Maine’s Terrorist Element?

Posted: 04/05/2009 in terrorism
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Maine has had a population of Somali immigrants for some time now, and they’ve been largely ignored by the media, with a few exceptions. But we see an increase in the relationship between these Somali immigrants and the lure to return to their homelands to participate in the Jihadist movement to exterminate non-Muslims from the face of the earth. So when are we going to see evidence of this occurring in Maine? Who knows?

And don’t whine and complain that this is just right wing drivel created to cause a stir against this supposedly needy population of defeated dirt farmers rescued from the Horn of Africa. A 12 December 08 article over at Pajamas Media by Patrick Poole describes the funeral of one Shirwa Ahmed, formerly of Minnesota, who had killed himself in a suicide bombing attack in Somalia in October of last year(08). Apparently, Ahmed was just one of maybe 40 men who had vanished from the area and are suspected to have returned to their homeland to participate in terrorist activities.

But that’s not all there is to the story. The article also says;

The FBI is investigating similar disappearances in other major Somali communities in Columbus, OH, Atlanta, Boston, San Diego, and Seattle. There are even reports coming from Europe, recently from Denmark, of Somali men returning home to fight with al-Shabaab and other terrorist organizations.

And also that;

ABC News also reports that a Somali from Boston, Tarek Mehenna, a U.S. citizen, was arrested last month on his way to Somalia to wage jihad after being in contact with Daniel Maldonado, a Muslim convert currently in federal prison after pleading guilty to training at a Somali terror training camp after being captured in Kenya with a Somali terrorist cell.

Boston, eh? Why that’s just a short drive from Maine! The possibility exists, especially when we look at the history of the 9/11 attacks upon the World Trade Center. Does anyone remember Mohamed Atta? He’s the guy that went to Portland and took a commuter flight to Boston, where he boarded one of the planes that crashed into the Trade Center.

A Chris Matthews/Hardball piece says;

It was Atta who took control of the first hijacked aircraft, American Airlines Flight 11, and told passengers, “Nobody move, everything will be OK.  If you try to make any moves, you’ll endanger yourself and the airplane.”

Twenty-three minutes later, Atta flew that plane into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The night before, Atta went to Portland, Maine, a trip that has mystified  terrorism experts for five years. 

So what was he(Atta) doing in the state of Maine? We have a growing Muslim population, and he was a Muslim so it’s an easy connection, but there had to be some reason behind his visit to Portland Maine. So we have a population of maybe terrorist types based purely upon their hatred for Christians, Jews, and any other denomination that doesn’t want to acquiesce to a system of laws that make me want to puke in their face, and a religion that seems to fear freedom and knowledge more than anything else.

But Janet Napolitano says people like me, and probably you, since you are reading this post are right wing extremist, racist, terrorists bent upon destruction of a country we just happen to love and would defend to our death if need be. Well la-di-(insert string of expletives here).da! The Great B.O, our demander in chief bows in fealty to one of the leaders of the Muslim world, one King Abdullah, and yet we natural born American citizens are spied upon, followed, eavesdropped upon, photographed and watched because we dare voice our concern over the loss of our sovereignty as a nation, and the erosion of our Constitution and the accompanying rights and freedoms.

AAAARRGH! PIRATES! Does anyone want some more tea?


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