The Birth Certificate

Posted: 20/08/2009 in Uncategorized
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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here on Dan’s Maine View, and for good reason. I have discovered that while I was busy expressing my freedom of speech and criticizing you know who, the Great BO, and the current administrations drive to implement full socialization upon this country, my blog was being censored and blocked by the vunderkids at Gorgle. It seems that they have programmed their mega search engines to knock certain word combinations to the bottom of the search results, meaning you get placed on page zillion. In other words, you don’t get read. And that’s too bad to. Google is the real loser because at the same time they were hiding the truth form the American internet public, they were also losing potential ad dollars.

After having my stats plummet for some time for all of my sites, and remaining at low numbers, I stopped writing this particular blog. Surprise, surprise. After a while the numbers started to go back up again as long as I posted no new bad words about you know who. Yavhol Herr Commandant!( Is that how it’s spelled?) but I decided that I wasn’t going to let the new world order get to me. There are insufficient numbers of bloggers willing to spread the real truth as it is without anyone of us running from the battle. But I’m back, and I’m just as bad as before.

Let’s talk about the birther movement for a bit. That is the crowd that seems to cling to the thin thread wound around the Great BO’s birth certificate in the hopes that he isn’t a natural born citizen, and therefore not legally entitled to hold the office he occupies. Personally, I suspect he may well have been born in the Aloha state. But then again, maybe not. But either way, we have to remember he was elected to his position simply because God allowed it to happen. The bottom line here is that while all of this energy is expended trying to drum up some flimsy proof, the birthers are leaving the gate open for some other critter to get lose and cause who knows what kind of damage.

The issue could be eliminated immediately with the public display of a valid birth certificate. But that isn’t gonna happen. And instead of asking why the issue is allowed to fester and garner all of that media attention, the man behind the curtain is being ignored. Why is that? why are we so stupid that we allow untold horrors to occur behind our backs? What could we be in for? Anybody want to make a guess?


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