Update: There were apparently some server problems that prevented me from doing the entire show on the 24th, so I will be re-recording the same show next week. Tune in here for more info and a revised schedule…

Survival lore and preparedness are becoming more and more a central topic in many circles. With the rising threat of terrorism and war coming to our nation, increasing the possibility of widespread breakdown, coupled with the declining ability of the government to function in any disaster scenario, survival has become a must have skill. By directly attacking us on our own soil, rather than having the war against Muslim terrorists seeming to be a distant conflict, survival has become an in your face topic that needs serious discussion. It used to be that survivalists were considered to be what some would consider to be called nut jobs, paranoid wackos, weird, fringe lunatics, anti government, mental cases, and I could go on, but you get the drift. Today, a survivalist is your neighbor.

I can remember decades ago when I first became aware of the need for these skills, literature was scarce, almost as scarce as the true survivalists were. The main bulk of literature came in the form of government pamphlets and publications. The stuff we have today was then the stuff of science fiction. But it has all changed over the years. And today, we see an influx of literature, videos, supplies, classes and educational material and more, flooding our world with facts figures and how to tips on everything from surviving a bank robbery to evading kidnapping from the back seat of your limo. That’s a lot of information, and as in every fad that comes down the road, there is a lot of crap contained within that information.

With my new radio series I’ll be taking a look at all of this information and weeding out the crap, and we’ll be looking at the day’s news concerning the fields of survival and emergency preparedness. I’ll also be looking at doing some book and website reviews, product ratings, and more as well.

This week’s episode, which will be recorded live on Tuesday, November 24th, at 8AM on Maine Talk Radio, we’ll be looking at the news, the possible impacts that the Fort Hood shootings will have, long term, and other relevant items. We’ll also be doing a book review of When All Hell Breaks Loose, by Cody Lundin. Also, I’ve been a big fan of old movies for decades, and being of a survival mindset, I began to see long ago that many of these movies had quite a few ideas for surviving the coming times, even though this wasn’t their intent. So, I’m going to start doing a segment called “The Apocalyptic Movie Review” and discuss some of the things about survival that can be found within these big screen treasures. This week we’ll look at Vincent Price in the 1960 flick, The Last Man On Earth.

Listen to this episode here:

Listen to D.l.soucy on Blog Talk Radio


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