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On my last post I talked about water storage as a survival essential. I started with water because it is an essential, but usually overlooked item necessary for our survival. No drinking water, no life. So I felt it was best to start this series with the number one essential. Other items are essential as well, but some items can be needed in one location but not another. Water is not one of those items. We all need it.

In this post I will talk a little bit about starter kits, and how to build them. A quick and easy way is to run out and get a survival pre-package kit. These are often referred to as 72 hour kits. They contain some of the basic ingredients for a weekends worth of living off the land, so to speak. But they are not always appropriate, and we should learn to not rely upon a pre-packaged survival kit as being our temporary salvation, unless the emergency really isn’t as severe as we sometimes think of them as being.

What do we need in our short term kit? Plenty, actually. But it won’t take up much space, I promise. As essentials you should have the following on hand for a short term emergency:

  1. Water in clean drinking condition. A minimum of ½ gallon per person per day should be available. Plan on a minimum of three days for a short term kit, or one and ½ gallon per person in your kit.
  2. First aid supplies. At the very least you should have a step up above the basic kits that you can buy in your local pharmacy or dept. store. Have plenty of Band-Aids, gauze, plastic or vinyl gloves, antibiotic ointment and so forth. I a later post we’ll go more into depth on first aid supplies, but for now, get one of the larger kits, and a good, solid carry case for it. Tackle boxes make great carry cases for most of these supplies. And don’t forget to have extra prescriptions on hand if anyone in your household needs them.
  3. A good quality knife and ax or hatchet. You should always carry a good strong multi bladed knife with you. And keep it sharp. But for your survival kit, you should also have a much heavier, single bladed knife, commonly referred to as a hunting knife. And I don’t men one of those fancy looking foreign jobs with the slick looking blade and jeweled handle. I mean a real mans knife. A working tool. You should also have at least a light hatchet for chopping small brush and trees. It will also double as a hammer to pound tent pegs into the ground as well, don’t forget.
  4. Sleeping arrangements such as a tent, sleeping bags, blankets or the like.
  5. Food. Dehydrated foods keeps the longest, but the taste isn’t the greatest. Canned goods are better tasting, but they are heavy to lug around. I would suggest a few days worth of canned, and enough dehydrated to last a couple of weeks.
  6. Bartering goods. An emergency lasting a few days won’t provide any need for bartering, but if you go into weeks, you’d be surprised at what you can barter for if you have some good tradable items. My suggestions are coffee, dried or condensed milk, toilet paper, and maybe some ammunition that doesn’t fit any firearms you may own. Never trade away what you think you may have use for.
  7. Sanitary needs. Try to have a camp toilet of some sort on hand. If the public sewers don’t work, you toilet won’t either. long term a sanitary pit, or outhouse will be needed, but it isn’t worth the effort for just a few days.
  8. Cash.

These are just a few vague, general suggestions, but you should have every one of these areas covered when looking at a short term survival situation. One of the things I find is that most people in any major population center tend to take the infrastructure provided by our tax dollars for granted. They forget that there are people and systems that support that infrastructure, and when that support is gone, the infrastructure collapses. It is all too easy for a public water supply to become incapacitated, and electrical systems to fail. And of course the cascading effects of this happening in either case makes survival almost impossible if you are not prepared.

We’ll get more in depth into each of these kit items/groups in later posts, but for today, just bear in mind that a good mindset is to act like you are preparing for an extended camping trip. Try to have those things on hand that you know you would need if you were going tenting in a deep-woods park someplace. There usually are no amenities, no electricity, no water, and so forth. Having a good kit means that when the crap does hit the fan, you’ll have a much bigger advantage over those around you, especially if you live in a city. Instead of scrambling for food and water, you can be sitting at home making sure the neighbors don’t loot your house. Or, in a worst case scenario, should you have to evacuate, it’ll be a few short moments to load up the car, and off you go.

As I said, we’ll get more in depth onto each of the survival tips on a point by point basis, but for now I just want to generalize so that you can get an idea of where we are going with all of this.


Since I know we are in for some pretty rough times ahead, I thought I would start to share some tips, commentary and the like regarding the development of a personal survival strategy. There’s a lot to think about when the crap hits the fan, but if you take the time to think before that happens, whatever does happen after that event makes it a whole lot easier.

