Dumpster Diving Terrorists

Posted: 08/05/2009 in DHS, terrorism
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DHS Commander in Chief Janet Napolitano has shown her devotion to our new king with her unfailing devotion in transforming America in Sherwood Forest. Not quite like in the tale from jolly old England’s glory days though. This time the Sherriff, in the form of Napolitano, has become one of Robin Hoods merry men.

Did you know that there really was a Robin Hood? He wasn’t, however a kindly sort who robbed from the rich and distributed it amongst the peasants. He robbed from the rich and the poor alike, and kept all of it for himself. Just like today! Except that instead of having Robin in the Hood, we have a Robin of the Hood.

The latest line of crap coming out of the DHS is the Virginia Fusion Center’s Terrorist Assessment Report issued last month. I’ve read a good part of it. Apparently the DHS considers dumpster diving to be a terrorist activity now.

They have an activist movement down there in Virginia known as the Green Anarchists. Apparently it comprises the activities of several organizations, including a group called the, get this, Garbage Liberation Front. Their terrorist activities include dumpster diving, squatting and train hopping. OOOOHH! Mercy Me! Them dumpster divers just scares me all to pieces!

I laughed my butt of when I read about this one. On the radio. It was a funny picture that I done seen in my mind. I’ll be sharing more of this report on my Tuesday, 12 May show, Maine Talk at 9 Am eastern on blogtalk radio at www.blogtalkradio.com/mainetalk. Currently, I’m running a series comparing the US during the Civil War to now and looking at the origins of the Republican party and how the conservative ideology plays a part in politics.

But it’s a pretty interesting report. Funny too, at times. But it shows how dangerous it has become to be somebody different in America. If you don’t toe to the Obama line, you are suspect. Plain and simple. And there is not one thing you can do about it until the next election. Unfortunately,  the government may learn to enjoy their new status as a socialist entity, and our freedoms will become forever gone.

But fortunately, some people are fighting back, and taking action to put an end to this new era of government growth and control. I received a bulk email from Grassfire to spread the message to sign the petition for Napolitano’s apology and dismissal. I figured that the best way to pass it along would be to share it here with you. Sign the petition and pass it along my friends. Thanks, and have good and Godly life!

And while you’re at it, visit www.grassfire.org and sign up.


 Here’s the email…………….


From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President, Grassfire.org Alliance

I’m a bit disappointed…

In the wake of the Department of Homeland Security’s “Rightwing Extremism” report, Grassfire launched a petition demanding DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano apologize publicly and step down from her post.

In just days, more than 50,000 citizens had signed our petition.

This was a tremendous showing–demonstrating to me that “rightwing conservatives” weren’t going to allow themselves to be harassed, intimidated and politically profiled for expressing their free speech rights.

That’s why I announced an emergency petition delivery to the DHS–as a way for conservative Americans to fight back.

But since my announcement, conservative response to the issue has cooled–to the point that I’ve temporarily suspended the delivery!

D.L. at a time when conservatives are being attacked on multiple fronts, we need to stand up to these  kinds of efforts to silence our right to protest, our right to stand up for the unborn, secured borders and more.

We can’t allow this administration to silence us… or to test the waters to see how far they can push conservatives before we fight back.

D.L., we need to fight back. And we need to fight back right now in lawful, and patriotic ways.

++ 20,000 Additional Petitions Needed

Right now 65,300 petitions are ready to be sent.

To make the kind of statement I envision, we must have at least 85,000 petitions on hand.

That’s why I’m turning to the Grassfire team to help me rally and mobilize an additional 20,000 citizen signers over the next 36 hours.

Please forward this message DIRECTLY to 25-30 friends and family–urging them to review Napolitano’s outrageous report and sign our petition by clicking here:


We cannot allow attacks on our God-given rights to go unchallenged. But when we do respond, we must do so in a truly compelling fashion that sends a clear message to the Obama administration, DHS and everyone else that says…

“Don’t Tread on Me!”

Please take immediate action and help me rally the needed extra support to make this petition initiative a resounding success!

Thank you in advance for making this delivery possible!

Steve Elliott, President

P.S: Please forward this message to your friends urging them to join with you against this latest conservative attack by clicking here:



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