Survival Strategies: Zombie Looters

Posted: 27/08/2009 in Uncategorized
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There seems to be a big business these days in the area of home defense. Lots of bucks are being made, but are you really defending your home, or are you just buying peace of mind with some of these contraptions you can buy today? Mostly by this I mean is a burglar alarm really a defense system? Looking at the long term, worst case scenario, if there is no power or telephone systems, the best burglar alarm system on the market will be about as useful as you know what on a snake. No power, no alarm. At best, no matter what these salespeople tell you, these fancy pants systems are merely a warning device to let you know your home has been broken into. They don’t prevent anything. Under normal circumstances, they make a great deterrent and will keep the average Joe Blow crook away from your house.

But there are many things you should be doing today that can lessen your risk of invasion from the Zombies after that looming nuclear attack on us. First of all, I’d like to point out that in spite of all the cash we pump into the law enforcement system through taxation, don’t expect any protection from them when the crap hits the fan. They won’t be there. Look at New Orleans after Katrina passed through. The papers were full of images and stories of businesses and homes being looted b those that stayed behind. Expect that very same thing to happen in your community under the same situation.

If things do get serious you’ll be looking at two basic group types of these zombies, looters and foragers. Looters will be the immediate concern. Basically, they will form into a large unruly, and uncontrollable mob. As they form and grow larger, their sense of power will grow too. They will attack the business districts first, taking anything they can get their hands on, needed or not. Amazingly enough, I saw one picture where this guy was running down a street with a wide screen TV over his shoulder. Where’d he think he was going to watch it? There was no power to run it, and even if he could, there was no cable or broadcast TV available to watch. The ones stealing food and fuel were going to be better off. And that’s what looters do, they steal. There is no morally acceptable time to be taking property that belongs to someone else without their permission.

The damage they cause will normally be beyond repair, especially in a time where materials are not available. They also will not be above injuring people who may try to stop them, or get in their way. As I said, business districts will be hit first, so I would recommend keeping a wide berth of these areas during the initial breakdowns that are coming. And as the business districts become depleted of lootable material, they’ll be heading to your house next. People who live in densely populated areas will fare poorly under the brunt of this menace, but those who wisely chose to live in the more open suburban areas will be better off. Country dwellers will fare the best. (hint, hint)

One of the basic reasons, in my opinion, is that these mobs will be made up of city dwellers that are used to having things done for them. People tend to crawl into their comfort zones and stay there. So, if all you know is the city, then that is where you will stay. As long as you are comfortable, that is. Eventually food will run short, and self rationing will commence. In some localities you’ll see the mobs take on a sort of community style living where the stronger members will become the leaders. Things will disintegrate form there.

The other group, foragers will come along behind, and will be made up of those who were wise enough to leave, or not even join the mob mentality in the days after the calamity strikes. They will steal, just like the looters, but they will be less visible, traveling in smaller groups, and causing much less damage. They will harbor some feeling that they are not stealing because it is their right to whatever they need to survive. Knowing that they have little chance to obtain their needs in the bigger urban areas, they will fan out and rummage through suburban communities and then the country dwellings.

So, what kind of defense can we establish to reduce the potential harm from these groups? Against the looter there is minimal defense. Their depredations will be much too strong for the average homeowner to defend against. Your best bet is to move now, find a place in the country. And it would be of benefit if you could have a place that was obscured from the roadways. That way there will be less chance of them finding you. The same goes for the foragers as well. However, as the foragers gain experience, they will eventually find your home.

If you do have a country home you may fare better than in a more densely populated area, but the way you build and prepare your home will definitely be key to your survival. Have a wide open area around your home, with no places for people to hide behind. Trim back hedges and shrubbery to increase your visibility from inside the house. Install some security shutters on the first floor of your home. Usually, all you can find at most places are those flimsy plastic show shutters. Make your own out of metal or two bys and make sure they are securely mounted. You’ll want to make sure the hinges are bolted to the walls with toggle bolts rather than just screwed on. and also make them so the hinges are concealed when they are closed.

Doors to your home should be substantial in build as well. Use six inch screws for the hinges and extra long door bolts for the locks. And try to minimize the use of glass in and around your doors. Put a peep hole in a solid door instead. The safest door is one that swings inward, and for these I would suggest installing a Bronx lock for maximum security. A Bronx lock will give you positive locking on all four sides of your door. If you cannot do that, then at least install some kind of bar across the interior for security.

Solar powered lights would be a good addition, but not the kind that home centers peddle as walkway lights that come on at dusk and off at dawn. Lights on every night is one thing you do not want to have in a situation like this. Wire them up so they run from a central battery and switching point. that way you can turn them on when you need them, and only then. We’ll get into the specifics of much of this hardware as we travel on, learning how to survive the coming times, so I’ll pick this conversation up in part two of Zombie Looters next time.

But before I go, here’s a thought to ponder. There are a lot of folks that get those invisible fences that are supposed to contain your dog. They work pretty simply, and to some extent are successful. Basically, the wire in the ground acts like a transmitter of sorts and every time your dog, as long as it is wearing the special collar, gets near the fence, a little electric shock will jolt your little puppy dog. Works fine most of the time, but remember this on point. That little dog will be under the control of that fence only so long as the dogs fear of the fence is greater than that dogs desire to go beyond that fence, for whatever reason it wants to go beyond it. If the dog wants to bite a passerby bad enough, the fence will no longer be a deterrent.

The same goes for human beings. A bad guy will only stay away from your property only so long as his fear of danger by entering your property is greater than his or her desire to take whatever is on your property. In the ultimate scenario, there will be no law enforcement that the crooks will need to fear, so whatever you use as a deterrent force must be great enough to make it not worth the risk for these bonehead Zombies to attack your property. Remember that when the crap hits the fan, but prepare for it now.

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