Following the will of the UNs green machine instead of common sense and the will, as well as the well being and safety of the people of Maine, this inane piece of legislation will result in changes in the way new, and possibly existing developments are lighted after dark.

The bill in its final state, passed on Tuesday, and was weakened from an earlier version that called for uniform state standards for outdoor commercial lighting. The amendments call for a review of Maine’s existing commercial outdoor lighting standards so recommendations can be presented to lawmakers next January.

We could be facing some serious problems in some locations o the safety factor. For instance, a large mall may have to face severely restricted lighting resulting in darkened areas promoting muggings and rapes after the sun goes down. Might never happen, but why are these college educated morons taking that kind of chance?

Believe it or not, there is an actual International Dark Sky Association that promotes the end of light pollution. While not an official NGO of the Un they do seem to have some level of involvement in a consulting manner. The results of the study are supposed to be presented no later than September of 2010, so we have about a year and a half to wait and see what these boneheads come up with.

Meanwhile, the Collins-Snowe defection saga continues. Collins claimed she was surprised and disappointed by Specters change in party membership, but I don’t believe she is. Snowe, in her typical RINO fashion says that the Republican party needs to become more moderate in their platform and political process. What she really means is that they should become Leftinistas like she is.

Specters move is suggestive that he may be smart enough to realize he’ll never gain the votes needed to be a contender in the Pennsylvania Senate race, but since he seems to have been voting as a Democrat anyway, he’ll be a shoe in for that parties race. There is some speculation that Snowe, who begins her run for the torch next year, provided she foolishly decides to run again, may try to pull the same stunt.

I didn’t vote for her the last time around and I will most assuredly not vote for her the next time, either. I don’t trust her with a single vote. She does not in any way shape or form support a conservative agenda in this state beyond what she needs to collect needed votes for the party nominations.

Collins forced the addition of some six million dollars of flu vaccine to be removed from the stimulus package, as well it should have been, which surprised me. Maybe she’s looking forward to her next term in office? The Ay vote presented by Collins, Snowe, and Specter on the Stimulus Bill was a definite career killer. If they were freshmen Senators, first time through the hoops, it would have meant the political coffins for certain. But they’ve weaseled their way into the pockets of the Left, and have become valuable allies to the cause of socialism in this nation.

Wheeling and dealing have become the standard SOP for politicians in the nation’s capitol, and that’s too bad. We Americans suffer all the more for it.

With any luck the public will soon begin to see what a mistake we’ve made by allowing Obama to become our president. The Christian Science Monitor reports that the GDP has had its worst fall in 51 years. I’ve been saying for some time that we really need to keep an eye on our GDP. I think that this figure is the one that really suggests the true value of our currency in spite of what many believe to be some other figure. We cannot continue to import more than we export if we are ever to climb out of this abysmal debt pit the Democrat leadership has pulled us into. According to the many blogs and websites I’ve read over the last few days, our glorious savior, the Great B.O. has outspent all of the previous presidents since WWII. And he’s only been in office for 100 days! We have three years, two hundred and fifty some days to go of this socialist crap. Do you suppose we will wake up in time to put a stop to it, and reverse the damage the new majority has caused to this nation?


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