Conspiracy theories abound on both sides of the aisle today, and some of them are pretty wild. From the idea that there were no planes that crashed into the World Trade Center, but government controlled rockets to the current brouhaha over Sen. Wilsons now famous “You lie…” quote being the result of racism, there are enough conspiracies to make everyone happy. The big problem with all of these theories is that most, if not all of the crap you read, see, and hear today is strictly that, crap. At one point and time we had a well qualified investigative media community and all of the major newspapers and news outlets actually investigated what was going on in this country, as well as around the world. Truth in reporting was sacrosanct.

If we were to take the time to investigate all of the rumors and suggestions out there we wouldn’t have time to work at a paying job, so we have no choice but to rely upon others for information. But who do you trust in today’s world of biased reporting and machinated news stories? I trust no one. Or, let me say I believe no one, at least until alternate sources have been able to substantiate the rumor. Take Y2K for instance. Everyone seemed to be of the belief that technology would come to a screeching halt at midnight in December 31st, 1999. Computers were unable to operate after that time because they wouldn’t be able to compute without that time reference, or some such gibberish.

I knew that this would not happen, and so didn’t most of the worlds civilized populations. Planes falling from the sky simply because the clock stops at midnight is a ludicrous notion. But the terror market made a huge bundle of cash making people believe that this would be the result. People stocked up on everything from seeds to toilet paper. Some people had homes stuffed to the rafters with supplies. Most of which were pretty much useless, long term at least. The fear that shipping disruptions would prevent stores from being replenished drove some to buy things that would have been stupid to buy in a normal survival situation. I know of one couple that bought five freezers, put them in their basement and proceeded to fill them with steaks and other meats. They had a lot of cookouts the summer of 2000. I asked him one day if he realized that if the Y2K scenario had played out as some had predicted, did he know that the electric grids would have shut down and there would have been no power to run his freezers. I wonder what he’s doing these days?

So today, we have other tales and legends floating around, and if you look at them as a whole, you can tell that there is either some nut-job trying to draw attention away, or towards something else, or there are a lot of paranoid people in this world. Or, there is something in between those two extremes. Obviously, the latter is the real case here, and we find that while some conspiracy theories may have some basis in truth, they do not quite arrive at the whole truth. What we must do to arrive at the whole truth is to take each of the truthful bits and pieces of the several puzzles, and place those pieces into a new puzzle to be able to see the real picture of what is going on in the world today.

And just exactly what is going on in the world today? Quite a bit, really. From the Bilderberg Group to an alien base under New Mexico I think we can pretty much supply fuel for any paranoid fear that exists on this planet. But the real story that seems to be absent from all of this is the coming end times. The forces of good and evil are narrowing their trajectories, and are set for collision. God and Satan will have their day, and God will win. But Satan wants to take as many of us as he can down with him, so all of these tales and stories serve his purpose very well.

As to what this means, and why I have started to write about survival in the end times, let me just say that we are in for a very rough road ahead, Christian or not. Scripture tells us that there will be a time where there will be what some like to the one world government. In part that is true, but in reality what will happen is that the worlds governments will give their kingdoms, or countries over to control by the Beast. This is happening today, as much of the legislation in this country, as well as other countries is being seemingly written according to the dictates of the UN’s Millennium Goals statement. We are, in fact, being given over to control by one world government by the traitorous politicians that cling to the leftist positions.

Scripture also tells us that unless we have the mark of the beast, we will not be able to buy and sell. Some theorists have said that that mark will be either a tattoo of an identifying bar code, or an embedded microchip with the numbers 666 included, but I have some reservations with that position. The number of the beast may be 666, but I do not believe that we will end up with that tattooed onto our forehead. I believe it holds a much more sinister meaning. And no, I will not divulge my particular belief at this time regarding the mark of the beast.

However, I’m sure many realize that more and more, we are becoming glued to our credit cards, and less and less inclined to use cash to make our transactions today. In years past, only major purchases, such as land and homes were bought on credit. Then automobiles became a credit purchase, then washing machines and stoves. Today, we go to a fast food joint and use that little plastic card to pay for a Big Mac and fries. The electronic ID industry is developing a world whereby one plastic card can double as an identification card, as well as a credit/debit card. These are called smart cards, and contain a programmable RFID chip that can give you access to where you are allowed to go, and be used as a contactless payment instrument to help speed you along your way. It can also be used to keep track of where you go, what you do, and who you meet with, as well as other tidbits of information the great computer in the sky wants to know about.

At some point and time, when humanity realizes we’ve been screwed by the powers that be, society will collapse and the end days will begin. A loaf of bread will cost many dollars per loaf, and gasoline will become very costly, if not unattainable. Survival depends upon our ability to maneuver through the coming times. We cannot do that if we do not have accurate information. Before we latch onto one theory or another, we need to examine all of the tales being spread about these times, and be certain that we cling to the only truth that exists.


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