From Whence Shall It Come?

Posted: 08/08/2009 in Uncategorized
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The presence of disasters of one kind or another has been around since Adam and Eve got kicked out of the garden of Eden way back when. And the constant question of the prophets through the ages of God has been-“From whence shall it come?” we still ask the same question in a thousand different ways every time a catastrophe rears its ugly head. Man made or natural makes little difference in the greater scheme of things to come. We still want to know where it is coming from. Of course, very little actually changes in the course of life, and the answer is still the same. It will come from where it comes from.

A question had been out to me as to what I felt we should be ready for here in the northeast. Hurricane? Flooding from heavy rains? Chemical spills from a derailed freight train? Tornadoes? Blizzard? How about a terrorist attack? Another plane hijacking? A mall being wiped out by a gang of terrorists? Drug war collateral’s? A dirty bomb? Nuclear attack? An EMP from a high level nuclear explosion? I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea of it all. There are simply so many possibilities out there that there is no way to make a guess as top which will be the next catastrophe to hit us.

As I write this post, hurricane Felicia is poised to track over Hawaii sometime Monday night or Tuesday morning, from the looks of it now. Of course, all that could change between now and then. Two Russian submarines are patrolling our eastern seaboard, something they haven’t done regularly since before Reagan was in power. Does that tell us anything? The government claims they are no threat to us. If they are no threat, why the increase in military flight patrols along the east coast with various fighter wings?

Check out these clippings from Homeland Security news…

Police were called to a home in South Philadelphia where a suspicious device was found. Authorities were called to vacant house located on the 2200 block of McClellan St. There, police found a possible explosive device with a significant amount of ammunition and passports. Read Article

At least two people were killed and several others wounded tonight when a gunman walked into a fitness center in the Great Southern Shopping Center in Collier and opened fire. An Allegheny County policeman said he believes one of the dead was the gunman. Witnesses said they saw two to four wounded women lying outside the back door and two others lying in a parking lot at the side of the LA Fitness center along Washington Pike. Witnesses said a gunman wearing a black hat walked into an aerobics room filled with women shortly after 8 p.m., turned out the lights and opened fire. Developing…

A plot by Islamic extremists in Melbourne to launch a suicide attack on an Australian Army base has been uncovered by national security agencies.

Four men all Australian citizens were arrested this morning as federal and state police, armed with search warrants, swooped on members of the suspected terror cell this morning in the second-largest counter-terrorism operation in the nation’s history. Those arrested included a 26-year-old Carlton man, a 25-year-old Preston man, a 25-year-old Glenroy man and a man, 22, from Meadow Heights About 400 police raided homes in the northern Melbourne suburbs of Glenroy, Meadow Heights, Roxburgh Park, Broadmeadows, Westmeadows, Preston and Epping. They also raided homes at Carlton in inner Melbourne and Colac in southwestern Victoria. “Police believe members of a Melbourne-based group have been undertaking planning to carry out a terrorist attack in Australia and allegedly involved in hostilities in Somalia,” a joint police statement said. Source

The federal government will pay almost $10 million for the Metro Transit Police to put 20 officers on five anti-terrorism teams, Metro officials announced Wednesday. The department has a Special Response Team, said spokeswoman Cathy Asato, but the force has not had specific teams focused on counterterrorism. A Department of Homeland Security transit grant program will provide the money to create them. “They’re going to recruit from within to form these anti-terror teams,” Asato said, “then we’ll recruit 20 new officers to fill their spots.” Read Full Article

Antiterrorism officials are increasingly concerned about American-bred extremists who travel abroad for terror training and then return home, sometimes quietly recruiting followers over the years. Federal authorities have issued a bulletin to law enforcement agencies around the country on the heels of the arrest Monday in North Carolina of a man whose devotion to the cause of violent jihad allegedly began 20 years ago. The internal bulletin – reviewed by The Associated Press – says the FBI and the Homeland Security Department are very worried about the danger posed by little-noticed Americans traveling abroad to learn terrorism techniques, then coming back to the United States, where they may be dormant for long periods of time while they look for followers to recruit for future attacks. Read Full Article

These are just a few nibbles from the grapevine. There are incidents all over the world like these every day. Right here in Maine, in the Weld area a couple of adults got charged with blowing up mail boxes with household chemicals. In the decaying mill town of Rumford there was a double murder. And that’s just from the last couple of days of headlines. We had a couple of tornadoes that actually made it into the headlines in the past couple of weeks. Excessive rains have caused flood watches and warnings, usually a springtime only event, but this was in June. What next oh Maine? From whence shall come your next nagging pain?

The point here is that there really is no way to say beyond certainty what will befall us in the way of catastrophe or calamity in the future. But instead of waiting to become victims of somebody’s sick mind or the elements of nature, we can prepare ourselves to laugh in the face of coming danger, and survive. Many times we have seen the images of the main stream media in their attempts to over dramatize the results of one calamity or another, and yet we never seem to see any images of how to prepare for, or prevent those calamities form happening. Why is that, I wonder?

The government keeps talking up a string of blurbs touting preparedness, but they don’t really want us to become prepared. They want to use the military to corral us into getting immunized against the swine flu. They want us to live in formaldehyde laced trailers. They want us to fill out homes with energy saving light bulbs filled with mercury, arsenic and other poisons. They want us to embrace socialized medical care. They want us to pay more taxes so we have less cash to live on, further enslaving us to the debt mongers. They want to take our right to bear arms away from us. They want to abridge our freedom of speech. They want to abridge our liberty. They want on and on and on.

So I have to ask, just as many before me have asked, from whence shall it come? Nature? Foreign peoples? Our own government? Isaiah 47:11 reads Therefore shall evil come upon thee; thou shalt not know from whence it riseth: and mischief shall fall upon thee; thou shalt not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly, which thou shalt not know.(KJV)

Bob Dylan wrote a tune, the times, they are a changing, but they really don’t change, do they?


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