Stupid Disasters and Acadia Park Danger

Posted: 25/08/2009 in Uncategorized
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The human psyche is really something else, isn’t it? Hurricane Bill has come and gone, and was claimed by the media to have taken two lives without ever having made a single landfall. I suggest that Hurricane Bill had nothing to do with those deaths. From what I see in the news, those deaths were caused by pure human stupidity, not a soulless hurricane. We talk about preparedness and safety. We talk about precautions and warnings. And yet, with every passing storm there always has to be some moron that needs to get a little too close to see the damage. The rubber neck has to bend just a little more to see someone else’s tragedy. Unfortunately, this time a little girls life was taken in Bar harbor.

In a nutshell, MPBN says; “Acadia National Park authorities say they tried to warn sightseers yesterday to stay away from the enormous waves kicked up by Hurricane Bill along the coast Sunday.  But despite the warnings, three people were swept out to sea by an enormous wave that crashed near the area known as Thunder Hole. All three were rescued by the Coast Guard, but a 7-year-old girl later died.  The girl’s father and an unrelated 12-year-old girl suffered injuries in the incident, according to the Coast Guard.  The 7-year-old and her father are from New York City, according to the Bangor Daily News.  The 12-year-old girl is from Belfast.  Authorities say several other people were injured after being thrown into rocks.”

The waves up at Acadia were supposedly as much as 17 feet in height, which is pretty big for the Maine coast. I would’ve liked to have seen them myself, but I had to work, naturally. But even so, watching these giants of the rocks would have meant being careful to not get too close, for most people. For the life of me, I just can’t fathom anyone being lured that close to danger of any kind. It’s bad enough that these three alone got washed off the rocks, but a Lewiston Sun Journal article says there were over twenty people in all that got swept up in the giant waves.

Well, enough about stupid people. They’re everywhere, and for some reason they still have the ability to propagate. Go figure.

But this situation does bring to mind the need to think of safety when you think of survival. Being foolish cuts your chances of survival in any situation. All up and down the coast newspapers and radio stations were broadcasting news of record numbers of surfers out Sunday, as well as stories of swimmers needing to be rescued from the after affects of the high tides, winds and Hurricane Bill. Maintain a safe distance from any threatening situation, whether that would be a tidal surge or a fire, chemical spill or train derailment. Stay away from danger. It is a simple concept and yet so many of us throw safety to the wind whenever that wind kicks up and causes some cool wave action at the beach.

I’ve made mention in the past of the coming times, and the peril that lies ahead for all of mankind in these final days we face, and as we get closer and closer we will see a breakdown of the government’s ability to have a Coast Guard crew, or any other rescue team available for the general public’s assistance. There simply won’t be enough resources to cover the costs involved. When that time comes, when somebody gets lost, or washed overboard, or their plane crashes, it’ll be up to the individuals to save themselves, and of course they won’t be able to. Bear this thought in mind before the next disaster strikes and ask this question; “what would I do if the government wasn’t here?”

And that’s exactly my point. the government we know today won’t always be around to bail out somebody’s butt when they make a mistake or an accident happens. Remember that.


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