Death of a Nation; chapter one

Posted: 04/06/2009 in Uncategorized
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As everyone is well aware, there are things afoot in the grand old town of D.C. The Great B.O. is about to once again show that he has made America a weaker nation as he addresses the Arab nations under the “counsel” of King Abdullah. At least that’s what I presume he is doing, since Obama paid his royal highness a lengthy visit today on the kings private estate. The question is, how much more damage can this lawyer from Illinois do to this nation. Of course, we all know that another Illinois lawyer led this nation through a civil war, so will this one follow suit?

I always knew that one day the eagle would fall, but I never dreamed I would be alive to see the day it happened. Indeed, I will pass from this life watching the death of a nation. Some say that it is all Barak Hussein Obama’s doing, but I believe the journey into death for this nation began with the coming of the Roosevelt’s. Maybe even earlier, but that’s as good a guess as any. I used to look upon Teddy Roosevelt as a sort of hero, based mostly upon his devotion to the outdoors, but no longer do I feel that way.

Teddy got the ball rolling with the antitrust movement and taught us that we should hate big corporations. In a way, he’s right. Some corporations were born to be hated. But not all of them, and sometimes a monopoly has its advantages over a bloated playing field. After all, could you imagine the Super Bowl with three teams on the field? But he opened the door for the liberal powers to be strengthened enough to assume a solid form. Over the years the meaning of good and bad has become perverted. Today, special interest groups such as The Nature Conservancy, Greenpeace and others have become the new monopoly, and because of the perversions of the Left, we fail to see the danger they pose to the stability of this nation.

The second Roosevelt, Franklin D. sealed the fate of this nation with his twisted goal of world domination. The contracts and agreements he made with other nations gave birth to the return of the Antichrist via the United Nations. Strange though it may seem, Franklin’s wife Eleanor was an integral part in the writing of the Declaration of Rights that became the foundational document of this new association of nations. Too bad she tended to cling to the mystical side of the world, spiritually. She made a great portal for the breathe of Satan to be heard in. and it stuck.

So today, we have a President, fairly elected, that has so far attempted to nationalize our major industries, banking and auto manufacturing. He’s placed us trillions and trillions of dollars into debt to foreign interests. He has made a show of having attended a so called Christian church that preaches hatred towards America. He has threatened our security by destroying the gains made thus far. He has embarrassed us as a nation. He has embraced the homosexual agenda and legitimized it by proclaiming June to be LGBT month, all the while snubbing his nose at the national day of prayer. He has stated to the world that America is not a Christian nation, while at the same time suggesting it is a Moslem nation. The list goes on. And on.

But still, we must remember that all kings and rulers are appointed by God, so that His will may be done. Is it God’s will that the US become a socialist nation, intertwined as one with the new world order, the one world government and the reign of the Antichrist? I believe it is. And if it is His will, then it will be so. We have no option in the matter. Trust me when I say that what God wants, God gets.

But does this mean that we have to lie meekly abed whilst our nation is torn from under us? Not at all. We are to give Obama the respect he deserves as an appointed ruler. Does he realize that is what he is? Maybe not, for if he realized the full gravity of such an appointment, do you think he would proclaim an entire month to promote the sinful gay lifestyle? Surely there must be some reasoning behind Obama’s choices. After all, Obama himself claims to be a Christian. And as a Christian, he should know full and well what the penalty for disobeying the Word of God shall be. I do. Been there, done that, as they say.

So, the big question here is, how much longer will we be able to retain the constitution of this country in one piece?


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