I tried to ignore commenting on the current trash floating around regarding the democrats bogus health care agenda. Sorry, but I can’t resist.

There are actually several ways of looking at the plan(s) being proposed, but none of them actually look anywhere near sufficient to garner my support. They all stink, and so doesn’t everything connected to the arguments. As I see it, the main benefit that we are supposed to be gaining from this unnecessary legislation is that everyone will be able to be insured, thus lowering our health care costs. I don’t see how that is even remotely possible, given the fact that everything the government touches only serves to increase the cost of whatever they touch. Regulation of any sort adds an amount of increase in cost to the end product, no matter what that product is. Health care is just another product to be sold and marketed, just like a car, TV, electricity and gasoline. The good thing about a free market economy is that if you don’t like what vendor A charges for a product, you can often go to vendor B and get it cheaper, or on better terms.

No matter what we are being told by the democrats and the mainstream media that wholeheartedly support the socialist agenda, which is what this really is, the goal of this legislation is to eventually have a single payer system, just like Canada, and most other nations have. Sure, socialized medical care costs nothing out of pocket, or nearly nothing in some cases, but the taxes that pay for that care can be a real economy killer. The only thing on this planet that is totally free is Salvation. Anything else comes with a cost. But we either seem to be forgetting that simple rule of life, or we want to believe in something besides reality.

To start with, one of the problems I have with all of this debate going on is that we are simply calling it by the wrong name. we do not need health care reform in this nation. The United States has the best health care system in the world. Even foreign leaders would rather come here to be treated in many cases, rather than utilize their countries own socialized health care system. That should tell you without argument what will happen to the quality of health care in this nation will degrade to should this legislation pass.

Here in Maine, our two senators, Collins and Snowe, are being wooed, not that they need to be, to support the democrats agenda. I am sure they will most likely vote in favor of what is put in front of them, but at least they are attempting to look like they may not support the agenda, as opposed to the blatant pandering and selling of votes they participated in over the infamous ‘Bailout Package’ that only served to further erode our economy. Some say that the bailouts helped the economy, but I don’t see that that has happened either. The value of our dollar continues to suffer in the world markets, and has yet to come close to regaining the value it had dropped to when the world’s financial leaders realized the Great B.O. was going to be nominated as the democrats choice in the Presidential elections.

Of course, the value of our dollar against the major world currencies has been declining since about 2001, which of course makes Bush look bad, but after all, Bush was a supporter of the new world order. And in being a supporter, the task fell upon his shoulders to begin weakening this nation. The Great B.O. and the rest of the democrats will further that weakening by overtaxing and over regulating our every move. Along with this process will be the further erosion of our nation’s sovereignty over itself through the U.N.s carbon taxation schemes, of which we are already seeing increasing energy costs to cover that taxation.

As we see this nation become more and more under the servitude of the dictates of the United Nations, we continue to erode, as a society, as a nation, and as individuals. Our moral standing has all but vanished as a nation, and we are no longer able to stand as a powerful leader. Rather, we stand as merely a nation amongst nations. Equal to all the rest. By continuing this farcical health care legislation debate, we simply give credence to our rejection of what we once held dear to our hearts as a nation. That was a position whereby personal responsibility guided our actions. In the past, we took responsibility for our fellow humans who were less than able to fend for themselves. Charities became the means to providing the care that those people could not attain on their own.

By removing the need for that charitable spirit, and allow the government to care for our needs, we agree to refuse to accept responsibility for ourselves. Health care is available to all persons in this country today. Quality care at that. But while this so called legislation may change the business of insuring the population, it will not improve our health care system one iota. What it will do is raise the final costs of providing that care, while lessening the quality of that care. Where there is no free market incentive to make a profit, there will be no true development, exploration, or manufacturing to take place. The result will be a stagnation in the development of drugs and treatment, a reduction in the numbers of new physicians, lower income for hospitals thus reducing their ability to provide care and so forth. In the end, passage of this legislation will cause the U.S. to become just another substandard country with too many administrators to make sure the rules are followed, and insufficient staff to provide the care the patients really need. Rationing, and stricter controls over what is considered to be necessary care as opposed to what is considered elective care will become commonplace.

Why do I call this post ‘Health Care Scare?’ Simply because that is what the left is trying to do to garner support for this ill conceived legislation. They are trying to convince the public that if something is not done now, it will be too late to react and save the purported failure of our health care system. Consider this a public request of Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins to reject the wooing of the left and just say no to this legislation. We do not need health care reform in the United States, we need health cost reform. The excessivly high costs are not created by the insurance industry, they are created by the providers of health care. Why are we not attacking the hospitals and the big pharmaceutical industries?


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