By, By Global Warming

Posted: 17/05/2009 in Uncategorized

Seems like the brouhaha over the bogus global warming claims may be set to take a new turn of events. According to a Wall Street Journal opinion article, Indiana’s Governor Mitch Daniels has declined the proposed Cap and Trade bill as presented to the Public under the Waxman-Markey plan designed to further increase our obeisance to the UN. Daniels writes “But it’s clear to me that the nation, and in particular Indiana, my home state, will be terribly disserved by this cap-and-trade policy on the verge of passage in the House.” And he’s right, we will be disserved by this act. At most it will add widely varying costs to our energy and manufacturing industries, which will in turn be passed along to the consumer. But it will not change the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. The claim is there that it will, but there is no evidence that we will see any appreciable long term plus in the way of reductions.

Of course, that’s in Indiana. Here in the independent socialist nation of Maine we’re looking at what the BDN calls a sweeping energy bill
that promises higher energy costs but little else. The bill places some goals in the public’s eyes at least, even if they are not imperative or even useful in the drive to gain energy independence. The basic summary is;

  • Weatherizing all Maine homes and 50 percent of businesses by 2030.
  • Reducing peak-load electricity usage by 100 megawatts by 2020.
  • Reducing consumption of liquid fossil fuels by at least 30 percent by 2030 and of heating oil in particular by 20 percent by 2020.
  • The bill also establishes the Efficiency Maine Trust to oversee development and implementation of energy programs. Additional programs would offer rebates to homeowners who purchase solar energy systems and expand training for careers in installation of alternative energy sources, weatherization and energy auditing.

Sen. Phil Bartlett, who is also Senate majority leader, was quoted as saying the measure is an incredibly important bill “that will change the way we do energy efficiency … and lay the groundwork for Maine to be more energy-independent.” in that BDN article. On a positive note, the proposed bill to ban overnight RV parking statewide was killed. I had written about that the other day on my Surviving Maine blog in a post called the Away Season in Maine. No matter how you looked at it, it was a wasted piece of legislation. Laws like that should be strictly local in nature. If a town doesn’t want RVs parking overnight in a parking lot, the town should pass an ordinance prohibiting it, not the state. It is a local issue, and nothing more.

On a more important issue, the Lewiston Sun says that three groups have climbed aboard the wagon to stop the Gay Marriage Act here in Maine. These groups are, according to the article; One of the groups represents the Roman Catholic Church and Maine Marriage Alliance, and a second includes members of the Maine Family Policy Council, formerly known as the Christian Civic League of Maine. The third is made up of several York County residents. The York group surprises me. with all of those people from away living there I would have thought they would rather have endorsed it instead.

Looks like the Pineapple State was jealous of the Pine Tree State. Check out this news release form the Tax Foundation; Despite a veto from Governor Linda Lingle (R) last week, the Hawaii Legislature forced through several tax increases on Monday, including the addition of three income tax brackets on top of the current nine: 9 percent on income over $150,000 ($300,000 for joint filers), 10 percent on income over $175,000 ($350,000 for joint filers), and 11 percent on income over $200,000 ($400,000 for joint filers). By adding the 11% bracket, Hawaii will move from eighth to first in the ranking of top state income tax rates, passing Maine, New Jersey, Iowa, Oregon, Vermont, Rhode Island and California. Guess that takes some of the heat off of Comrade Baldacci, not!

So we come down to the wire and once again we are faced with another tax to fund another special interest. We’ve drifted so far from our Constitutional base that I wonder if we will ever get back home. The energy industry is such a confusing conglomeration of companies that it seems sometimes difficult to tell for certain who the real players are. Legislation is becoming more and more nationalized and we have a lessening trend for state level regulations. The end result, I believe, is that we will soon see a nationalization of the energy industry. Once locally controlled electrical providers, such as CMP and Bangor Hydro here in Maine, created the power, delivered the power, serviced the entire distribution process, and made a good living at it on a statewide level. Power was pretty much a localized business.

Not so today. In Southern Maine, Florida Power and Light(FPL) generates the power, and CMP, or other utility distributes the power, and we pay it all on one bill, which goes to the owner of CMP, Iberdrola, a Spanish company. We no longer have control over our own destinies. And as the Cap & Trade, Carbon Tax, CO2 fee or whatever you want to call it becomes another part of doing business, we will all end up paying more for energy, and we will end up paying more for items produced here. Like the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill, all costs of doing business eventually get paid for by the end consumer or user. You and me.

Funny how Obama and his merry band seem to think the producers are going to swallow the tax and not pass the expense on to the public. The Great B.O. may be a college professor, but he doesn’t seem to know squat about how the real world works. Too bad for us peasants as we will have to bear the brunt of his spending spree.

But at long last the truth of global warming may possibly be peeking out from behind the clouds of obfuscation it’s been hiding behind. More and more we see articles and news clips suggesting that politicians who may have been on board the global warming bandwagon may be trying to at least slow it down, and some seem to be leaping clear of the wagon before their reputations are irreparably harmed. Let’s hope they finally put an end to this frivolous debate and get down to solving real problems with real solutions.




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