Pastor Gunned Down In Georgia

Posted: 06/09/2009 in Uncategorized
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I came across an article today that really piqued my interest, Pastor fatally shot by police in drug sting, in part because a Pastor was shot, which I find disturbing, and in part because it sounded like another instance of the cops screwing up. Which is something that interests me greatly in these times we live. As we get closer and closer to the final days we see our individual freedoms decaying, while the state takes them from us through the use of the police state. We endure roadblocks, which violate the tenants of the US Constitution, under the guise of the cops keeping us safe while looking for drunk drivers and drivers with suspended licenses.

So, I read the article to see what was what, and as presumed, it sounds like another foul up by the men in blue. Basically, the story says that “Authorities say Jonathan Ayers was in car with drug suspect, when police approached car, they claim Ayers struck officer with vehicle, another officer shot Ayers; both officers placed on paid administrative leave,” and that “Nothing illegal found in Ayers’ vehicle, authorities say” (Links to the story and an accompanying video- Read ; VIDEO )

It seems that a young Pastor by the name of Jonathan Ayers dropped a drug suspect off in a C-store parking lot during the nighttime hours, was shot by one police officer, drove off and later died at a hospital, after driving off the road. The article make the situation sound like Ayers ran over one policeman by backing into him, the slamming the car into drive and taking off while a second policeman fired at him several times through the car window. Makes me think of one of those crafted TV scripts where the bad guy escapes from the coppers.

They even provide some security camera video that supports their story. Watch surveillance video of Ayers’ car hitting officer » The video really doesn’t back up the cops claims. Sure, it shows a car backing up, taking off and a man shooting at the car, but it doesn’t provide justice to what the authorities want you to believe. First off, you’ve got to remember that things are not always as they seem to be, although, sometimes they are exactly like they appear to be. The picture from CNN at the above link shows a pretty young looking guy, a naïve, momma’s boy look to him. No insult intended here, that’s just the way the picture appears.

According to the CNN report, these cops had a woman under surveillance for drug trafficking. For some reason she was in the car with this pastor. Maybe he was counseling her, maybe there was some other reason, who knows. I’m betting the poor kid was doing his duty as a Christian pastor to help this woman though. The woman was a known drug dealer, and the snitch patrol was keeping close tabs on her, so they had her pretty well covered, or so they say.

If they had her covered as well as they claim, how come they didn’t know who this pastor was? The cops said it appeared as though there was some nasty drug deal going down between the two, but there was not one speck of anything taboo in the pastors car. No surprise there, at least not to me. The pastors car had plates on it, right? Why didn’t they run a check on them to see who iy may have been in the car? Or is a cop using the tools available to him too much to ask for?

The Narcotic cops followed the pair to the C-store where Ayers dropped her off. They made it sound like they had stopped Ayers and was approaching his car in a C-store parking lot in the middle of the night. In a big southern city where a lot of bad things can happen, mind you. The cops were not in uniform as they walked up to the car. It looked to me in the video, as crappy as those things are, that the cops had their weapons drawn as they approached the car. Ayers backed up, hitting a cop, according to the police Ayers ran him over. It looked to me that the officer appeared to walk into Ayers rear quarter panel as he was backing. At any rate this cop that got hit was treated and released that same night/morning time period, so it was not much more than a bruise, I would presume.

Ayers then put the car into forward and started to drive off when the second cop fired several times into the car at Ayers. Ayers then drove off the road a short time later, and died at a hospital. I would also presume that he bled to death after this plainclothes cop shot him.

Put yourself into Ayers pair of pajamas. He’s a young man, and probably innocent, as well as nearly fresh out of preacher school with probably zippo in real world experience. He has a drug dealer in his car, whom he drops off at a C-store parking lot in the nighttime hours, a mere 95 miles from Atlanta, one of the baddest cities in the nation. Two guys in street clothes come up to the car with guns drawn. Think prime time TV here. Is Ayers thinking that maybe these two guys are thugs and plan on shooting him? The report says, and witnesses support the claim, that the cops said they were police officers, and that they had badges hanging off of their necks.

I bet Ayers imagination was racing at twice the speed of light at that point, and he didn’t even hear them say they were cops. At least that’s what I want to believe. The PD said they made a mistake in assuming that there was a drug deal going on, but that they wouldn’t comment as the situation is under investigation. Time will tell what really happened that particular night in Georgia, when Ayers lights went out.

Was Ayers just an abuser of the mantle of Christ and using his position to further his criminal goals? I don’t believe so. I believe the drug task force screwed up, like so many of them do, and a good man of the cloth was murdered so another cheap pig could put a notch on the handle of his Glock. Or whatever they were using. It happens far too often as we keep giving more and more of our liberties away for the sake of fighting crime. Face it, the law enforcement community has way too much power, and we let them get away with it because we are too cowardly to stand up and say enough is enough.

Over this Labor Day weekend many community law enforcement departments are holding their fake sobriety check points, under the guise of checking for drunk drivers. What they are really doing is reminding us taxpayers that they hold the power, not the citizens of this nation. They are reminding us that very soon, these checkpoint will become a way of life as the new world order settles in and we become enslaved to the spirit and voice of the Antichrist.

How many pastors and good Christians are going to be martyred in this fashion in the coming days? Read the article and form your own conclusions, if you can. Perhaps I may be wrong, and Ayers is some kind of crook, but like I said, I don’t believe so. I believe he was martyred doing Christ’s work.

It’s coming soon folks, very soon. I suggest you get your self reliance skills into shape, especially if you are a true follower of Christ. We know not when that final day will come, but all the signs are saying that it is upon us this very day. Are you ready to survive the coming times?


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