I’ve been criticized for joking about Maine as being an independent socialist nation. I have to admit that I may be wrong. I believe a more appropriate way to state the wording would be to say that Maine has become a socialist nation dependent upon the UN for its leadership, as opposed to being a totally independent nation.

We’ve gone through the sham of a conflict over the last few years whereby The Nature Conservancy(TNC) brokered another land deal for Plum Creek Timber(PC) to make tons of money while obtaining lucrative tax breaks and incentives by granting another bogus “easement” in exchange for allowing PC to built a mega resort style development in the Northwood’s/Moosehead Lake area. 

The Natural Resources Council of Maine(NRCM) pretended to oppose this development all the while sucking contributions from well meaning, but gullible environmentalists who hoped to have this monster development quashed.

It is too late now to stop this from happening. But it could have been stopped. Maine chose not to do so. How? It could have been stopped by each and every member of the TNC in Maine stopping their membership and donations to TNC. But nobody wanted to hear about that. The real culprit has been TNC, not PC. This was a done deal from day one, and all of these hearings and studies were merely a waste of the taxpayers money.

TNC is a puppet organization of the UN. The UN wants the wilderness for reasons of controlling the populations of various parts of the world, not because they care about the environment. As the character of the Moosehead area changes over the next few years we will begin to see less and less access being available, even though there is an easement on those woodlands that are being protected. We’ve done just what the UN wanted to be done.

Couple of things bring up this post. Number one is yet another plea for funds from NRCM in the way of membership and donations. They had a chance to stop the demise of the Moosehead region, but they chose not to go up against their mother-ship, TNC in the enviro-terrorist leadership sense. All they had to do was remove their support from TNC. Didn’t happen, and we see the result, so I am left to presume that NRCM is also nothing more than a socialist front organization.

The other item is the rapidity with which our good Comrade Baldacci sign the gay marriage bill, sealing the states acceptance and approval for sinful, behavior. Acceptance of gender diversity, as those who are politically correct like to call it, is also another goal of the UN.

The Scriptures tell us that homosexual behavior is abhorrent to God. By allowing this behavior to become legally acceptable is in direct contradiction to the laws of God. There is no getting around it. Much of our misfortune is a result of this nations increasing toleration and acceptance of that which is wrong. But the socialists in Augusta, walking hand in hand with Baldacci sealed the fate of Maine as a denizen of Satan’s world with the stroke of a pen.

There are many other items and actions that bear up the claim that Maine is an UN-State, such as the increasing centralization of government, consolidation of school districts and the like. But there isn’t space or time to delve into each one of this issues all together.

But I’ll keep at it, one post at a time as I continue surviving Maine.


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