The Maine Bigfoot Question

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I’m going to veer aside from my normal ranting and talk of the end times and look at the question of whether there is any possibility that the so called Bigfoot, or Sasquatch actually exists, and does this creature have any presence in Maine. Why? Well, it’s my blog so I can write about what I want to. But actually, the point is to show that rumors sometimes take on a life of their own, and while many are floating around with absolutely zero basis in fact and lack credible truth, people believe them to be true. Other rumors are accepted as truth by some and not by others, even though some evidence exists that does support the rumors existence as fact. And then there are those that fall into the category that perhaps it is true after all.

When it comes to surviving the times, you’re going to need to be able to sift through a lot of garbage to get to the truth of many things, and by not learning how to discern the truth you may end up losing more than you care to, including your life by not knowing the truth. So, having had a near lifelong interest in the big hairy guy, I thought I would take a look at the rumor and dissect it enough to come to a conclusion on the matter. First let me point out that there is indeed an active interest by some in researching the Maine Bigfoot question. I’ve exchanged some emails in the past and had a couple of short discussions with others, but frankly, I am not the least bit impressed with anyone I’ve had dealings with in the research field from Maine. Questions I’ve asked have gone unanswered and most of the emails have had the same results.

When a serious researcher is asked a serious and valid question, that researcher should be more than willing to give a serious and valid answer. Refusing that courtesy, being aloof, or beating around the bush takes away from any professional image that researcher may have. The end result is that the researcher merely looks like they are merely playing at the game, or perhaps they are merely seeking some sort of twisted attention. A serious researcher and scientists look for the true answer to a question, not just something that will support their own belief. While I have been interested in the question for maybe forty years, I’ve only had a serious interest for the last dozen or so.

A few short years ago I lost reams of research that I had been compiling, including maps, pictures and anecdotal reports, so, much of the evidence I had is gone, but I am still trying to build a case one way or the other. Based on memory of my own investigations, coupled with what I have accumulated online I can say that there are three possibilities. The question to be asked is a two part question. a; Does Bigfoot exist, and b; does Bigfoot live in Maine? This question can be answered, at least by me with this statement;

  • The possibility of there being a Bigfoot like creature upon this planet certainly exists. There are many forms of life that are being discovered on an almost daily basis, and the possibility of a large creature roaming around the wilderness is certainly not dismissible.
  • Anecdotal reports abound of sightings across the country describing a large bipedal creature or creatures lend weight to this possibility.
  • Circumstantial evidence suggests, but does not prove the existence of this creature.
  • The environment of Maine is similar to other states where sightings have been reported, and Maine too has had many sightings and stories of this creature.

So yes, in my opinion, based upon what I have seen and heard, there is a possibility that there is a hairy, bipedal creature sneaking around in our woods here in Maine. That said, I think the more appropriate question to address is not the possibility, but rather the probability of such a creature.

The reasons I believe in the possibility are many, but the main reasons is because not of the hype behind the Bigfoot phenomena, but rather the longevity behind the stories of this creatures existence. Being the history buff that I am, I have actually come across many stories that point towards the existence of Bigfoot encounters having occurred here in Maine for centuries, not just since the famous Patterson film was presented to the public

In 1886 George L. Hosmer wrote in An Historical Sketch of Deer Isle, Maine
(pages 9-10) That a pair of skeletons had been discovered about sixty years prior in what looked like may have been a battle to the death. One would ordinarily presume that it had simply been a couple of Indians, or other men. The skeletons were found under a hardwood tree that had been blown down in a storm, and the tree had been very large and was old enough that it had started to decay. This suggests that the tree probably had to have been over one hundred years old at least, making the time of the battle around the very early 1700s, and possibly earlier in the 1600s. what makes this possibly the first recorded Bigfoot killing is that the skeleton of one appeared to be that of a normal man, and the other skeleton, of which a copper dart had been found in the rib cage, was over eight feet tall.

Ancient Japanese literature, as well as European and other regions have recorded stories of hairy men and giants throughout the eons. Our own Indian folklore on this continent is filled with stories of the Windigo or other creatures of ill repute and horror. Even more recently, there have been reported sightings around Maine as well. Perhaps one of the best stories from the 1800s that I have read, Cluey’s Indian Devil, or Cluey and the Indian Devil, paints a description that mirrors what many have seen today.

But these are all anecdotal stories and reports, and not one of them alone can prove anything other than the fact that a person thought they saw something, but we cannot say for certain what it was they saw or heard. However, the longevity of the tales indicates that this Bigfoot remains more than just a remote legend, or fairy tale. My precept is that the truth is the truth, and one may not add to, nor take away from the truth. However, every lie must contain some particle of truth. Every tale is founded upon a truth, however false that tale may be.

So, in conclusion for now, there may not be a Sasquatch camping out in Maine’s backyard, but there is definitely something roaming around in our wilderness. What that may be, I for one cannot say. I prefer to believe that there may be a Bigfoot among us, simply based upon my own observations coupled with the anecdotal and literal evidence that exists to lend credence to that creature, or some other creatures existence. My research continues, and while I will never be able to replace that which I have lost, the collection continues to grow. I have published a short collection of some of the historical finds I have made in the Maine Monster Parade, and I intend to publish a much more comprehensive overview of the monsters that have made Maine their home sometime in the next few months.

Until then, happy Squatch hunting, and stay tuned for more of surviving the times. And if you have any Bigfoot tales of your own to share, drop me a line at Keep checking in for more of my research. From Time to time I’ll share a few notes on the subject here.


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