It dawned on me earlier today while reading an email that while there seems to be no end to the people and companies barking survival that there really aren’t that many people that know what they are supposed to be preparing for. One group claims that 2012 is the end of the world. Another claims that we are on the eve of the Nuclear Apocalypse. Yet another touts the global warming fallacy and rising seas accompanied by endless storms. Some believe we need to prepare for the collapse of the United States. Then there is talk of the coming second US civil war. The new world order and the coming one world government is another. What exactly do we prepare for?

The list of calamities goes on and on and on. What do we get ready for? In spite of all the scientific and political analysis, there is only one source of information that we can use to really know what we are to be prepared for. One thing we can definitely say is that the end times are coming. It may be tomorrow, or it may be a century from today, but we know that the end times are indeed coming. My feeling is that they are coming sooner rather than later. In fact, they may have already arrived. So what do we need to prepare for? We need to prepare for the most part, the same things we have always prepared for, only to a greater extreme. We also need to be prepared for the human element that will complicate things beyond belief in the event that we have a total melt down.

Weather wise, we can expect tremendous storms, probably in the form of tornadoes and hurricanes, droughts and extreme heat. We can also expect a rise in the number of severe earthquakes. I believe we also experience some sort of severe pollution problem rendering the waters undrinkable. I also believe that one of the more formidable problems will be humanity itself. Of course, a lot of this depends upon where we stand with the whole idea of the rapture. Some believe that the Christian population will be taken into heaven before this all happens, others believe that will happen before the rapture occurs. I am still out to lunch with a lot of this stuff and haven’t come to an ironclad conclusion, but I do know that if you are a true believer, and have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, then you have no need for worry. I don’t, but we are instructed to believe and prepare, so that’s what I do.

As I share these posts on survival, I have no set plan for a chronological presentation, but merely post what I feel led to present. They are not meant to be a survival primer, but to get your imagination working, and maybe convince you to begin to start your preparedness lifestyle, if you already haven’t done so. In fact, the web is the last place you want to rely on for a survival primer. Get some paper books and keep them handy. When the crap hits the fan, bye-bye internet! Didn’t think of that one, did you? Neither had some other people I have talked to about survival. They had tons of stuff stored in one of those online data banks in case their own hard drives crashed, but never once thought about the internet crashing.

Go through my survival posts and keep up with them, making lists of things to stock up on and how to prepare them. I am going to start doing some book reviews on survival guides as well to give you some indication of what books to buy. Plastic tarps, rope, five gallon buckets, long term storage food, solar chargers and tons of things will be covered in the coming months as I share my survival and emergency tips.

For now, it is October in Maine. We had our first hard frost this week and that brings to mind some items you should get together. Sources tell me that we may suffer from another extended power outage this winter, possibly as long as two weeks. I would recommend that you get at least one free standing kerosene heater, such as a KeroSun© or similar style unit, with a couple of extra wicks. Keep at least twenty gallons of fuel on hand for the first few days of an outage. There are service stations or C-stores that have generator backup and will be a source for your fuel once you find them. The smart thing to do is find out where they are now and start using them. If you live in an area where this isn’t likely to be the case, increase your fuel storage to as great a quantity as you can manage.

In addition to a kerosene heater, (did you know you can cook on those jobbies too?) I would suggest getting a solar powered battery charger and some extra rechargeable batteries for your portable lanterns, flashlights, radios, etc. you may not realize it, but those solar sidewalk and patio lights that are so popular for accent lighting can also be used to charge your batteries. You’ll have to take them apart to get at the battery storage compartment, but most of them operate on a single AA rechargeable battery. Simply open the compartment, insert the battery you want to charge and leave it in direct sunlight all day. I keep mine on a windowsill under a long window.

A weather band radio is indispensible at any time, but even more so during the winter months. I keep a little Sony™ Walkman© radio with extra batteries on hand at all times. It’s a great little unit and can pick up Am, FM, and TV audio signals as well. Although since the Feds made the TV stations go digital there’s really nothing to listen to. A shortwave radio can be useful as well. Try not to let the kids waste the batteries on the little pocket games if you can.

Keep a small shovel in your car, along with a good heat retaining blanket, a bag of salt and a bag of sand. Tire chains are useful as well, but learn to use them properly. Don’t forget the first aid kit and some food rations as well.

Probably the best tool you can have on hand today for these types of emergencies is your cell phone. Make sure you keep it charged, and get an auto charger adapter for it, leaving it in the glove compartment. Extra gloves and a hat are also a couple of items you should have in your car for the winter months.

Keep your mind open and think of what kinds of emergencies you might encounter where you live. Build your stockpile of emergency equipment and supplies geared to what you may encounter in your region, not what somebody half a continent away may encounter. Keep your mind fresh and active and it’ll help you survive the coming times.

  1. annaldavis says:

    This is a great post . I like your informative style. I don’t know exactly what I’m preparing for, but I have for some time felt an urgent need to prepare. I even studied the bible for examples of preparation and found quite a few.

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