Survival Strategies: fire starters

Seems to me that one of the more difficult skills that should be easy that I have seen botched in my time spent out of doors in the past years is the simple task of starting a fire. I’ve camped before next to city slickers that would pile what seemed like a quarter cord of […]

Survival Strategies: weather or not

One of the biggest issues we need to be aware of, and involved in, is the weather. It rains and shines upon everyone at some point and time, and eventually, you will suffer a deluge, a hurricane or some other form of weather catastrophe. Sometimes, such as with tornadoes, the catastrophe cannot be avoided and […]

Survival Strategies: you auto be prepared

While vacationing last week I had the pleasure of traveling north on the interstate, and as per usual views, passed a few people broken down on the side of the road. Most of the vehicles had the orange tags placed on the vehicles by the state police. Only one person had his hood up and […]

Survival Strategies: why survival?

You may wonder why I have started to write about survival strategies, or maybe not. But some have, and by way of explanation, you’ll need to read some of my past posts. I have long been a supporter of conservatism, and haven’t voted Democrat once since I left home. Over the years I have come […]

Survival Tips: documentation

Who and Where Are You? One of the first steps we need to take in order to get ourselves prepared is to find out who we are, and where we are, followed up by where we are going. This all falls into the early preparedness part of our survival plan. Obviously, different people will have […]

Survival Strategies: hurricane preparedness

To be completely honest, I’m not all that familiar with the intimacies of hurricanes. We just do not get the severity of the hurricanes up here in Maine as the southeastern region gets. But there are some strategies and tips that I am familiar with that relate to not only hurricanes, but to tornadoes and […]

Survival Tips; starter kits

On my last post I talked about water storage as a survival essential. I started with water because it is an essential, but usually overlooked item necessary for our survival. No drinking water, no life. So I felt it was best to start this series with the number one essential. Other items are essential as […]