The primary consideration in any survival situation is of course to stay alive, so we need to consider those things that will keep us alive first. One of the most important things we need to have available to live is that old friend of ours, water. Without clean water, we will be looking forward to a very short lifespan.

I found these tips on water storage at the FEMA site. I know, never trust the government. However, their information can sometimes be incredibly valuable, and this is one of those instances.


How Much Water do I Need?

You should have at least a three-day supply of water and you should store at least one gallon of water per person per day. A normally active person needs at least one-half gallon of water daily just for drinking.

Additionally, in determining adequate quantities, take the following into account:

  • Individual needs vary, depending on age, physical condition, activity, diet, and climate.
  • Children, nursing mothers, and ill people need more water.
  • Very hot temperatures can double the amount of water needed.
  • A medical emergency might require additional water.

How Should I Store Water?

To prepare safest and most reliable emergency supply of water, it is recommended you purchase commercially bottled water. Keep bottled water in its original container and do not open it until you need to use it.

Observe the expiration or “use by” date.

If You are Preparing Your Own Containers of Water

It is recommended you purchase food-grade water storage containers from surplus or camping supplies stores to use for water storage. Before filling with water, thoroughly clean the containers with dishwashing soap and water, and rinse completely so there is no residual soap. Follow directions below on filling the container with water.

If you choose to use your own storage containers, choose two-liter plastic soft drink bottles – not plastic jugs or cardboard containers that have had milk or fruit juice in them. Milk protein and fruit sugars cannot be adequately removed from these containers and provide an environment for bacterial growth when water is stored in them. Cardboard containers also leak easily and are not designed for long-term storage of liquids. Also, do not use glass containers, because they can break and are heavy.

If storing water in plastic soda bottles, follow these steps
Thoroughly clean the bottles with dishwashing soap and water, and rinse completely so there is no residual soap. Sanitize the bottles by adding a solution of 1 teaspoon of non-scented liquid household chlorine bleach to a quart of water. Swish the sanitizing solution in the bottle so that it touches all surfaces. After sanitizing the bottle, thoroughly rinse out the sanitizing solution with clean water.

Filling Water Containers

Fill the bottle to the top with regular tap water. If the tap water has been commercially treated from a water utility with chlorine, you do not need to add anything else to the water to keep it clean. If the water you are using comes from a well or water source that is not treated with chlorine, add two drops of non-scented liquid household chlorine bleach to the water. Tightly close the container using the original cap. Be careful not to contaminate the cap by touching the inside of it with your finger. Place a date on the outside of the container so that you know when you filled it. Store in a cool, dark place. Replace the water every six months if not using commercially bottled water.


Back to my own thoughts. Remember the point about not using the milk and juice containers. It’s a good tip, and we cannot count on there being medical attention readily available should a catastrophe occur. The simplest route, as they say, is to purchase store bought water in one gallon jugs. It may be more expensive that way if you need to store a lot of water, say for a family of six. But for most situations where only two or three people may be involved it’ll be the better value, usually.

I would suggest, however, that it would be more prudent to keep at least a week’s worth of water on hand. The one gallon jugs are best, price-wise and convenience-wise as well. Water for drinking should be kept away from water for cleaning so as not to mix them up. Why? Because you can use water for cleaning that is not as safe as for drinking. And you can use it for more than one person at a time. When camping out, how often have you shared the wash water with other family members? Think back to the good old days when you use to go camping or to an old cabin with your folks. That will get you on track to a survival mentality.

When a major catastrophe occurs, you cannot count on any of the things we take for granted during normal times. There may be no public water supply. And this may include sewerage as well. Roadways may not be passable. Stores and supply houses would not normally be able to open in these instances. Bear this in mind at all times. If you feel you may need supplies of any type to get you through an emergency, get them before you need them. After the emergency strikes, you probably will not be able to obtain the supplies.

Survival is not an exercise of learning. Survival is a state of mind. And if you have the right state of mind, you will learn to survive long before you ever need any of those survival skills.

And yes, I know this is a little different from my usual doomsday ranting. The time for prophecy and complaining is over. It is time to prepare for the coming times.

As an aside, you can install filters on your own faucet, and simply refill your current water supply bottles when they expire. Also, you may be able to obtain clean, new containers from a local farm or natural foods supply house in your area. Here is a video on installing a water faucet filter;

I’ve been listening in on a lot of talk shows lately, mostly to see what’s being done and said as a way of learning how to make my own show better. I’ve learned a couple of things of great importance that disturb me.

