Joe the Camel Gets Leashed

Posted: 14/06/2009 in Uncategorized
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Yep, it finally happened. In a more than three to one margin, the stinking socialists we keep re-electing to Washington finally started to put the tobacco industry out of business. In a vote of 307 to 97, The House passed legislation giving the Food and Drug Administration authority to regulate the advertising, marketing and manufacturing of tobacco products. We all know what’s coming next. While I can’t say as I am surprised at the event, I cannot say I support the legislation.

In a speech yesterday the Great B.O. said “We’ve known for years, even decades, about the harmful, addictive and often deadly effects of tobacco products…” In a sense that’s true, but we’ve actually known about the ill effects of smoking even before we knew what lung cancer was. Myself, I enjoy a good cigar, but I quit the cigarettes a couple of decades ago because they weren’t worth the cost. I couldn’t see spending the $2.00 a pack price they had gone up to. At some point and time, everyone gets to a point in a cost/benefits ratio analysis where the cost becomes too great, and overshadows the benefits.

I believe that as a nation we are rapidly approaching the point whereby the cost of running this increasingly socialist government we have will overshadow the loss of our freedoms, and we will be forced to kick the habit of big government. Just like with smoking, our addiction to big government and the wish to abdicate responsibility to others is causing a cancer to spread across the land. With freedom being the heart and lungs of this nation, how long will it be before we cease to breathe the sweet smell of freedom? I’d say that depends upon the next couple of election cycles. Of course, like some who are too heavily addicted, we could still continue with our habit long after it’s too late. Like the old geezer I saw one day in a parking lot. He was smoking one cigarette after the other, all the while toting his oxygen tank behind him.

If we re-elect the current spate of democrat and turncoat republican socialists, I’d give us six to eight more years of life. To re-elect those that we know care little for the people who pay their salaries would be to admit that our illness is terminal, and that we will soon cease to exist as a free nation, and that we don’t care. Just like the old geezer and the oxygen tank.

Some say it’s quite a stretch to link the new legislation with the loss of freedom, but it really isn’t. Advertisements from the 1800s extol the dangers of smoking, so those of us who might be stupid enough to say that the dangers were hidden are really out of step with reality. It might make for a good lawsuit, and it has, but the truth is there is no base for many of those claims from the anti-smoking lobby. Good pay for the lawyers, but it’s a waste of the taxpayers time.

We need to remember that while the proponents of the legislation complain that tobacco is one of the least regulated products, they also fail to mention it is also one of the most heavily taxed products on the market. Taxation and control is what this is really all about. I think we’ll find that these socialists have no intention of stopping with tobacco. Already we are seeing waves being made that they plan on going after the snack food industries big time. But the snack food industries failed to see the dangers behind this level of legislation, and didn’t work to prevent its passage.

So now we are seeing blips in the headlines about new taxation being levied upon carbonated beverages and other high calorie foods and drinks. And most of this wrangling is being conducted under the guise of paying for the nation’s health needs. The so called health care crisis is yet one more false catastrophe being predicted by the socialist left. There isn’t any health care crisis. We have the best health care in the world. Even foreign leaders come here to have their needs tended to in the way of medical care. What we have is a health care cost crisis.

And this health care cost crisis gives the socialists another way to implement their fake Robin Hood philosophy of redistribution of wealth through taxation and controls. The spirit of the Antichrist is winning in this nation. It’s funny that we don’t see any legislation attacking the gaming industry, or the entertainment industry. After all, one of the best ways to burn off fat is to exercise, but these industries encourage kids to sit their fat butts in front of a computer or TV instead of getting outside to play.

But no. Congress took advantage of the majority the Demoncrats hold to place yet more controls, and higher taxation ahead of our freedom. The market should dictate what happens, and eventually the tobacco industry would have faltered and waned, had the practice been to turn smoking into something forbidden. But as the Great B.O. said in his speech after the legislation was passed, nearly 1,000 kids under 18 are becoming regular smokers every day. Even though legislation could have been passed on a state by state level to prohibit tobacco from people under 18, it wasn’t. that’s the way this should be dealt with. On a state by state level, not federal.

What this boils down to is just another instance where the socialist dominated federal government hacked away, and cut off another piece of popular sovereignty, or state’s rights as some like to call it today. We are drifting further and further away from the foundation this nation was built upon. Soon, what little foundation we have left will no longer be able to support what was once the most respected and adored country in the world, and we will collapse into just another servant to the new world order. An order dictated by the Antichrist.


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