Zombie Looters, Part 2

Posted: 28/08/2009 in Uncategorized
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In Zombie Looters, part I, I started to talk about the defense aspects of the coming times. My feeling is that we will eventually have to deal with two major groups of people, Zombie looters and foragers. There will be many more different types of sub groups, of course, but in the initial days of a major melt down these two will be the primary concern as far as defending your property goes. There really is no such thing as a Zombie, of course, but it makes for a good horror movie sequence. However, these amassed mobs that do loot act very much like one would presume that a Zombie would behave, and perhaps that may well be the more tragic end of a terrible situation.

Looters are a mob driven type of people. They go where everyone else goes, and they do whatever everyone else does. There is no moral balance to this type of group, although the feeling that looting is acceptable by some people tends to propel those standing on the fence into joining the group. I guess that’s just the ‘old everybody does it, so how can it be wrong’ mentality. There is no justification that makes stealing acceptable, so remember that when the crowd comes down your street and you feel tempted to join in on the fun and frivolity.

But I left off at home defense and some of the things we could do to protect our homes from at least some of this insanity. I think it would be best to maintain the philosophy that says ‘out of sight, out of mind’ when we look to the coming times and at how and where we want to live. Those who live off the beaten track will fare much better than those who live in the cities, for obvious reasons. Therefore, if you do not have a survival homestead yet, look for one out of the way. It may take longer to get to where you work and shop, but when the crap does hit the fan you’ll be way ahead of the game. Provided the state doesn’t prevent you from getting home, that is. But that’s a subject for another time.

I also mentioned solar lighting, and I have decided to go into detail later on with a set up where you can build your own system, and use a central charging and switching station. But the idea here is that if you flood your homestead with lighting night after night to frighten the bad guys away, all you will do is bring attention to yourself. Eventually somebodies going to say, “hey! Look at all that light…they must be worth taking over!”

Defending the home may at some point involve firepower usage, so that is another consideration to keep in mind. There are tons of blogs out there on firearms so I won’t try to sell you any of that info here, except to say that there are several types of weapons you should have at hand. Rifles are good for long range shooting, and so in many cases will be useless for home defense. I would suggest you look into obtaining 12 gauge shotguns, with replaceable barrels and chokes, and a couple of different types of handguns. And make sure everyone knows how to use them safely, and without question.

If you have a multi story home, you will have an advantage at keeping the Zombies at bay, but whatever the size, all ground level windows should be shuttered with heavy, lockable from the inside shutters. The pioneers who fanned out and helped make this land grow learned that with their log cabins when they defended against the Indian incursions. Kept the bears out, too. If you have a couple of eyeholes in the shutters you can keep watch on the people on the outside, as well as using them to shoot through. But if you’ve done a good job at concealing your homestead, there will be little to worry about from these sources of danger.

The bigger danger will be the roving gangs of thugs and anarchists. They’ll be travelling in small, hard to detect groups. I would presume they would not be above checking every side road they come across, either. These people will be much more dangerous, and heavily armed as well. But if you can combine resources with others to increase your defensive posture they’ll think twice before crossing your path. In fact, I would go so far as to recommend that if things really do become as bad as some have predicted, a palisade around your central homestead may not be such a bad idea. If there are enough people to adequately guard against any invasion from these sorts of attacks, you’ll make out fine.

Another task you should accomplish, wherever your survival home is, is a secure survival shelter, underground of course. I would suggest you look into many of the articles and plans floating around dealing with the issue of fallout shelters here. These things are strong enough to resist many of the elements, including radiation. With adequate ventilation and a backup power source, you can survive for a long time, out of sight, out of mind. The suggestion of obtaining, and maintaining at least a year’s worth of survival rations is a good one. Dehydrated and vacuum packed meals may not sound like a night at the buffet, but they will keep you alive.

An external solar array to charge batteries is also a good addition, but I would recommend that you also have a hand crank generator as well. Solar arrays will only capture sun light if the sun is shining, remember? Ventilation and water, as well as sewage are all issues to address as well when constructing your survival retreat. And don’t forget the communications aspect as well.

Of course, this is all well and good if you have a place in the country. But many do not, and so we must make do with dwelling in the city as best we can. Most communities will not allow you to build a huge underground fallout shelter, so you’ll have to build one in your basement. If you live in a high density area, like an apartment complex, maybe you could get together with some likeminded people and build a group shelter for all of you to stay in. Costs and labor can be shared, making such a shelter more easily attainable, as well as cheaper. Just make certain the guy that owns the house it is built in won’t lock you out when it comes time to hide out in that shelter.

Go to the library and see if you can find any old books or pamphlets from the 50s an 60s with instructions for surviving a nuclear attack. It’s unlikely we’ll be attacked in the manner expected during the cold war, but the preparations are still valid in any disaster situation. Arm yourself with knowledge and you can survive the coming times.

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