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Posted: 09/05/2009 in Uncategorized
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I find an interesting correlation between the changing of society and the decline and degradation or our ability to do for ourselves when we need to. Several things lead me to feel the way I do. For one thing, it doesn’t seem as though there are any actual mechanics that can work on a car today. Sure, there are a lot of guys that can change a part, but how many of them can actually diagnose a problem and repair that very problem?

I work in furniture sales and quite a bit of our business is in RTA, or ready to assemble furniture. It amazes me that guys come in and want to know who they can get to put a simple $50.00 piece of imported furniture together. They don’t know how, or so they say. People have gotten lazy and dependent upon others to do for them.

Remember the old time Sears and Roebucks? if you needed a tool, that was the go to place. In many communities you could go there, or you could go to Western Auto. But not any more. I don’t even know where to find a Western Auto anymore. Are they still out there? And as for Sears and Roebuck, now they’re just Sears Holding, which is actually Kmart. They have a lot of shiny tools, some of them good as well as useful, but there’s too much chrome and flashy coloring to hide the fact that many of them are imports today. The quality is gone, just like the quality of employees has disappeared.

I’ve got my own opinions on the whole discussion, but in general I think the trend is a result of the fact that we are sorely lacking for leadership in developing our own future. We’ve given our ability to act to these young punks out of college with no real world work experience and allowed them to dictate our future based upon nothing more than exercises dealing in computer modelling.

They come up with some good stories, but where has it gotten us? Further into the grip of the new world order and in debt to what was once the worlds biggest third world economy. a lot of fingers have been pointing as to who caused the current recession, but the fact is that we are all responsible for it. And we should take responsibility for the problems we have caused.  All of these government bailout and other New Deal programs have not solved any problems. They have in fact placed the cost of these so called solutions  squarely upon the backs of our children, and their children as well.

Hard times are coming, I can feel it in my bones. I’d suggest we get back to basics and start learning how to fend for ourselves. Once the feds start clamping down on society, (and they already have by the way,) we’ll see everything we’ve worked for gone. Social Security is a joke. Pensions are fading away into the sunset as the banking industries collapse. The new world order has stuck its greasy foot in the doorway and it ain’t leaving. We need to learn how to cope with the loss of our sovereignty and national pride.

Stock up your pantries and stuff some ready cash away for the much harder times to come. It  would also be a good idea to have a stock of non-cash commodities available for trading and barter. Maine is going to become an interesting stretch of hard times, especially now that our political leaders have sealed a deal with Satan and approved the gay marriage bill.

The peoples veto machine wil be firing up the engines and hitting the field to fight back hard on this one. I hope they win, no, I will pray that they win this battle against evil. More to come on this issue folks, so stand by as I continue surviving Maine.


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