What Is Preparedness & Survivalism?(the Katrina aspect)

What is preparedness & survivalism? Some folks think the two are one in the same, and others think differently. And when you add the term ‘sustainable living’ into the mix you can develop a slew of new ideas and definitions. So, I feel it is important to differentiate the terminology and meaning behind all of […]

Vibrant Response

There’s been a lot of chatter lately over the increasing presence of the military in civilian circles by way of the Northcom military command and their participation with local law enforcement agencies. Recently, a major disaster training event was held, Vibrant Response, and I am betting that at least some of the jump the gun […]

The US National ID Card

A lot of people seem to think I am just a tad nuts when I talk about the coming biometric and RFID identity cards we will be required to carry someday, maybe soon. They claim that America does not need to carry a national ID in their back pocket because we are a free nation […]

Surviving the Times: episode one

Update: There were apparently some server problems that prevented me from doing the entire show on the 24th, so I will be re-recording the same show next week. Tune in here for more info and a revised schedule… Survival lore and preparedness are becoming more and more a central topic in many circles. With the […]

Hobo stoves, and more uses for Sterno fuel

It’s been a long time since I have heard anyone refer to the homeless as being Hoboes. Perhaps that is because they are not the same critter, but I suspect that more likely we have come to regard a hobo as a tramp that doesn’t want to conform to society, while a homeless person is […]