  1. People have no desire to hear what they need to here, and
  2. People flock to the voice that tells them what they want to hear.

You may feel as though I may be wrong, but I am not. And this is one of the greatest problems this country has today. At least to my way of looking at things. Take religion, for an example. There are many folks who claim to be Christians, Jews, Muslims, and adherents to other faiths. But are these people true believers? Are they true adherents? Or do they claim alliance to their favored faith because it is convenient, or of some benefit to them? I’m not going to make an argument as to whether any of these religions that exist today are valid or not, because if you really think about it, there is no one valid religion. The only valid belief system is faith. And the only faith that is true is the faith that Jesus Christ is our Saviour. All other beliefs are false.

But allow me to present a couple of arguments here. I consider that many who claim to be true believers are not. Take the Jewish religion, for instance. My understanding is that pork is not allowed to be eaten by the Jews. How many times have you seen a Jewish person wolfing down sweet and sour pork ribs at a buffet? I’ve seen plenty of them in my time. Islamic law supposedly prohibits Muslim’s from imbibing in intoxicating beverages. I’ve seen notes in local papers of Muslims having been arrested for DUI. And the Christian faith is no different.

Remember Jim and Tammy Baker? Jimmy Swaggart? There’s a long list of offenders, and they may have asked for forgiveness and repented, but the example is there. So where does that leave us in the world of Christianity today? Hard telling, by some accounts. But I bring to mind the feeling by some claiming to be believers that they believe that God has abandoned America. They listen to the ideological rhetoric of hate that prods listeners to despise those who chose to live a life contrary to the standard Biblical theology. And it is true that these people are in fact sinners, and God finds their actions abhorrent, but who is the greater one at fault, the adulterer or homosexual, or the one who claims to be a Christian, but refuses to allow Gods will to be completed?

In point, I call attention to those who seem to live by the credo “If you love God and your guns…” If one is a true believer, they will love God, and all else matters little. God’s will becomes more important than the desire to fondle your guns if you are a true believer and you love God. And we have to stop and ponder if it is in God’s will that America be destroyed. Has God abandoned America? Not at all. God never abandons anyone. He is always there for us. But all too frequently, we abandon God. We wander away from the flock and hide from the shepherd, but the shepherd is still their looking out for us.

I believe that if we were to start praying that God’s will be done in this country, and start turning to him enmasse, instead of flocking around those that tell us what we want to hear instead of what we need to hear, we would see a change come over this country. We need to join together to combat the secular world, and defeat all of those things that God finds abhorrent. We need to join together to fight the rise of the spirit of the Antichrist in this country.

Because we have been lax in our faith, and ignored correct teaching, we have allowed the election of Barak Obama. Many people have climbed aboard the bandwagon that wants to see his birth certificate. Perhaps he is indeed not eligible to be the lawfully elected president of this country. But why haven’t these people attacked his position on issues such as gay marriage, welfare reform, the economy and more? We need to remember that he was placed in the position he holds because God allowed this to happen. But why?

Perhaps we are in fact entering the end times, and his election will pervert this nation enough that it will easily bend to the will of the beast, as we read in Rev. 17:17; For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.(KJV) And yet many of these supposed believers claim the United States will never bow to the coming political hierarchy. Foolish people. God’s will will always be fulfilled, in spite of our interference. And it will be filled according to his time, not ours. We need to stop and reassess our positions, and whether we are in fact true believers of Jesus Christ.

There are those that claim to be believers, but unless you have repented of your sins, and accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you cannot be born again, a true believer. The first thing we should pray for enmasse is that God’s will be done regarding this country, and the second is that that will, and the power of God be revealed to Barak Obama, and that he be shown the way to salvation. The Holy Scriptures, the Word of God, says that we should pray for our rulers. Do you?

Yep, it finally happened. In a more than three to one margin, the stinking socialists we keep re-electing to Washington finally started to put the tobacco industry out of business. In a vote of 307 to 97, The House passed legislation giving the Food and Drug Administration authority to regulate the advertising, marketing and manufacturing of tobacco products. We all know what’s coming next. While I can’t say as I am surprised at the event, I cannot say I support the legislation.

