Preparedness has many different connotations, but only one definition. Preparedness means to prepare. That is why, I feel, that there are so many ways to look at the coming times, and observe the many complications that keep us from preparing in the way that we should. In case you haven’t noticed, I write this blog directed towards the true believers of Jesus Christ. There are many today who claim to be Christian, go to church every Sunday, prayer meetings on Wednesday, walk around thumpin’ their Bibles and all that, but they are not true believers. They preach a message of brotherly love, and talk about how we should accept all people into our hearts and yada yada yada. But do they really embrace the message of the Cross? The message of salvation?

Not really. When we see headlines about one church or denomination accepting the ordination of gays into the clergy, many say ooh, isn’t that sweet of them. They are so loving and accepting, they must be followers of Christ! These folks are going to be in for a big surprise come judgment day. But while the headlines are full of the controversy surrounding this issue, and the question of whether gays should be allowed to have the right to call their sinful unions marriage, we do not see in the mainstream media any real coverage of what is really going on between those who are true believers, and those who hate Christianity.

One of the things we need to be prepared for in the United States is the growing persecution of true believers. As we, as a nation, continue to increase our embrace of the Muslim faith, and the world of the Antichrist, we see more and more acts of violence and persecution being committed, but not reported. We also see the increasing tendency of people to believe that what is wrong is really acceptable. We believe because the press tells us it is OK. They tell us it is OK because they fail, or refuse to report truthfully and objectively.

Take the article in today’s Lewiston Sun Journal, Episcopal bishop says gays pushed out of society, where an openly gay Episcopalian was ordained as a bishop. A person in a position of authority over a body of supposed Christians. The bishop, Gene Robinson, is actually an Apostate of the church. He preaches a belief that is wrong. To sum up the argument, Leviticus 18:22 says You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination. Plain and simple from the Law of God. You Shall Not. Need I say more? There are other passages that say the same thing, but I am not a preacher, so enough said. But the point is that all of this desensitizes us to what the Word is really saying, and because of that we fail to properly prepare.

We need to be ready for the coming times, and the persecution that will be coming with them. In fact, the carnal world is already intensifying its attacks upon Gods children. Read these stories for more:

SOMALIA — Christian Leader Killed

On Sept. 28 an Islamic extremist shot and killed Mariam Muhina Hussein, an underground church leader, after discovering six Bibles in her possession, according to Compass Direct News. The day before the shooting, a leader of the Islamic extremist group al Shabaab reportedly sent his wife to visit Hussein’s home in Marerey villange. She pretended she was interested in learning about Christianity…
Read the full story here

INDIA — Pastor Attacked

On Oct. 4, Pastor Prakash was attacked by 25 Bajrang Dal extremists while he was ministering in Kaiwara village, Bangalore Rural District, according to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts. The extremists assaulted the pastor and accused him of cheating people. After the attack, the pastor was questioned and held on complaints of “illegal activity.”
Read the full story here

Russia: Pastors fined for Worship; Recently, two Baptist pastors in Russia’s Baltic Sea exclave of Kaliningrad were fined 2,200 rubles (US $75) after their community “sang psalms and spoke about Christ” on the street, according to…  View Story

Colombia: Pastor Martyred; On Sept. 21, Pastor Manuel was shot and killed by The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas in San Jose del Guaviare, Colombia, according to The Voice of the Martyrs…  View Story

India: Relief Camp Bombed; On Sept. 27, four believers were injured when a Christian relief camp in Nandarigi village, Orissa state, providing temporary housing for Christians who fled anti-Christian, was bombed by suspected…  View Story (we will eventually see similar camps here in the United States, by the way.)

That’s just a few stories from one site, There are many more out there, but the MSM fails to let America know what is going on in the world beyond the latest Hollywood sound bites. They true believers of this nation are now seeing a growing trend towards this persecution in that many true Christians are criticized and ridiculed for their beliefs and their way of life. In part this is because of the way that many who claim to be believers, such as the Rev. Robinson. Their behavior suggests that the Bible really isn’t the living Word of God, but merely an anthology of old stories and superstitions, and not meant to be adhered to.

But this is just another thing that we must be prepared for, persecution. I would suggest that in addition to much of what I have already posted about that you also begin t find like minded people and form communities where you can help each other in the coming times. Not only should we be laying up stores of long term food storage, fuels and the like, we need to be laying up seeds and tools to grow our own food, maybe cattle for meat and milk. We should be loading up on the tools and parts to repair these tools when they break. We will be tried by the fire and if we truly embrace Salvation and the message of the Cross, we will come through that fire unscathed, to everlasting life.

But in the meantime, we should also be helping our fellow believers by supporting them financially and through prayer for their continuing efforts as they spread the message of Christ’s salvation around the world. And be ever vigilant, for we know not when that final hour may come.


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