Is Olympia Snowe Really The Key?

Posted: 06/09/2009 in Uncategorized
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Yep, another opinion about health care. Just what we need right? Sorry, but I can’t resist the urge any longer. Mostly because soooooo many people have the wrong argument in front of them. Put it this way—We really don’t need health care reform in this country. That’s right, WE DO NOT NEED HEALTH CARE REFORM!!!! What we need is health cost reform, instead. America has the greatest health care system in the world. Even foreign leaders come to this country for health care for really serious issues because they cannot trust their own countries health care providers. The problem everyone has is the costs involved with obtaining that care.

We hear a lot of crap in the state of Maine about how expensive it is to get a good health care plan here. It really isn’t that expensive in the long run, or it doesn’t need to be, at any rate. My employer offers a fantastic health care plan that is very affordable, and it is better that what the state employees have, at a much lower cost. Of course, my employer is not based in the state of Maine, so they get a better rate because they are not subject to Maine’s insipid socialistic political climate. Or better put, they don’t have to claw through all of the states rules, regulations, barriers to doing business and governmental control.

But because everyone has to get insurance through a provider, there are few choices available here in Maine. Or anywhere else for that matter. Let me explain my thinking this way; insurance is little more than a game of chance. Gambling if you will. The insurance provider is betting that you won’t get sick enough to need all of the money that your policy allows you to collect. Your rates are based upon a formula that considers the odds of that happening, or not happening. An individual faces much higher costs because the individual odds are much higher than a group of people in the same situation. The costs can be spread out over the ‘pool’ of employees, making it more profitable for the insurance company. It’s business, and it has been operating that way for centuries now. It is not going to change.

So now we have the Great B.O. come into his kingship proffering affordable health care, buzzing right along with Commiefornia’s Madame Pelosi and the rest of her Red Flag supporters. Gotta have public health care is the cry from the Left coast! What they are really saying is that we need to have socialized health care run by the government. That is what this argument is really all about. Not really health care, and not really health cost. The argument is really all about who gets to cover that cost. If it were really all about the cost of health care, how come not one politician is addressing the fact that the real reason health care is so expensive is because the providers are the ones driving the cost through the roof. Not the insurance providers, and certainly not because we like to sit on our fat behinds sucking cola and chips in front of the TV screen.

The Left wants the public option because the public option is paid for by the taxpayers. Hence the need to levy more taxes, and along with more taxes come more government control over the individual. In reality what we need is more control over the providers of health care. The medical profession has been able to slide under the radar in this issue because they have convinced us that the costs related to health care are necessary, and they aren’t. Drugs do not need to be as costly as they are. Many of the tests that we are required to undergo are not necessary. And the way hospitals are operated is most assuredly not necessary.

So once again, we have our own Olympia Snowe, once again in a position to turncoat us into servitude to the socialist nation the Left wants to build. Both she and Collins supported the stimulus package that put this nation into debt to the tune of trillions of dollars. We’ll be paying that package off over many decades, not just a few years. If this health care proposal goes forward, we’ll only be adding to our costs, as well as selling a bit more of our freedom, and our souls to the socialistic agenda of the Left. Little by little we are becoming just another pawn of the new world order, and every time the Left holds up another all day sucker in front of us, we rush headlong towards the treat, only to end up with just another stick in the end. (take that two ways if you wish)

Instead of trying to get an insurance plan for everyone by providing it with no responsibility other than being a taxpayers involved, how come they don’t attack the source of the real costs associated with health care? Why aren’t they trying to regulate the big pharma industries? How much of a drugs cost involves the advertising gimmickry that we are all paying for anytime a prescription is filled? Why do we continue to subsidize hospitals by allowing them to remain tax exempt? They are supposed to be charitable, non-profit institutions. Why aren’t they either one? That’s why they get the exemption, but have you ever seen their annual reports? There isn’t one single thing related to health care that isn’t about profit.

I’d like to suggest that the tax exemption be removed as a start to reforming health care costs. Make the hospitals run like a for profit business. You’ll see costs coming down quickly when that happens. Competition keeps costs low, and improves the product offered in any other business, why wouldn’t the formula work for health care? Cut the regulation load so that less labor is involved in the billing process. Get rid of the Medicaid issue that bogs down the cash flow of so many hospitals.

We are now at the point in the discussion whereby the legislators have traipsed back to DC after having another lengthy time at their homes ignoring the people who voted for them, and Snowe is no different. People here in Maine have criticized the plan and I am certain she ignored the complaints. She is, after all, a Left Wing Righty. She remains, or is perceived to remain a key figure in this issue because she is considered to be a moderate and her vote could be the tie breaker that yet again gives the Socialists the increased government control over the population they so desire. Its’ like that old saying that goes ‘every dog loves the hand that feeds it.’ Well, I for one am not a dog, and I don’t intend to feed off the governments welfare wagon train. Is Olympia Snowe the key vote in this issue? I don’t believe so. I believe she made up her mind long ago to support any issue that increases the Socialist’s foothold upon this nation.


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