A Stimulating Retirement

Posted: 13/05/2009 in Uncategorized

The recession, soon to be depression I think, is old news, and so aren’t the stories surrounding the many causes. If you can really call them causes. Finger pointing being the art form it is I have to wonder if anyone really can be called the “cause” of the economic meltdown. Personally, I believe this is merely a long overdue major correction in the balance of the system of wealth in the world.

After all, there were analysts predicting this collapse a decade or more ago. I didn’t even have a computer then. But did we listen? Of course not. The liberal community just kept on spending and spending and spending and…..

So here we are today, with no money coming in and the debts piling up faster than snow in a January blizzard, thanks again to the liberal community. The liberal controlled government passed that 787 billion dollar stimulus package that was supposed to mend the economy, and of course it hasn’t. Big duh on that one folks. According to a Michelle Cooper article in the NY Times less than 6% of the money has been released.

She writes that “The stimulus bill has directly injected around $45.6 billion into the economy, mostly to help states cover the costs of Medicaid and unemployment benefits, one-time $250 checks that were mailed to Social Security recipients last week, and income tax cuts that began to take effect this spring.” So where’s the job creation? The special interest group we call the healthcare industry gets the bulk of the money, also a liberal group by the way.

A related graphic with that article gives different numbers so I am guessing the article was written a few days ago, but the figures are just as astonishing. The graphic, found here, says 13% has been paid out or committed. But at any rate, >14.8 billion has been paid to Health and Human Services of which over 14 billion has gone to Medicaid expenses.

Is our country that sick that one special interest field needs to garner the greater share of our tax dollar? I think not. From personal experience I can say that most of this nation’s health problems exist in the minds of the beholder and nowhere else. These hospitals and doctors need to start paying property tax and running their operations as a profitable business and get off the public dole roll.

Further along in the article Cooper writes “We’re 85 days into a two-year program here — we’re trying to get the money out as quickly as we can, but not too quickly, so we don’t end up really screwing up here,” Mr. Biden said. “Because we’re talking about big dollars here, these are big numbers, this is unprecedented. And in 85 days we’ve gotten tens of billions of dollars out the door, and so far — knock on wood — no real big problems, no real big glitches.”

These boneheads that signed the bill that was passed obviously didn’t consult the bill, or any competent analysts prior to voting. If they had they would have realized that it was a fruitless gesture, beyond draining our personal bank accounts. Analysts vary of course in their statements, but some have suggested the economy will be back on track well before all of this money is paid out, if it ever is.

It’s a simple tax and tax program designed to boost the governments control over us and nothing more. So when’s the next one coming? When’s the next big tax-doggle coming for the government? Over at the Washington Post, Amy Goldstein writesThe financial health of the Social Security system has eroded more sharply in the past year than at any time since the mid-1990s, according to a government forecast that ratchets up pressure on the Obama administration and Congress to stabilize the retirement system that keeps many older Americans out of poverty”.

So, it looks like shoring up our retirement system may be the next really big show. And along with that comes Medicaid, naturally. The same Medicaid we’ve just pumped over 14 billion dollars into. Sooner or later we’ll end up having our benefits cut, and/or having the tax we pay into it raised. There is no other way out as far as most can see. That isn’t necessarily true, but we’re talking liberal socialist minded politicians here, remember?

I can also see more of an effort to raise the age that we will be able to collect full benefits at as well. I can picture myself as an eighty year old geezer collecting carts at your local Wal-mart here. We should have lynched the politicians who started all of this years ago. It would have solved some problems that we are having today. More importantly, it would have show them that it is we the people who run the country, not them. But we didn’t, so now it is they who run the country and not we the people.

In my meanderings through the world of history we find an old term called the Doctrine of Popular Sovereignty. It’s an old term that was neatly wiped from our dictionaries after the end of the Civil War. In a real world use, this is the actual philosophy that the 13 Colonies used to justify their secession from England, way back when. It is also the very same philosophy the southern states followed to secede from the north which led to the Civil War as well.

Perhaps this is a doctrine that should be resurrected, in light of the fact that we have a government that is failing the people that have elected them into office. I think that it is time that this country return to its roots and once again become a nation of united states. I think that it is time we return to a system of popular sovereignty and take back control of our future as a nation.


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