Wrong Way Turns

Posted: 20/05/2009 in Uncategorized

Ever noticed that much of what we suffer today could be eliminated simply by doing something different? Take asthma for instance. If we have a hard time breathing it’s usually because some kind of contaminate is in the air. Pollen or particulate matter are the normal culprits. When that happens asthma sufferers have a rough time of it. But we usually do the same old thing, day after day. We learn to live with the contaminates and walk around sucking on inhalers and popping pills.

But wouldn’t there be much less suffering if the asthma sufferer were to make a change in his or her environment? Suppose you redid your house and put a top of the line air filtration system in? Or maybe move to someplace that didn’t have so many contaminates in the air? What then? The asthma sufferer would suffer quite so badly. There would be fewer contaminates in the air to have an adverse effect on the asthmatics condition.

To make such a change would be a right way turn. An attempt to remedy a bad situation and turn it into a good one. The problems of being an asthma sufferer would still exist, but would be diminished in severity improving the asthmatics environment.

How about arthritis? The same ideology exists. When I get up in the morning and my joints creak and groan I know it’s going to be bad day. The old fingers curl up and don’t want to straighten without a lot of pain. The knee throbs and sounds like eggshells crunching under foot as you walk over them is another neat little thing about arthritis. If I were a smart man I’d move to someplace warm and dry. And one day I will, when the money is there. But that again would be a right way turn, a beneficial action to improve on the environment I live in.

There are a lot of people who make wrong way turns, and there are others who make right way turns. Little issues concerning individuals take little effort to make, either right or wrong. You’re only turning one, or maybe a few people with each turning. Left or right makes little difference, the effort to make those turns is directly proportionate to the numbers of people that are making those turns. It is easier if all of the people wish to turn the same way, not so easy as the numbers of those going one way more closely match those turning another way. To make the turning easier requires skillful manipulation by a leader.

Issues of national concern is one of the many occasions whereby many individuals can be turned either the right way or the left way. I presume many, if not all of you know what the reasons are that the conservative ideology is called “right,” and the liberal ideology is called “left?” Well, in a nutshell, if all that is right is right, than all that is left must be wrong. Conservatism is an ideology that is based upon sound scriptural doctrine, though it is not often referred to as such. Much of what we call conservative ideology today is from the philosophy that Edmund Burke wrote of before the United States even existed.

And we have learned that when we make the wrong turns, we fail to reach the right goals. We frequently turn down a one way street, and sometimes the street is a dead end. We never get to where we want to go if we keep making wrong turns, do we? Of course not! It is ludicrous to believe that by continuing to make the wrong moves things will eventually be corrected and we will reach our final destination. That philosophy only works if your goal is to travel the wrong way down a one way street, or worse, your goal is that dead end street.

This nation has come to the point where we are now travelling down that dead end street. And unfortunately we are driving a big rig, and it is doubtful that there will be enough room to turn around once we get to the end of that street. It’s time to back the truck up and get turned around. This nation needs a revival of faith, and if you agree with me would you please join me in prayer to see that this happens? That is my goal for today. What is your goal?


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