In a speech yesterday the Great B.O. said “We’ve known for years, even decades, about the harmful, addictive and often deadly effects of tobacco products…” In a sense that’s true, but we’ve actually known about the ill effects of smoking even before we knew what lung cancer was. Myself, I enjoy a good cigar, but I quit the cigarettes a couple of decades ago because they weren’t worth the cost. I couldn’t see spending the $2.00 a pack price they had gone up to. At some point and time, everyone gets to a point in a cost/benefits ratio analysis where the cost becomes too great, and overshadows the benefits.

I believe that as a nation we are rapidly approaching the point whereby the cost of running this increasingly socialist government we have will overshadow the loss of our freedoms, and we will be forced to kick the habit of big government. Just like with smoking, our addiction to big government and the wish to abdicate responsibility to others is causing a cancer to spread across the land. With freedom being the heart and lungs of this nation, how long will it be before we cease to breathe the sweet smell of freedom? I’d say that depends upon the next couple of election cycles. Of course, like some who are too heavily addicted, we could still continue with our habit long after it’s too late. Like the old geezer I saw one day in a parking lot. He was smoking one cigarette after the other, all the while toting his oxygen tank behind him.

If we re-elect the current spate of democrat and turncoat republican socialists, I’d give us six to eight more years of life. To re-elect those that we know care little for the people who pay their salaries would be to admit that our illness is terminal, and that we will soon cease to exist as a free nation, and that we don’t care. Just like the old geezer and the oxygen tank.

Some say it’s quite a stretch to link the new legislation with the loss of freedom, but it really isn’t. Advertisements from the 1800s extol the dangers of smoking, so those of us who might be stupid enough to say that the dangers were hidden are really out of step with reality. It might make for a good lawsuit, and it has, but the truth is there is no base for many of those claims from the anti-smoking lobby. Good pay for the lawyers, but it’s a waste of the taxpayers time.

We need to remember that while the proponents of the legislation complain that tobacco is one of the least regulated products, they also fail to mention it is also one of the most heavily taxed products on the market. Taxation and control is what this is really all about. I think we’ll find that these socialists have no intention of stopping with tobacco. Already we are seeing waves being made that they plan on going after the snack food industries big time. But the snack food industries failed to see the dangers behind this level of legislation, and didn’t work to prevent its passage.

So now we are seeing blips in the headlines about new taxation being levied upon carbonated beverages and other high calorie foods and drinks. And most of this wrangling is being conducted under the guise of paying for the nation’s health needs. The so called health care crisis is yet one more false catastrophe being predicted by the socialist left. There isn’t any health care crisis. We have the best health care in the world. Even foreign leaders come here to have their needs tended to in the way of medical care. What we have is a health care cost crisis.

And this health care cost crisis gives the socialists another way to implement their fake Robin Hood philosophy of redistribution of wealth through taxation and controls. The spirit of the Antichrist is winning in this nation. It’s funny that we don’t see any legislation attacking the gaming industry, or the entertainment industry. After all, one of the best ways to burn off fat is to exercise, but these industries encourage kids to sit their fat butts in front of a computer or TV instead of getting outside to play.

But no. Congress took advantage of the majority the Demoncrats hold to place yet more controls, and higher taxation ahead of our freedom. The market should dictate what happens, and eventually the tobacco industry would have faltered and waned, had the practice been to turn smoking into something forbidden. But as the Great B.O. said in his speech after the legislation was passed, nearly 1,000 kids under 18 are becoming regular smokers every day. Even though legislation could have been passed on a state by state level to prohibit tobacco from people under 18, it wasn’t. that’s the way this should be dealt with. On a state by state level, not federal.

What this boils down to is just another instance where the socialist dominated federal government hacked away, and cut off another piece of popular sovereignty, or state’s rights as some like to call it today. We are drifting further and further away from the foundation this nation was built upon. Soon, what little foundation we have left will no longer be able to support what was once the most respected and adored country in the world, and we will collapse into just another servant to the new world order. An order dictated by the Antichrist.

A Hitler in the White House?

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While pouring over today’s headlines in the e-papers it hit how shockingly similar today’s government is becoming to another country’s government was during the years of the great depression. Of course, we are all aware of how closely Obama follows FDR’s agenda of government control and domination, but have you ever noticed how similar his tactics are to Adolf Hitler’s? Not that I’m trying to suggest that Obama is another Hitler, mind you, but the rapidity with which our freedom is being stripped from under us brings it to mind.

