BNAS A Go-Go-no don’t go

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BNAS, Brunswick Naval Air Station. Located on the coast of Maine is where else but Brunswick. A peaceful college town whose main fault can lie in the fact that there are too many liberal thinkers glued to the anti-war rhetoric of the drug laden and free sex sixties crowd. A base that is scheduled to close for good in 2011. A victim of the politics of the day, the United States has decided to cut back on defense spending in favor of an increase in the welfare rolls, as well as other government growth initiatives making our government more powerful, but less able to defend itself, as well as provide for this nations security.

To be adherent to the sentiment of the disclaimer crowd, when it comes to closing BNAS, I was never for it. Not in any way, shape or form. Never have been, never will be. I knew a few years ago that the day would come when we would regret the decision to close such a strategically located military installation. For most people that day has not come, and for others, it never will. They are simply too stubborn to admit that there may be flaws in their thinking. But surprisingly, some people are already beginning to question the move, even though it is seemingly way too late to do anything to reverse the decision.

The Reagan and Former Bush terms produced much in the way of advanced security positioning for us in the world as a nation. We were able to prove beyond doubt that we were in fact the strongest nation in the world, and not to be toyed with. Walls came tumbling down and nations were freed as the world rushed towards American styled democracy. The cold war ended, and the Soviet Union collapsed, leaving itself unable for the time to tickle Uncle Sam’s nose with its red feather of communism. We thought all was well in La-La land and decided it might be time to put our budgetary priorities someplace else other than what the U.S. Constitution says it should be doing. To cut costs, the military decided, after having been pushed into it by a few Congressional and Senate members, to start closing military installations that were deemed to be of no further value. BNAS, while not on some of the earlier lists, finally came under the pendulums swing, and we now see our neighbor leaving in about two years time or less, depending upon when you read this.

A recent report by MPBN says: “Sen. Susan Collins and 1st District Congresswoman Chellie Pingree say the closure of the Brunswick base will make it more difficult to track the Russian subs, one of which was reportedly spotted in the Gulf of Maine.” I’m not surprised that there was a Russian sub in our waters. With the combination of you know who in the white house, and both the Congress and the Senate dominated by left wing cowards, we are beginning to look like a weak nation once again. Russia, being what it is, has to prove that it still has the you know what’s to be a world power.

The powers that be really should have thought this one out a little longer, in my opinion. There are many who believe BNAS to be a waste of space with no strategic value in the defense of this nation. But from what I see, I have to disagree with the so called experts. I think BNAS is in a very strategic location, and instead of mothballing the facility, it actually should have been enlarged. The fact that there are now just a few P-3s at the base, and will soon be joining the rest of the family in Jacksonville Florida. Great news for Jacksonville, but the fact is, there will be no other P-3 base on the east coast. What if something were to happen at Jacksonville?

Suppose some terrorist element were to poison the drinking water making the entire community, including the base in Jacksonville either very ill, or dead. Who would take care of the P-3 Orion’s then? Suppose the planes were left unable to fly after an attack of some sort? We’ve put all of our P-3 eggs into the same basket here. The Gulf of Maine is just too important of a location to take defensive installations away from it. The P-3s do more than just chase subs. They also keep an eye out for other illegal sea traffic and can locate smugglers and other ships that try to avoid detection for one reason or another.

The article goes on to quote Susan Collins as saying; “We’re going to regret the loss of Brunswick Naval Air Station for a host of reasons, and this is one of them,” she told Capitol News Service.  “For P-3’s to have to fly up from Jacksonville, Florida, to patrol the East Coast of the United States, or the North Atlantic shipping lanes, makes no sense whatsoever.” And she’s totally right. And in addition to the sea traffic, what about the air traffic? I do a lot of nature photography, and I’ve noticed that the Gulf of Maine is kind of like a funnel for air traffic, both coming and going. This past summer, in the space of about an hour and a half or so I counted no less than thirty jets flying overhead. Suppose one of these jets were one that had been commandeered the same way that the terrorists hijacked the planes in the 9-11 massacre? Granted there are other bases in New England with fighters that could make the Gulf in minutes, but wouldn’t having that capability right in Maine a greater detriment?

When it comes to surviving the times, and surviving Maine, I’m one who is all for spending on defense. You cannot prevent a calamity by believing it will never happen. I say do whatever has to be done, but find a way to reverse the BRAC decision and let’s get back to doing what we are supposed to be doing. Protecting our nation, and preserving our future. We cannot do either if we continue to throw money after developing a degenerative socialistic government and way of life.


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