We tend to acquaint the term Nazi as being a specific form of political philosophy bordering upon some kind of demonic hatred, but in reality, Nazi is not really a name. Nazi is actually the abbreviation for the National Socialist German Workers Party. The name was changed in 1920, and formerly they had been called the German Workers’ Party. Of course we are aware of the fact that this was a an activist labor union organization, and union philosophy is based upon communist philosophy. Or more correctly, Marxist philosophy. Karl Marx was a big agitator in early class warfare in Russia, and was the father of Communism. Sort of.

But the Communism that arose over the years is not the same Communism that Marx envisioned. Marx held that all should have equal everything, as I understand his writings. There should be no Proletariat class and labor class. But with the rise of the power of Lenin, and then Stalin, the classes were spread even further apart. It happened because government gained control over every aspect of national and local government, business, religion and economy. The people became willing servants of the very government who at first sought to serve the people.

Hitler gained power in the same way with his party of choice. People in need can become desperate enough to make decisions without careful consideration, and just like Hitler, Obama’s skillful oratory wooed the masses and convinced his followers that he was indeed, as Oprah put it, I believe, the ONE! Where did he come from? He says he is from Hawaii. We don’t know that for certain as he seems to want to keep his birth certificate private.

According to an article from Israeli National News, “According to Obama’s Kenyan (paternal) grandmother, as well as his half-brother and half-sister, Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya, not in Hawaii as the Democratic candidate for president claims. His grandmother bragged that her grandson is about to be President of the United States and is so proud because she was present DURING HIS BIRTH IN KENYA, in the delivery room.” An interesting article, and if true, what then for our own dear Presidenté? Hitler wasn’t born in the nation he came to rule either. He was born in Austria. But as the laws of Germany are not the laws of this nation, one needn’t be a natural born citizen to assume the highest office in the land.

But again, where did he come from? And by this I mean not the place of birth, but what was his environment as he grew up? His mother, Ann Dunham, was a white, British born woman from Kansas, and his father, Barak Hussein Obama Sr. was a Muslim from Kenya. An interesting blend of environment, wouldn’t you say? Especially when you consider that they divorced about the time Barry turned two years old. Then his mother remarried, took the kid to Indonesia and finally dumped him with his grandparents instead of taking responsibility for his care. In a nutshell, that is where our current president comes from. This tells us a lot about his actions today. 1.His main parental figures come from a background that lived in a socialist nation, 2.his parents come from a liberal educational environment, 3.he was exposed to much turmoil in a foreign country as a boy, 4, he had exposure to Islamic education and morays as a child, 5,he was seemingly abandoned by his only natural parent.

The fact that he rose to such heights is a wonder in itself, but one has to wonder how he got to where he is today, and who prodded him along the way? A kid with that kind of background doesn’t get into the top schools all on his own, you know.

But at any rate, the similarities are there if you look hard enough. Businesses became nationalized, as was the health care industry. Censorship became the norm, just like with today’s attempts to reestablish the unnecessary Fairness doctrine is doing. Once, it may have been a tool to balance opinion, but not so for today. One may engage in discussion of nearly any matter, and weigh in pro or con on the issue at the same time. There is no need to regurgitate an unneeded regulation except to eliminate the minority viewpoints, which today happen to be conservative.

Church’s were persecuted and forced to close, prohibiting the freedom of religion that the Left wants to remove from us. By forcing the establishment of the homosexual lifestyle as acceptable, Obama has worked against the Word of God, and promoted that which we know to be unacceptable to Him. We find that in a manner similar to the anti-Jewish policies of the Hitler regime, Christians are more and more being forced to either abandon their beliefs, or find other employment. Unless we accept the terms of the left, a Christian cannot work and still express their freedom of speech, and enjoy the freedom of religion.

As with the Hitler Youth Organization, Obama is bolstering and growing the so called volunteer organization called AmeriCorps, a program first introduced by Bill Clinton. By promoting, and some say eventual requirement, this program, the Obama administration is embedding a spirit of obeisance and dependency to the national government. Just like Hitler did.

The Hitler administration promoted a program called Work Through Joy, which basically dictated and controlled how people were to spend their leisure time. The Obama administration wants to promote his version of good health and culture by instituting more physical education in the schools, and by promoting what the UN calls Ecotourism.

So, am I saying that Obama is a Hitler wanna be? Not at all. But what I am suggesting is that he is more than definitely a socialist, and we need to be aware of what is in store for us as we, as a nation, travel down the same road to despotism that many other nations have taken.